Tense and Atmospheric Teasers and Posters for OCN Drama Watcher Ramp Up Excitement for Early July Premiere

The Sat-Sun time slot was supposed to be owned by tvN this summer with Arthdal Chronicles but unfortunately the writing and directing is just weird and not engaging so the viewership at 6% averaging has been a disappointment for the massively budgeted production. OCN has always done darker far and now its upcoming Watcher has a good shot at carving out a nice niche with the cops investigating other cops internal affairs story starring Han Suk Kyu, Kim Hyun Joo, and Seo Kang Joon. The posters above looks fantastic, so gritty and captivating with everyone doing their best Zoolander eyes without the camp. The teasers are also excellent and you can tell the PD has a good grasp of action and procedurals having directed Memories of Alhambra and Secret Forest. The drama premieres in three weeks on Saturday on July 6th.

Teasers for Watcher:


Tense and Atmospheric Teasers and Posters for OCN Drama Watcher Ramp Up Excitement for Early July Premiere — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks God, Watcher is not competing with Arthdal. Watcher is competting with Hotel De Luna. Despite they have different time slot. But still, I think it’s abit affecting.

    I was sad with the overall negative reaction towards drama, despite I Think Soong Joong Ki is fantastic, he gives his all to the best of his ability. It makes me abit sad it’s received poorly in South Korea. But nevermind, I’m just glad he is back on a small screen again.

    Can’t wait for watcher. I really think the main focus is Han Suk Kyu’s character. He is the main char who get introduced first. I can’t wait to watch Kang Joon play a cold character but warms inside. He will be good if he gives his all..

    • Off topic did you saw the last epi of Arthdal chronicles? That twist gave me goosebumps. This show is totally a feast to Song joong ki Stan. It was good finale to season 1.

      • I totally love that twist. It’s a treat as a Song joong Ki fan! Hopefully at this point hopefully he will get more screen time than in Season 1 ?

  2. It looks so great! I love the casting and the story looks interesting. It’s a OCN drama, they’re good for this kind of story.

    I’m very happy with the career choices of SKJ. In his last dramas, he was very good. In Are You A Human Too, he was great as a robot and in The Third Charm, he acted well all the emotional scenes.

  3. Love Kim Hyun Joo especially when she’s playing a tough, badass character. Hopefully this turns out to be good because it looks quite promising so far!

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