Jasper Liu and Puff Guo Sizzle with Chemistry in First Episode of Before We Get Married

Last Friday GTV aired the first episode of new TW-drama Before We Get Married (We Cannot Be Friends) and thank you drama lords for giving me a new addiction back into TW-drama land! Starring Jasper Liu (Liu Yi Hao) and Puff Guo, the drama is addicting in that “bad for you but tastes so good” way, especially in transforming perennial nice guy Jasper into the arrogant and bad with personal spaces male lead. He and Puff have so much chemistry it’s hard to even see anything else when they are onscreen together, and yes both characters have significant others in the drama but I’m not here to judgy on the issue of cheating and just want those two supporting wet rags out of the way so the leads can just make out to their hearts content. And maybe each learn why the other makes them tick so hard on sight, or it could just be the pheromones lol.


Jasper Liu and Puff Guo Sizzle with Chemistry in First Episode of Before We Get Married — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting about this, would have totally missed it otherwise. Haven’t watched a twdrama in years. The leads have insane sizzling chemistry and its very well directed plus it seems to have a high quality production value that I’ve missed in twdramas. Also it’s like the opposite to Kdrama One Spring Night which is more low key and slow burn but quite introspective

  2. Yes, im finally back to TW drama for this one. Im so tired with typical Tw drama but hey, this is something new. Jasper and Puff are amazing. They portrait the characters well.

    Jasper is getting sexier. I remember watching him on korean show, superman returns. And he was soooo skinny. Now, he’s back with a better body lols.

    Puff, i dont know why it takes years for her to comeback to Tw entertainment. She was probably busy in mainland. But glad to see her back.

    This drama has a lot of potential so pleaseeeeee, dont turn into something we’ve known, the typical tw drama.

    And 1 episode a week is a torture!!! Huft.

  3. I’ve decided to take a break from K-dramas. Thanks to this site, I am reminded that a well produced T-drama can be fun to watch. The leads have insanely sizzling chemistry. But most importantly I like the female lead’s natural acting. I’ve seen too much over-exaggerated acting from K & C actresses .

  4. I sniggered a little abt the way they have to introduce jasper’s character and those scenes with his competitive colleague , it was quite .. over the TOP fake. But oh I get the bad guy attraction. Jasper is hot.

    I don’t care abt their significant other – if a guy rejects your invite for a night cap because it is “out of the plan” – that’s just plain unhealthy couple goals there
    The relationship is off – Not justifying cheating anyhow
    Let’s see how the drama takes on this topic.

  5. I totally agree with “bad for your but so tasty” because the male lead is all-sorts of being a jerk, he is twisted and treats everything like a game, love the thrill to ease his bored and suffocated life with his GF but, but he’s that type of you know you should run as far as you could but still feel attracted to him, handsome-asshole, Lols! Although I would probably not like this drama if ths was another guy playing this role, I just find Jasper refreshing in such a jerk/dangerous role, he makes the role bearing to me.

    There’s so many things about this drama that reminds me of thai lakorn, salty and spicy and some aspects that easily trigger/offend people but after watching several sugary rom-coms. I’m just ready for this.

  6. Yes! Thanks for spreading the news about this drama. I saw the preview and wow! it looks so good. So refreshing to have a mature drama for adults exploring adult issues and the chemistry between Puff and Jasper is sizzling! So grateful that Viki is subbing this one.

  7. @ockoala, I think you are safe to judge in this drama. I think that is what the writer and director want the audience to do. We’re supposed to consider whether the couple should be loyal to their hearts or their relationships. Please judge away.

  8. Watched the first episode and loved it so far. The subject matter will be hard for some viewers but I appreciate a change of pace from the typical happy rose-tinted world of youth where everything is clearly black and white. I’m liking that this drama is taking a completely different approach. The actors are more matured and experienced as well. Love seeing these two onscreen together.

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