Rapper ONE (Jung Jae Won) Does Double Duty as Kim Jae Wook’s Lil Brother and Young Jang Dong Gun in Same Week tvN Dramas

I must say, whoever is managing rapper turning actor ONE (Jung Jae Won) and his career is doing a phenomenal job. In one year I’ve seen him cast in three very smartly slotted in small but memorable roles in high profile dramas. Last year he was Cha Seung Won‘s son in fantasy sageuk Hwayugi (A Chinese Odysessy) and this month he’s both the younger brother of Kim Jae Wook‘s male lead in rom-com Her Private Life and now younger Jang Dong Gun in sageuk Arthdal Chronicles. And despite being a rookie actor and still needing a lot of growth, he has natural charisma onscreen to the point that he actually resembles each male lead in looks and/or aura when he’s playing the character that it feels like such a perfect casting. Though in Arthdal with the wig he actually looks exactly like a young Jung Kyung Ho lol. Anyhoo, I really like this promising young man and feel like he actually deserves a shot as an actor rather than those really stiff idols being wedged into dramas.


Rapper ONE (Jung Jae Won) Does Double Duty as Kim Jae Wook’s Lil Brother and Young Jang Dong Gun in Same Week tvN Dramas — 12 Comments

  1. I dare say he was actually better than JDY who I felt broke from the original character with his acting. Unfortunately ONE is from YG.

    • Why unfortunately? YG is still doing fine in managing their artists. Winner and LeeHi’s comebacks for example. People will still buy good music no matter what. LeeHi’s No One is doing very well, and stay as the numero uno in many charts since it released 3 or 4 days ago.

      One is promising young actor. YG has many potential actors under their management. Jang Ki Young etc…

      I just hope, the scandals wont effect much on their artists’ career.
      Instead of the actors, their idols got more negative comments, but they’re still doing fine.

  2. Im not a fans with his character in HPL, but happy with a new face in kdramaland. Yes this kind of actor need more shot more than those stiff idol actor. Btw going to give arthdal a try, suddenly Im being excited after seeing the rating ?

  3. I really enjoyed episode 1. Story was clear and a strong set up for this series and I can’t wait for the next episode to really set things in motion.

  4. Where rating 1st ep.? I told before this drama will be flop you now Kim ji won doesn’t have power and charisma to bring viewers. Poor tvn they investment this drama with so much money and no way this drama will success like Kim Eun sook drama.

    • Ur right its 4 lol, u shld make it ur job to be a fortune teller, atleast u have something to do, instead of hating in social media

    • Ep 1 = 6.7
      Ep 2 = 7.3 and will rise progressively

      Very commendable of Korea to embark on this challenging genre so it is very refreshing. Story is engaging, cinematography and directing are impressive, despite Asian nil experience.

      KJW is 20s young actress whose acting capability is recognized by directors, scriptwriters and costars (PSJ said she is very emotive and SJK praised her in the presscon).

  5. wished a better actor had played si wan the whole time esp the latter half. mb I would’ve cared about him and Ryan being bros.

    anyway I haven’t seen it yet but he might fare better in arthdal. he seems to be playing a character w some vague agenda u cant get a read off of. so like, it’s on purpose. and hes the start not the journey.

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