Lee Yoo Young Posts Alarming Mental State Statement on SNS But Agencies Claims it was Mistake

I certainly hope this was indeed just a mistake but highly doubt it and am worried. K-actress Lee Yoo Young, who just finished the KBS drama My Fellow Citizens with Choi Si Won, posted an update to her SNS account of her own picture and the caption “I want to die. Every single day is like hell. I want to get out.” She quickly deleted it but her fans were understandably freaked out by what amounted to a suicide statement and really strong sentiments of hopelessness. Her agency issued a statement that nothing is wrong with her and she posted it by mistake whatever that means. She has been more active in dramas last year years as before My Fellow Citizens she did Your Honor and before that Tunnel. But in between those two dramas her boyfriend fellow actor Kim Joo Hyuk tragically passed away from a car accident in late 2017 and her fans are worried that Lee Yoo Young has never emotionally recovered from that. I’m of the belief that it’s better safe than sorry and I hope she’s getting attention and help if she needs it.


Lee Yoo Young Posts Alarming Mental State Statement on SNS But Agencies Claims it was Mistake — 5 Comments

  1. Agencies need to take more of an interest and responsibility when it comes to their wellbeing. This sort of statement makes me wonder just how out of touch managers may be when it comes to looking after Actors and Celebrities when it comes to personal issues often musguided by financial interest..The culture in this country lacks so much on a human level it sickens me.The suicide numbers speak for itself.

  2. Noooo . She’s one of my fav actresses. Depression is a illness that stills taboo as if it was a mental flaw . Please take it seriously and reach for medical help. Don’t be ashamed !

  3. I understand where she’s coming from and hope she gets the help she needs including grief counseling. It’s kind of weird to say but it’s a good sign she posted this because it’s a cry for help, many people keep their feelings when they are at their lowest point hidden and then they are gone.

    I hope her family or a close friend (not just her manager) rushed to meet her as soon as word got out about this and are staying with her…please…I can’t imagine what she’s been going through 🙁

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