First Look at J-dorama Adaptation of In Time With You with Shirasu Jin and Adachi Rika

Consider me suddenly excited for the J-version of best friends turn lover TW-drama In Time With You. Titled I Don’t Love You Yet (Boku wa Mada Kimi o Aisanai Koto ga Dekiru), the Japanese adaptation stars really sweet looking leads Shirasu Jin and Adachi Rika, pretty and relatable in that drama land sort of way that’s perfect for this story. The K-version was all wrong by casting and execution and this story rests so much on casting because the female lead can come across as really bitchy (supremely bitchy) and the male lead as too much of a doormat. It’s a fine line to walk and Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen made them close to the edge of disaster but pulled back at the end to make viewers root for them wholeheartedly. Rika and Jin look really comfortable together and that’s the key to this relationship, friends first and then making us see them see each other in a different light.


First Look at J-dorama Adaptation of In Time With You with Shirasu Jin and Adachi Rika — 4 Comments

  1. I didn’t like the Korean version either but I like the feel the poster of this Japanese version is giving. The main leads look compatible together. Hopefully their chemistry will be good too.

  2. The korean version was really bad but not because of the actors but because of the writer. They changed so many things, it lost the “heart” of the original.

  3. The Korean version was so bad that I wiped it from my memory.

    But I’m feeling very excited about this Japanese version.

  4. I am over here wondering what was the Korean version. After looking it up did I even recall it was made. Glad I didn’t watch it lol Heck,glad I forgot about it after all the reviews I’m reading.

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