The Management of Hotel Del Luna Welcomes Guests in Drama Poster and New Teaser

Welcome to the Hotel Del Luna, you can check in but you can’t check out. Oh wait, you probably can’t check in since it’s for the supernatural beings only. The drama released the official poster to start off the week showing all the leads together in the lobby of their art deco and slightly run down hotel. See the cobwebs on the edges, the cracks in the floor, the dead persons hand connected to a corpse off the screen. There’s also a new teaser showing Yeo Jin Gu‘s hotel manager surrounded by reams of paperwork while having to deal with the mercurial and demanding needs of his ghost lady boss played by IU. I love their interactions already, she’s such a grade-A beeyotch and I want to know what heinous crime she committed to be sentenced to eternity running this hotel.

5th teaser for Hotel Del Luna:


The Management of Hotel Del Luna Welcomes Guests in Drama Poster and New Teaser — 27 Comments

  1. The Hong Sisters wrote two of my favorite dramas, but they also blow it a lot. I will wait until some reviews come in before watching.

  2. That poster is cooler the more I look at it. Aside from all the other neat details that show this hotel is not “normal,” did anyone else see the random ghost lady hand sticking between YJG’s left arm? I looked and I cannot see anyone else that hand is attached to???? Weird? I’m genuinely excited for this one! Also loving the smirk on IU’s face!

  3. I am a fan of IU and will watch this eventually but I am scared to be disappointed due to the Hong sisters’ recent track record. I haven’t liked anything since Masters’ Sun. As someone who loves ghost stories —— how can this drama be about ghosts and not have any inkling or a touch of spookiness at all?!?! I like th colors but it can have a touch of atmospheric supernatural non? I don’t feel it at all re the ghost or supernatural.

    • I don’t think that’s the case, I think they seem great together in the teaser.

      But why make that statement? You can flip it around and say “why is IU in the drama? She has no chemistry with yeo jin goo.” Why drag one person down and not the other? Esp since he is also a great actor.
      It’s better to say that it seems they have no chemistry with each other.

  4. IU playing another b*+ch role? I guess producer was. It enough. Not sure if I will watch this drama, but the concept looks good

  5. The only people who think YJG can act are basing it on his child actor days and numerous historical drama roles but everyone who isn’t biased knows he has a bad track record with modern romantic dramas. IU has not had any flaws in her acting and is great at creating chemistry with all her male leads but he doesn’t have ht talent to make chemistry. Th poster and writers are bad enough but now she even has to piggyback this little boy on her shoulders. This is absurd they should have cast an older actor who would have actually fit the role. They making this look Disney. IU deserves better but she will steal the show and win all the awards.

    • @pure

      Your entire post is based on opinions not facts. Your opinion is subjective.

      I like iu as an actress, but I remember early in her acting career, many disliked and criticized her acting until her last drama. Many people. But I always liked her and saw her potential to grow as an an actress.

      That’s their opinion though. Just like right now it’s your opinion of yeo jin goo.

      She doesn’t own this show, she doesn’t own this role. Yeo Jin goo has as much right as IU to be on this show.

      Don’t act like the naysayers of IU in the past until they saw her last drama. Wait and see how Yeo Jin goo is once the drama airs.

  6. Stargazers are out in full forever. Do us a favor and don’t call yourself ‘uaena’. she’s not acting with LJK, he hasn’t picked a new role, it’s not YJG’s fault. Watch when a IU dating news come out, 50% of this ship will turn into her-anti because LJK keeps leading the ship on after 3 years! T.o.x.i.c.

    • THIS. YJG fans, please ignore the delusional LJK-IU shippers. They’re not true IU fans as majority of us have been hyping YJG and are thankful towards him. IU’s spoken about how comfortable she is around him as well as her admiration for him as an actor. I for one am super excited about their pairing, and i hope that they can prove naysayers wrong (about their chemistry and romcom acting).

  7. Delulu LJK-IU fans stop. He is too old for her. Have you seen YJG’s last saquek? Man totally said he is the king of saquek this era of young actors with that double role.

  8. This is the first time when Korean fans are excited and international fans are picking at everything ! >< it looks much better than I was expecting tbh. Both leads have shown chemistry on the behind the scenes video, the colours of the drama looks great. IU’s styling is everything. going from wearing 1 set of clothes to this is a nice change . YJG is one if not the best actor within his age group. If he can pull off a performance like TCC, he can do anything if well directed. I’m a uaena. Twitter uaenas are celebrating this, but when I come to check drama … it’s like you guys came from somewhere else.. I hope we can be respectful, while waiting for the drama to air. Who knows, it might be the birth of a new ship or this might be the drama where YJG excels in romance! IU looks really good on the teasers ✌️

    • He still needs to be well directed at his age? No wonder AB is a complete flop and HJH has more chemistry with Mina. He was a flop actor since the beginning but now he wants to pull the Queen IU down with him. He should just go back and study instead of wasting time doing genres he can’t act in and leave the real acting to the older actors. They could have had Kang Haneul or Joo Won for this drama but they went for a child. Worst casting.

      • IU is a flop and limited actress too, can’t act to save her life, her crying scenes are so CRINGE but at least she wants to challenge herself unlike suzy or park shin hye etc. all the so called pretty faces who talk about challenging themselves but never do. At least suzy dumped her lousy boyfriend unlike psh who seems too dumb to do even that

      • @cuppa
        He’s a flop actor? You’re a flop actor, your entire family are flop actors lol

        He’s not a child. Stop looking down on people because of their age. Absolute boyfriend is not a flop because of him, the source material was always limited. Everyone in that show gave great performance, the script and the original source limited them.

        Calm down, Queen IU? it’s not good to idolize people. She’s human like you, and so in jin goo. Treat him nice. He’s never done anything to hurt you. It’s like you have a vendetta against him, did he destroy your family clan in a past life? Lol

      • I’m sorry but how could IU become a queen? What queen? And did IU fan really make a fun with YJG’s acting now? Lmfao hilarious

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