Song Joong Ki Speaks Out and Refutes Rumors of Song Hye Kyo Cheating with Park Bo Gum

The divorce between top Korean stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo could be/become contentious but at least one third party will not be embroiled in it further. One of the various rumors bandied out for the reason behind the Song-Song couple divorce was that Song Hye Kyo hooked up with her Boyfriend (Encounter) costar Park Bo Gum, which would have been multiple levels of bad because it’s not just cheating since Park Bo Gum is good friends with Song Joong Ki in real life and they are in the same agency. Today Song Joong Ki broke his silence and made a statement that the Song Hye Kyo did not cheat on him with Park Bo Gum and that rumor was being spread by someone claiming to be Song Joong Ki’s friend but was not at all. So there’s that, take one rumor down and leave all the rest for further pondering.


Song Joong Ki Speaks Out and Refutes Rumors of Song Hye Kyo Cheating with Park Bo Gum — 84 Comments

  1. Good for SJK for clearing that up, which means his friendship with PBG continues…no point in severing all relationships.

    • Lol. It’s not about the friendship, per se. It’s the agency’s business that he’s trying to protect.

      He made a statement because it’s creating a negative impact to their agency’s bottom line.

    • Looool, he waited a veeeeeery long time to refute these claims. They’re not friends, they’re businesses buddies only. Naive to think they’re brothers or best friends

      • Song Jong ki rushes to marriage but not song hye Kyo. And she is not wearing her ring even before the encounter drama. SHK is in an argument even before the drama. She wants divorce but can’t say

  2. So she didn’t cheat with PBG but he didn’t say she didn’t cheat at all right? His statements are always weirdly worded and ambiguous.

    • Its pretty clear for me, he just want to save his dongsaeng’s reputation not shk. Btw I don’t see Korean article talking about this.

      • It is clear her reputation is taking a beating. The comments from knet is harsh. If her tax scandal was bad this might be even worse since his noble image has stayed intact with knet.

    • What he actually said was he didn’t know the “friend” spreading this rumour about the affair

      He didn’t actually say PBG did not cheat with SHK

      So it’s still out there….

  3. No sjk did not make any statement this news is from taiwan news. If you go to naver and in nate there is no news article about this. Until noe sjk only statement is his letter.

  4. Daaaaaang this is like a telenovela. There are things i dont understand about SJK. I feel like he is distancing himself from his agency by not releasing any thing through them at all especially making sure that his Dongseang is not being falsely accused of homewrecking his marriage.

    Its odd that both SJK and PBG are under the same management and this hasnt already been cleared up a long time ago.

    SJK has to know that not clarifying this issue through him/his lawyer/his agency is hurting PBG.

    Why isnt SHK refuting these rumors and threatening legal action?

    People are just going to continue to speculate on what hasnt been refuted by either party false.

    what a messs

    • PBK and SHK side said they will sue for the false rumors of them having an affair. The Knetz needs to leave them alone. SJK is a jerk after what he did to SHK, by filing the divorce when she was out of the country.

      This is just my experience with watching KDRAMAS and this might not be true, but I wonder just for Fiction sake and good storytelling, what if the twist is they are …..(gasp) brothers and sisters??? Just kidding…they have the sane last name though….hmm….. again, this is fiction and just my imagination run wild.

      • jkfan, just hilarious!!!!!! However, if true, not even news of North Korea’s nucs would beat this.

      • It’s was blossom entertainment. Song Hye Kyo agency only came up with divorce statement.

  5. I am disappointed SJK filled for divorce while she was out of the country and the way he worded himself have some respect for the love you had for each other.
    It takes two hands to clap I am sure they were both to blame. My heart goes out to SHK I have seen too many divorces where the male plays the victim. Men just do not know what happens in a marriage its always the womans fault. Grow up SJK
    where is all that love you had for her . We blinked and missed it. Good Luck

  6. Good, but I wish he had done it earlier. Park Bo Gum’s name was already dragged through it all for days, but ok.

  7. We still don’t know who is the angel and the devil yet…
    Who knows both could be the devil?! Divorce is seldom not ugly.
    K-dramas mirror Koreans in real life.

  8. let’s not speculate. we barely have any facts. who’s the real jerk? Who knows? let’s not throw eggs. i think the only proper way to deal with this sad news is to show grief and well wishes to everyone involved.

    I thought most people here watched enough korean dramas to know the dangers of gossip LOL my favorite drama rn www search is a great example of how rumors can hurt innocent people. the tongue has great power, the power of life and death. let’s control our tongue/ in this case our typing hands lol (in reality we have three tongues(our hands)

  9. The drama still not end yet? Let they both settle their personal issue themselves. Imagine if this happen to normal people, no one care if someone got divorce. Let move on.

    • But he wants their personal issue to become public by informing the media through his lawyer. Even Korean media said this rarely happens. He clearly wants to destroy his ex’s reputation. BTW, this news about him speaking up for PBG is not true and made up by Taiwanese media.

      • The first sentence @another
        that’s not a true statement. it will be public no matter what.

        third sentence. is your speculation.

      • @casey, it will become public not matter what, but that doesn’t change the fact that he voluntarily told the media first to have the upper hand.

      • Agree,the logic is if he can’t get what he wants, he will destroys it.. Human nature

      • @another

        that may be the case, but we don’t know why. there’s a million of reasons like he could protect himself if he has the upper hand. we don’t know the exact reason for doing so, so it’s better if we are all cautious.


        that’s speculation. it’s is natural tendency for many humans, but it may/may not be the case this time around.

      • Imagine if SJK didn’t make a public statement after filing the divorce in court. This mess is nothing but a tabloid full blown feast.

  10. We don’t know the inner workings of this marriage nor should we really care as long as they are being civil towards each other especially with this divorce matter that’s all that matters.

    They are adults and sometimes things happen that brings about the separation of a couple it could be 1 hour or 50 years no matter how long they dated prior to the marriage. I just don’t like the many assumptions about people who are like everyone who just happen to be actors especially when they bring other people in and ruin another’s reputation just because of being “fans” or taking sides. That’s just wrong on many levels, there are no sides to divorce here especially when its irreconcilable differences.

    The key is to let them be and be decent about it. Divorce is not pleasant and I’m sure they are going through some tough things right now emotionally. Lets not speculate and just let this thing runs its course in a decent manner. Also the rumours must stop and the ruining of someone’s reputation must stop as well as its hurtful and can cause some serious damage to that person emotionally.

    It’s best to wish them all the best and be sincere in the process.

  11. This isn’t true. It’s a fake news. Koala I know you are having a feast day but please share articles that are only confirmed not speculated


    SJK did not clear PBG. This article is not true. This was just speculation by reporters in China.

    There was nothing about this in the Korean Press

    Shouldn’t SJK release his statement first in Korea and not China? The last statement he gave was when he announced his divorce. That’s it

    Please practice responsible journalism, Koala. Still love you though 🙂

    • For sure if SHK is having strong/ wealthy parents/ family background like Kim Tae Hee or Lee Ming Jung, SJK & his family will not dare to treat SHK in such a disgusting & irresponsible manner in relation to their divorce.

      • @Kyoto

        That’s speculation. Also I think it’s incorrect to make comparisons to the other two actresses esp since they didn’t get divorce. Who knows how the in-laws will react if that scenarios happen?

        We don’t really know what happens behind the scenes with the family. The only thing that happened in the public is the family updating the museum.

  13. whatever the news and rumours maybe SHK have have done some pretty shitty stuff to SJK or else who in the right mind will risk the reputation and put at stake one of the most expansive drama ever made ‘arthadal chronicles’ and reveal the news that he is getting a divorce. Also it seems SJK hired a lawyer from one of the most reputed law firms in Skorea so basically he is really fighting hard for the divorce.

    • Why pbg and SHK have new drama. Most of the people did not like them to be pair since people thought song Jong ki and pbg are good best friend.

      • It’s just drama. And actors take it professionally well. As per SJK also said to HK to “work well and he’ll be watching their dram”

  14. Its nauseating really reading all the support to SHK. She clearly made it obvious that her relationship is jongki already over long time ago and suddenly cried victim on how she is losing weight and all. The woman clearly posting all her vacations pictures that she had with her minions friends posting lobster and expensive wines on instagram. Suffering my butt when she clearly having fun visiting Tokyo, us, Bali, phuket etc with her minions. Owh she spend weeks in phuket having vacation while jongki long term manager and good friend had his wedding, and who’ s in KL which an hour away having promotion??PBG

  15. Sorry if I sound creepy with the information , its just so nauseating reading all the sympathy towards SHK. This woman always want to make it obvious.she took off wedding ring as a sign, then all her post and her friends post always want to make sure people noted how distance her relationship with jongki.jongki’ manager wedding just one example, after jongki spend month in Brunei for shooting and was seen travelling back to Korea, she make sure to post her picture in Tokyo having so called photoshoot which never publish. She spends week in USA with her minions friends After prada event and her friend post about all delicious food they are having and one of her stylist friend celebrating birthday in USA and guess who’ s birthday during her stay in USA? Jongki’s mother whom her in law

    • Why do you care so much? You know what people do during break ups? They go out and have fun with friends to distract themselves. They decided to end this relationship months ago. People deal with pain in different ways. If she left because of personality differences and problems with in laws, then more power to her. It’s the 21st century, she can be single, divorced, and stand up for herself as a woman. She doesn’t need to be the subservient wife.

    • These are based on what you see in SHK social media posts. Which SJK dont have. Who knows what other stuff is he doing that time since he doesnt have ig to post his activities. SHK posted many pics of them as a couple.

  16. She agreed to marry jongki just for her image After being caught again dating her co star. Once she realised how little jongki made and she cant afford losing her lavish lifestyle , she want to continue working doing drama and gertting all the endorsement hence her refusal for having children. Just Look at her private instagram, full of her vacation pictures staying at luxurious hotel. She know getting married to jongki is a mistake when she initially agreed to slow down for family. She obviously dont want to get pregnant with all her endorsements deals she’s having right now. Her affair with bogum just another affair for her to speed up her divorce. Every body know she cant act, and to make her romance with bogum believable, she needs to fall in love for real. Jongki never refute the rumors of her cheating with bogum, and bogum never deny their relationship, he just threatened to sue but I guess No suing whatsoever will take place. Its just a matter of what will jongki do whether he want to destroy her for good. I guess theres a lot for SHK to pay

    • “After being caught dating her costar”–and…this is a crime? Are these grown adults not allowed to date? Are they not allowed to date people they work with? I don’t care if she dated one or all of her past costars. I just don’t see any reason at all for this to even be a scandal. Actors owe the public good acting. They don’t owe us their personal lives.

      It makes me sad to see the kind of hatred and harassment actresses in Korea get, especially from other women. We have no idea what happened in these people’s marriage, and frankly, it’s none of our business. Inventing or spreading unsubstantiated rumors can destroy people (literally, look at the suicide rate there). Please don’t.

      • Finally someone with real logic. All these so call criticism are so out of hands. I don’t see Song Hye Kyo doing anything wrong by dating her costars. More like jealous people who are insecure and have so much hate on her. People act like Song Joong Ki have never dated before. I’m sure Song Hye Kyo is not the only woman he have ever dated or being with in his whole entire life.

      • @Loveholic I agree with you. And what made me upset is SJK lack of respect for his wife filing a divorce without discussing with her. SHK is a very sensitive woman and she loves genuinely and truthfully as to why she marry him. A man should handle his woman well.

  17. This is a selfish woman who only care her needs. I do remember her answer after getting engaged to jongki although its a secret during that time, she mentioned about having a family and career. But I guess After she Looked into jongki bank account, she decided her career more important than marriage and doing damage herself. This woman mentoned about how compatible jongki personality with her and her divorce statement because of personality difference? All her motives just about money. I really hope whoever she cheated with will get exposed . But I guess when you have strong sponsors, her career will not be affected. I bet she will star in KES next drama and reign on her hallyu status. She will marry yoo ah in and both of them can be each other beard. She can continue dating around and yoo ah in can continue being gay/ bisexual. They are soulmate afterall

    • Lol is Song Joong Ki any better. Never liked him before and so much more now. I don’t care if Song Hye Kyo is a cheater or horrible person. Song Joong Ki never come off as a good person to me so rant all you want. To me he is more like an attention seeker way before he haven’t married Song Hye Kyo.

      • @Minakim I am not hating SJK. He’s always been a good actor too. But I always love SHK ever since more that anyone. I just known SJK because of his marriage w/ SHK and after watching DOTS. SHK always comes first to my heart and will always support my Unnie.

    • Hahaha why does Yoo Ah In brought up in this issue? They are good friends even with SJK he is a real one. Yoo Ah In always support the SongSong couple ever since. By the way, Yoo Ah In has his own ways in what he does very creative and good actor as well. No wonder he’s good friend with SHK.

  18. I wont reply to any comments. Whatever float your boat. All this feminism and woman rights just didnt really click with me although I’m a woman myself. You dont have to be submisive, but to do your duty.

    • How you know she did not do her duty as a wife / daughter-in-laws? Her behavior should be in response to how she was treated. You can’t clap with 1 hand…

    • Oh dam you even know Song Hye Kyo more than her very own loyal fan base that have to wait patiently for every news update of her… I’m not saying she is all innocent or right but you really are biased everything about her with her ig updates. No one knows the truth and you’re out explaining the situation here. Song Joong Ki is no better than Song Hye Kyo just by reading from all the recent news around. He’s the want who always calling for the attention in their lives. Who told him to give out such harsh announcements for people to look him in the wrong light. Sorry but people have different ways of dealing with hardship. Keep in mind people are different in terms of thinking and living their lives. Don’t go out talking trash about someone if you don’t know what really happened. Best of to to both Songs. Hopefully they’ll find peace with one’s life.

    • You don’t know these people AT ALL, neither they you. They don’t even know you exist. Sorry but you’re just deluding yourself getting so invested in their private relations.

    • Is a womans sole duty in life to stay at home and make babies?? Lmao you sure are irrationally mad at someone who wants to have a career. If you wanna stay home and not work, then do your thing. Dont judge other people’s career choice. You know IG’s are curated by the agency or manager right? Most actors don’t just post whatever they want. They show you what they want you to see.

      You have a backwards view on life. You’re a woman trying to bring down another woman when you dont even have definitive facts that she’s a bad person. You’re definitely jealous of her, sis. It’s not a good look. Work on yourself.

  19. I wish they made their divorce public knowledge only after it was finalised. This is an irresponsible and messy way to go about your private affairs.

  20. Not true, sjk still in his silent mode. Wondering what happened in blossom right now. They’re not promoting sjk’s drama and not updating pbg new CF. Maybe they still trying to make sjk speak up for PBG. They better treated their golden boy well. Sjk cant carry them anymore, he only have 1 CF when PBG have 10 cfs, FM, merchandise, album etc. They will in danger if pbg decide to left blossom. He is with gongyoo right now, and gongyoo is really good promoting his agency.

    • How much longer do you think PBG will have any of his cf? His reputation is being dragged into the mud by the media every day. Blossom would pick SJK over PBG because he has stronger connections to CTH who set up the agency. This whole divorce has been handled very poorly by both sides and the fact that their agencies are letting the media make it worse is very suspicious. They both have strong connections with media houses so who is controlling what narrative?

      • I’m sure PBG will be fine, at least until he enlist. People still waiting his next project, when Sjk next movie already get so much negative respon. Even SHK fans still trying protecting their unnie, I still see many positive comments for her in her own article. I’m sure many of them is so ready ruining Sjk’s image. There’s high possibility blossom will pick Sjk, but yeah thats a suicide. That guy cant sold his brand, and He need competing with big name actors like Kim soohyun, hyunbin, etc. When PBG have zero rival in his generation. Blossom don’t have any power in media, remember CTH?

  21. @nobody please create a speculative essay about Kim ok bin & SJK scandal. This will be more interesting & will definitely sound more realistic!

  22. I think she got pregnant or was pregnant when getting married. Then she decided that she didn’t want a kid and had an abortion without husband’s consent. So husband very angry and divorced her.

  23. Owh dont forget about the so called wedding without any sponsors which happened to be broadcasted online by none other streaming site owned by zhang zi yi husband who attended the wedding as a VIP guest, such a coincidence. And her wedding gown sponsored by dior which already had footage of the gown making before the wedding, so much for so called private and non sponsored wedding. Dont forget how she readily become representative of chaumet which sponsored her wedding band. What a hypocrite. This woman who only think about money and profit. Its nausetaing to read all of the supportive messages from her fans especially on her so called friends instagram, the so called friends who happened to be her employee. Just Look at her circles of friends, just full of people who ready to kiss her feet because she happened to pay for their salaries.all the rumors about jongkis is proven written by her fans anyway, they already make an attack towards him months ago, creating absurd rumors. Its so obvious she cheated on him because she wanted out, because she know jongki will never make as much as she is and she will never love any one else except herself

    • Hyekyo has a lot of celebrity friends most of them are her friends since she debuted. The members of Fin.kl choi ji woo, song yoon ah, kim hee sun, Park sool mi, Moon soo ri and many more and they have nothing but good words for her. And if its true about your accusation about her wedding why your precious sjk allowed it? His tux is from dior too and your precious sjk the one who announce his marriage while promoting BI even when the reporter is not asking him about shk he will mention her.

  24. @nobody

    Everything you said is all speculation. It’s your own interpretation. Please demonstrate objective facts to support your claims.

    My prescription for you is to watch more dramas that deals with politics and the media hahahaha be careful with your tongue and your hands. Let’s be kind for we don’t have much facts presented to us spectators at the moment.

  25. It’s unfortunate but not surprising to read the number of speculative comments about the Song-Song split. Partly due to the way it was announced, and also because of the duration of their marriage. Water split has no way of coming back to its container, so the best they can do is damage control by their PR reps. The sooner, the better for all concerned. K-Netz are busy roasting SHK; while the I-Netz have nothing good to say about SJK. If the rumorville is left unchecked, I wonder if anyone will bring themselves to watch their future dramas and projects? Remember everyone, even if they are getting divorced, no one committed a crime and this is their personal business. I wish this amount of vitriol being displayed was reserved for celebrities who actually committed crimes. smh.

  26. We don’t know who is right and who is wrong, who is cheating etc or there could be a serious misunderstanding.

    But obviously now SJK is aiming to damage & destroy his ex’s image & reputation. His action is equivalent to hurt & kill as image & reputation of a celebrity is as important as his/her life. What he is doing towards someone he loved passionately before is very cruel and scary

  27. This reminds me of the t-ara scandal. The twins kept spreading lies about being bullied when they were the aggressors all along. No other member could even say anything because they were already being targeted by netizens. SHK has no choice but to keep quiet because whatever she says will just be ignored or used against her.

    Also it makes me wonder why he is doing this in the middle of the biggest drama of 2019 so far. Supposedly it has the highest budget and all that.

  28. The timing of his action should have been strategically planned by his lawyer for him to gain full advantage of the situation created. Clearly his plan is to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Look now, he is gaining sympathy ( as he made himself an innocent party) & of cause gaining popularity of his drama. And this timing did catch SHK by surprise, she might not expect him to take action during his drama, and the public has already started to criticize her before she was back from Thailand. She has already missed/lost her opportunity/ best timing to speak out

  29. I’m new to this site, but damn, why does it feel like there are so many trolls here? lmao it’s almost like the drama equivalent of netizenbuzz. *of course kpop fans are still worse*

    • This place has some people who speak plainly amd frankly, but I think the tone of comments is largely following from Koala’s own style which is very blunt. And places with that type of comments inevitably attract trolls.

  30. Park Bo Gum is freaky. He had news with Song Joong Ki almost everyday how they are good friends and how he is getting support from Song Joong Ki. Lately he is all BTS V and how good friends they are.

    • Lol freaky? PBG can created buzz with everything he did. He even can have 100 article talking about his arrival in inc airport. I think thats natural for top star like him. Maybe your bias not that popular, so its kinda freaky for you?

    • …are you high? He’s been friends with V since his music show MC days, there’s plenty of picture proof of them going out together and PBG attending BTS concerts every year (most recently in Hong Kong this Narch).

      Friendship is not marriage, you can be friends with more than one person at a time and it’s ok.

  31. so based on Chinese zodiac sign, Song song former couple are best match. and now that they divorced, that seems a bit off.

    • Chinese Zodiac for marriage is a bit more complicated than just the years and the generic description. You need the exact time both were born along with other things that the situation will calculate to see if the marriage is good or not. And, even if everything is going all good and well, the human will is the most determining factor. Clearly SJK no longer wants the marriage. He did a horrible media play of his divorce regardless of why there was a divorce.

  32. Not a fan of either individuals but in my opinion, after reading the little comments publicly revealed by the couple and SJK father, his father didn’t want his son married yet, did not approve of SHG since she was older than his son and has little respect for her because her parents status of being divorced and raised by her mother. Thus, basing things off of traditional Asian families, SJK father seems to think of his own family as complete and respectable. Very likely SJK father made it difficult for the couple to be at peace by creating drama, setting conditions for SHG to meet and possibly trying to distance SHG from her mother as well. Meaning, SHG would have to sacrifice her life to be a filial daughter in law to their family. If my theory hits the mark, I feel the couple had talked it out and couldn’t find a meeting ground. SJK has his dad trying to tear him away from his wife and since he loves and respects his father he would eventually submit to his father’s wishes, in the end giving up his wife and the love of his life to end the drama and hurt to his wife that his family causes her. I feel SHG is a kind intelligent and independent women who did not want to sign the divorce papers, until her husband finally shows her he has given up on their marriage through non-communication and not voicing to protect her against his father slanders, so eventually signs the divorce papers. I believe they are both very much in love and are hurting, as SHG said, she was loves SJK still but was forced to divorce him.

  33. You are so wrong about sjk he is generous and loving with children and he loved his wife very much but she did something that made him so angry and i bet its to do with his best friend i hope he can forgive them so he can move on its going to be awkward because they all in the same industry God Bless you Sjk

  34. I watched a tarot card reading video on them by an American. And I’m repeating here what the reading said:
    1. SJK and SHK married sooner than they needed to.
    2. SJK wanted to be a power couple with SHK and attained fame, status and wealth together. He had a lot of passion for her in the beginning due to her positive vibes. He wanted to be her rock. But eventually he realised his passion ran out and he didn’t have the energy to sustain the union. So he left her feeling lonely and cast away like a stone.
    3. SHK has skeletons in the closet and it’s better for her to stay low key on the divorce because by speaking up, things may come back and haunt her (maybe later if not now).
    4. SHK had loved SJK more than he loved her despite his intention to want to make the union work. She’s led by her heart and he’s led by passion and head (because he wanted to marry her for other pragmatic reasons too). That’s the reason why SHK felt so lonely in the marriage because SJK had stopped loving her and it caused her to stray.
    5. SJK had bad habits and was a bit of a bully.
    6. Along came a younger man that SHK developed feelings for and she cheated with him because she felt unloved in the marriage. Please note that there’s no mention of whether they slept together, the tarot reader didn’t dig so deep she just said SHK cheated (when I heard this I was like what?!? ????)
    7. SJK forced her to admit her cheating and decided to end the marriage because he’s already fallen out of love with her anyway, no energy to fight for this marriage plus now her cheating just made him even more decisive.
    8. SHK was left feeling even lonelier and in deep despair.

  35. Having a baby was the only thing Joongki wanted …. He found a girl that would do what he wanted and she is paid back for the rest of her life. He had to get a girl that had no ambition for stardom. A Korean girl would not be right for him because of the anti feminist moment example ,,,New president of Korea.
    Korean women are going to rebel in the near future for more equal right. Hopefully they will succeed.

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