MBC to End Mon-Tues K-dramas After Welcome 2 Life with Rain and Lim Ji Yeon

It’s the end of an era, and there seems to be a lot of that going on in recent years. Change happens too fast and it’s sometimes impossible to keep up. With TV viewership migrating to streaming and non-scripted show related other entertainment, the drop in traditional television ad revenue has been catastrophic and now the other shoe has dropped. MBC is ending it’s primte time Mon-Tues K-dramas, with currently airing Investigation Couple 2 leading into Welcome 2 Life being the last one to air. This decision can still change before it’s implement or the time slot resurrected in the future for K-dramas but for now I mourn. The MBC Mon-Tues time slot was the home for so many hit shows I’ve loved in the Hallyu era – Dae Jang Geum, Coffee Prince, East of Eden, Queen Seondeok, Empress Ki, and many more. Sniffles, I’m not looking forward to more shoes dropping down the road.


MBC to End Mon-Tues K-dramas After Welcome 2 Life with Rain and Lim Ji Yeon — 9 Comments

  1. Does this mean mbc wont be showing dramas anymore?

    On the other note, I loved Investigation Couple Season 2, No Min Woo is hot!

  2. They shut down the weekend drama slot as well. TV ratings have disappeared these days. Even cable isn’t pulling ratings despite having a big budget drama like AC.

  3. Has SBS also decided to stop airing Monday-Tuesday dramas as well? I noticed there wasn’t a new drama after Secret Life of My Secretary. It’s really too sad. 🙁

    • SBS said it would only temporarily suspend the Monday-Tuesday drama slot to experiment with variety shows. For three weeks, they added one more hour to Same Bed, Different Dreams on Mondays and Burning Youth on Tuesdays. Afterwards, Lee Seo-jin and Lee Seung-gi’s variety show Little Forest would air Mondays and Tuesdays for eight weeks (16 episodes). In September, Jang Na-ra and Lee Sang-yoon’s drama “VIP” would take over.

  4. The quality of dramas has decreased, that’s one of the reasons. There is no point churning out boring dramas. Audiences have choice.

  5. For me honestly, Kdramas have just lost their charm and addictive quality in general, people asked for more from kdramas and networks seem to be trying but that addictive trait that would make me binge watch dramas that would make me want to tear my hair out back in the day, it’s gone. I appreciate well written and expertly directed and acted kdramas but these well rounded dramas are still rare, without that entrancing quality kdrama used to have I can’t even feign interest in 90% of them from start to finish. People mention Chinese dramas but I just can’t get into them. I mostly watch anime and western tv now.

    I just don’t think the drop in ratings can be blamed on streaming. Streaming is becoming massive in many countries all over the world but they aren’t dealing with this big of a blow to TV ratings.

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