Park Yoochun Deleted from JYJ Collateral as Police Indict Him for Drug Use

It’s the official end of another K-pop group, and the second to befall these guys in particular. Years after the original DBSK/TVXQ with five members split with the original name belonging with the maknaes Yunho and Changmin while the elder three Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu created their own group JYJ, now that group is also dunzo. It may be JJ from now on or Jaejoong and Junsu may elect to just promote as solo artists, but Yoochun has officially been scrubbed from all JYJ collateral on the CJ E&S website as the agency dropped him three weeks ago after he confessed to drug use after being thrown under the bus by his ex-fiancee Hwang Hana. I’m almost relieved for Yoochun, he fucked up and will hopefully pay his price and then return as a normal guy and live out the rest of his life. Please don’t attempt an entertainment comeback, sometimes it’s better off to know when to quit.


Park Yoochun Deleted from JYJ Collateral as Police Indict Him for Drug Use — 16 Comments

  1. It’s sad . Having a solid career,money,…and throwing all that . Sad for him ,because when we lose an entertainer 10 are already there to take the spot.

  2. A small correction. Yunho is not one of the maknaes. He’s the second oldest after Jaejoong.

    Yoochun and JYJ is the reason I have interest in K-Pop after wacthing him in Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Then his scandal broke out, and I just … I can’t anymore. I stopped being a fan. And now this drug case and lying to the police. I hope Jaejoong and Junsu will not suffer further from this.

  3. You gotta feel bad for Jae Joong and Junsu. They didn’t do anything wrong but will probably get stuck with the stigma of being his friends/band mates for so many years. Good luck to these two and may they succeed in whatever endeavors they pursue.

    • Don’t they say that birds of a feather flock together? It can’t be completely random that the 3 of them (JYJ) chose to stick together when the DBSK split happened. And Junsu and Jaejoong have had enough scandals of their own to justify, if not seeing them in the same light as Yoochun, then at least not feeling that bad for them when they are suspected by association with Yoochun. Anyway, they still have countless fans and/or people who appreciate their talent, so they’re going to be fine.

      • Don’t drag others based on your judgement. If your friend did something wrong does it mean you’re equally bad? Please think before you you point fingers at people. Never judge others so you won’t be judged. Every individual is a separate entity on it’s own. Even if you do something wrong, it’s a choice you make solely. Put your hate somewhere else. Like in a trash can and not on another human being.

      • I explicitly pointed out JJ aren’t just a case of guilt by association but one where they’ve had some scandals of their very own brought to light in the past that didn’t paint their moral behavior in the best light. M’kay? It’s not blind prejudice but being informed. And please “don’t drag other based on your judgment” and do “think before you point fingers at people.” I didn’t “hate” on anyone; I literally just said I don’t feel bad for them and that they have enough talent and fans to continue doing very well.
        Also, generally speaking, when my friend first does something wrong it’s not my fault, but if they keep doing wrong and I still have no problem with it and keep associating with them (in private or professionally), then I deserve being painted with the same brush. Sorry if the saying about the birds of a feather offends you, but I’ve never heard of a deep friendship sustained over years and years where the people involved had widely divergent/incompatible moral standards.

      • @Adnana – FYI – members of DBSK were put together by the Agency. No one knew anyone beforehand. They started off as co-workers. Do more research before you say anything more. R u in the Beatles era? LOL.

      • @candycane
        Do you have reading comprehension problems? I never said that JYJ have any deep friendship; I don’t follow celebrities’ private lives, just read what appears in the general entertainment news. The friend issue was brought up by Ann, and I was clearly replying to her question–if my friend does something wrong does it mean I’m equally bad. So I wrote in a separate paragraph from that about JJ that, GENERALLY SPEAKING, if I were to continue a friendship with a repeat offender, that would say some things about me, too. I never mentioned JYJ in the paragraph about friendship. Because it doesn’t even matter if they’re friends. Them voluntarily allowing their names linked professionally for 9 years as JYJ is sufficiently telling. They didn’t even officially kick Y out of the group after the toilet scandal. Just a business relationship? M’kay. That’s all fine, then, for one to keep associating with a morally bankrupt partner as long as the gravy train keeps rolling in. Oneself is still a morally sterling person for sure.
        Yes, DBSK were put together by an agency. Did I say otherwise? However, when the DBSK split happened, JYJ put themselves together. No agency forced them then, and they did know each other by that time. Yunho/Changmin and JYJ–each chose to stay with the people with whom they fit well together… professionally, lol. And it was just a coincidence that, since then, Yunho/Changmin have had not dirty laundry made public whereas JYJ are like the gift that keeps on giving.
        Finally, random stranger on the Internet @candycane, resorting to personal insults (“big fat mouth”?) makes you sound cheap. This is my last reply in this comment thread.

      • @Adnana – I am glad that was your last reply in this comment thread. You totally put your foot in your mouth, that’s why @Ann told you not to drag others in. Your assessment of DBSK and JYJ was totally wrong. PYC first got into trouble (toilet scandal) when he was doing his desk job in MS while Jaejoong was an active soldier. Then PYC was caught doing drugs when Jaejoong is working in Japan. These two men did not even work together once after Jaejoong started serving in MS. Stop spreading rumours! I can deliver you more personal insults if you continue to spread false accusations about Jaejoong and Junsu ?

    • @Adnana – Deep friendship? WTF r u talking about? Do you know them personally? Stop spreading rumors! Mind your own business and Shut your big fat mouth. You are not the Police!!

  4. I can’t believe what he did … before 2009 he was literally the most famous K-pop male in the world….we the Cassiopeia we keep the faith…we defend always JYJ and say it was SM fault ….we believe always the 5 of them can come back one day in the future like other bands did…. but after what he did everything become impossible…all our dreams….he hurt his group too ..he destroyed JYJ name …they work so hard to raise that name..they start from 0….he hurt junsu and jaejoong ..they were his friends …the people will judge them always …. omg…i can’t believe that happened …he broke our heart … maybe we will never hear him sing again…that unbelievable ??! what he did to him self and to us and to his group is unbelievable. …if he visited psychiatrist ..may he was suffering from depression …he had to improve …or even if quit the K-pop and just got married and have children … instead of taking druges …it was going to be less shocked for us and for his group

    I am so disappointed he broke my heart

  5. I hope he can recover from drug addiction, and cooperate with the police so that people who introduce drugs and sell drugs to him are also arrested.

  6. Joo ji hoon was able to make a comeback after his ketamine and ecstasy prosecution. Why do not want park yoochun to? Pretty hypocritical

    • PYC has lots more scandals than JJH. Besides using drugs himself, he obtained and supplied drugs to his ex girlfriend. And don’t forget his toilet rape scandal. He needs to find another Agency if he wants a comeback. I guess you are his loyal fan?

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