C-drama Remakes TW-drama Hit Prince Turns into Frog with Fresh Faces Fair Xing and Jin Zhe

There’s another Chinese remake of a Taiwan drama finished filming and it’s one I’m cool with updating as the original really feels so dated. C-ent is remaking Prince Turns into Frog, that cracky silly romance that vaulted Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En into stardom though both have since fallen back to earth in recent years. The new version will star fresh faced cuties Fair Xing and Jin Zhe, she’s best known for Put Your Head on My Shoulder while he’s a straight up newbie. Second female lead Joyce Chao will reportedly be aging up and playing the female lead’s mom in this version. Wow, time really is a ruthless butcher knife.


C-drama Remakes TW-drama Hit Prince Turns into Frog with Fresh Faces Fair Xing and Jin Zhe — 7 Comments

  1. Can’t China have their own storylines rather than remaking a famous Taiwanese drama? What works back in 2005 may not work now.

    • Do you complain when Korea remakes Japanese, British, and American dramas? The production company will take the hit if it doesn’t work out. I’m not sure why we should care if China does licensed remakes of Taiwanese dramas.

      • SK has good story writers. They don’t need to rely on remakes to produce hit dramas.

        I’ve not seen Japan do many remakes either. However, China constantly churns out remakes. It’s like they don’t have enough creative ideas.

    • Japan tends to adapt their mangas/ anime’s was instead. China churns out so many things there’s bound to be some remakes in the mix. Plus investors usually want a formula that has been proven successful. I’ve watched quite plenty with their own storylines, you make it sound likes it’s all they do.

  2. Though it’s a small sample size( Put Your Head…), she’s going to be a future star. She’s very cute, acts naturally and most importantly can create chemistry with her co-lead.

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