First Look at jTBC Youth Drama The Moment of 18 with Ong Seung Woo and Kim Hyang Gi

This is a surprising choice of drama to air on cable network jTBC more known for its more serious fare. The network is airing in July the youth drama The Moment of 18 which will star rookie actor Ong Seung Woo formerly of Wanna One and Produce 101 fame with award winning young movie actress Kim Hyang Gi. At first blush all I can think is that he’s very handsome and she’s a legit fantastic actress so if the production is going for a combo appeal it’s an interesting pairing. The drama is about Ong Seung Woo’s male lead transferring to a new school and the classmate relationships and school issues that unveil from his arrival. Directing if the PD of School of Hip Hop with the screenwriter Girls Generation 1979, Ms. Perfect, and All About My Mom.


First Look at jTBC Youth Drama The Moment of 18 with Ong Seung Woo and Kim Hyang Gi — 4 Comments

  1. Ong is really handsome but aside from that, he is one talented man. He graduated as performing arts major, an ad model, trained as an actor, and debuted first as an idol thru PD101. He can sing and dance. Now, he is back to what he really wants to do. I hope this goes well for him. 🙂

  2. He was one of W1’s visuals. He has great talents in dancing and singing and i cant wait for his acting. I really like him back then when he was still a wannaone member. Gonna support him. Hopefully the story is pretty good enough to make me stay till final… Lols.

  3. OK Ong Seongwoo. Don’t you dare shave your jawline,if you haven’t yet. Kind of weird to see a younger Korean actor/idol with strong facial features.

    • He isn’t gonna do anything to his jawline, he takes pride in his unique/masculine look, who wouldn’t. His facial features has been the same since he was young and have gotten just sharper as he got older. They are exactly what attracted people into him in the 1st place. He doesn’t have typical Asian features, he’s got very squared jawline and chin, high nose bridge, big round eyes- unusual for monolids. Koreans noticed this from start and they nicknamed him “Hellenism face” – person who is perfect blend of Eastern – Western features, why many thought he was in fact of mixed origin, there have been plenty of occasions where he looks very much Caucasian.

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