Junho and Jung So Min Find Love in a Joseon Gibang in Sageuk Movie Homme Fatale

There’s a cute sounding K-movie coming out this June called Homme Fatale (English title) with the Korean title being Gibang Bachelor. The titular homme fatale is played by Junho who is now a full blown actor after successfully transitioning over from his 2PM boy band days. He’s partnered with Jung So Min in this movie, her first sageuk role while he’s already done one in a previous K-movie. The story is about a boy who grew up in a gibang (courtesan house) with a gisaeng (courtesan) for a mother, he’s now the first ever male gisaeng in Joseon and falls for a high born lady fighting for social change. The cast held a press conference this week ahead of the movie’s June premiere and the leads looked so cute, it’s like having puppies star in a movie.


Junho and Jung So Min Find Love in a Joseon Gibang in Sageuk Movie Homme Fatale — 10 Comments

  1. They really look cute! btw they worked together in the movie “twenty”. Junho in this role looks so different from the calm and cool Choi Dohyun in “confession”

  2. Junho is a very good actor, should have started acting much earlier 🙂 He also sings and dances well… such a talented man.

    • True. I find Junho attractive by the way he seamlessly adapts to different concepts and he especially oozed sex appeal for their single A.D.T.O.Y. I hope he shows that side for this movie ?

  3. Oh how I miss long hair So Min. But short or long hair, she’s still super beautiful, my top bias among kdrama actresses.

  4. Wasn’t excited by the poster they released of Junho in blue, but then I saw some clips of the making in their interviews and my hope is restored. It looked cute, sweet, and so much fun. Seeing such a bubbly Junho after his stoic character in Confession, the contrast was huge. I’m glad he went back to trying out comedy. As well as Jung So Min. I’m so looking forward to this pairing and hope it’s a satisfactory film since this is a reunion and a third time is hard to come by.

  5. Excited much ❤️ Love JSM and Junho too. Enjoyed ‘Twenty’ and look forward to this new movie. Will be such a treat to have 2 favourite n fabulous actors on screen. Thank you so much for a pairing that I’m happy for.

  6. They starred together in Twenty so I’m excited to see that they’re working together again. They seem quite comfortable in each other’s company. Now if they would both headline a romantic drama together, my happiness would be complete ?.

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