Bad Hair and Suits Mar the Usual Handsome Male Leads at Tod’s Event in Seoul

The tagline for the Tod’s event in Seoul this week was “No_Code” but it may as well be “No_Style”. I dunno what’s gotten into the male stars in attendance but imma give them all a hard pass when I laid eyes on the lot. There was so much fugly hair on heads and plenty of equally fugly suits whether in color or cut. And then half of then had on so much too pale BB cream it was like a gathering of Korean Twilight characters. It’s been a relatively slow few weeks in K-ent news but these normally handsome fellers could have gone even uglier to warrant a snarkier smackdown from me but alas all they get is a major meh.


Bad Hair and Suits Mar the Usual Handsome Male Leads at Tod’s Event in Seoul — 4 Comments

  1. Ji Soo looks very fine. Those men over 30 should not put that much BB cream on especially that Grim Reaper who looks his old emotionless character without any improvement in acting whatsoever…

  2. They should desist from having their hair covering their forehead; it just doesn’t work on most of them!

  3. Jasper is at least sporting his wonderful smile. Those dimples make me forgive a lot. His clothes aren’t bad either imo.

  4. I hope you’ll blog about Jasper and Puff’s upcoming drama soon since it’s airing this Friday. The theme isn’t easy to stomach, but I’m excited for this “challenge” for them.

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