Kang Ji Hwan Dropped From Agency and Text Message to Victims Revealed Where He Said He Should Be Locked Up

I’ll follow the Kang Ji Hwan sex crime case to the finish, it’s the least to do for the two victims who thankfully have been vindicated from their victimhood being called into question by netizens. The latest case update is that the two women submitted very thorough statements to the police and it turns out they were at Kang Ji Hwan’s house that day with a much larger group drinking to celebrate, and after people successively left Kang Ji Hwan suggested the two ladies stay and rest in one of his guest bedrooms. They helped him to the third floor to his bedroom to rest as he was drunk and then they went down to the second floor to rest. One woke up three hours later to the sensation of sexual assault and saw Kang Ji Hwna move other the assault the other woman. Together they put up a fight and got him out of the bedroom after which they locked the door and tried to call for help. But the house was in the countryside so they couldn’t get cell service and only after connecting to a free WiFi they used a text messaging app Kakao to text a friend for help. The friend called cops who arrived an hour later and arrested Kang Ji Hwan. Sigh, good riddance.

Since admitting to the crimes, Kang Ji Hwan’s agency Huayi Brothers has dropped him from their representation, nullifying his contract. His current drama Joseon Survival Tale has found a new male lead Seo Ji Suk but the remaining episodes will be shortened from 20 episodes to 16 episodes with extensive rewrites. That means there are only 6 more episodes to air. There are also news reports that Kang Ji Hwan texted the victims afterwards and said that if he did what he is alleged to have done then he should be locked up. I hope he is, do the crime then pay the price.


Kang Ji Hwan Dropped From Agency and Text Message to Victims Revealed Where He Said He Should Be Locked Up — 21 Comments

  1. As a fan this is a sad and disgusting news but he’s got to pay for his crimes, I hope this serves as a warning to up and coming actors.

  2. Pray for the victims to recover.
    Good they tell the story to the public so people know better. He admit it so it’s over for him. Don’t think he’ll have a chance to be back on drama/movie.

    Eh? But then I remember PSH. What happen to his case actually? I didn’t follow his drama let alone his case. But the majority Kdrama fans say he’s guilty.

  3. The only thing that may help the victims is, that he isn’t denying it and is apparently fully cooperating. That at least is something.

    • I don’t support rapists, buuuuuut I’m going the blame the women for being raped. Next you’ll be asking what they were wearing when they were assaulted.

  4. Never did like him as an actor. I thought he was unattractive and a bad actor but HE WAS DRUNK!!!! Did they get raped? No. Was he wrong? Hell yes! but HE WAS DRUNK! A drunk driver does not get up and say today I am going to kill someone. This actor did not use common sense but he was under the influence. It was not the fault of the women because they trusted him. Should they have? That is a debatable topic.

    • Wow. Did you just said the victims did not get raped?
      Sexual penetration without consent is rape… there is nothing grey about.

      Whether he is drunk or not is not the crux of the matter. Drunk or not he committed the act.
      Although I had doubt about the drunk claims when he came into the victims’ room supposedly THREE hours after he was brought to his own bedroom. Alcohol may have impaired his judgement but there was no doubt that there was intent.

    • You should read the full story before you make idiotic comments like this. If you were well informed then you would know that the incidence occurred three hours after they had taken him back to his room in the floor above them. He had plenty of time to nap and sober up. I don’t buy the “he was drunk, he couldn’t make decisions” bullshit. And for the people who are saying they shouldn’t have been at his house to begin with, you should realize that this was a work extended social event. The culture in Korea is such that you can’t say no these social events especially when you’re not in a position of power. They probably felt pressured into attending this work event that was seemingly harmless until it wasn’t. Also, his house is in a remote location without cell phone signal. Supposedly it was difficult for them to get home via taxi because of the location and late hours of the night. And I don’t know why you would assume that they didn’t lock the door. Maybe they did and he had the keys. I mean it is his house after all. It’s people like you who victim blame rather than blaming the perpetrator that allow events like this to happen. Have some common sense and maybe some background knowledge of what’s going on because you make such insensitive and idiotic comments.

    • Even when somebody is drunk he can commit a rape. Everyone is different and differently reacting to drugs which alcohol is one of the most tolerated one. I hope you won’t ever have this kind of experience as these girls and others beated and raped girls, wifes have been through. You can’t even imagine how can one feel when you can’t say no and after there’s no escape. You don’t have to wear revealing clothes nor have suggesting behaviour, once a guy made his decision to get his thing he will get it no matter what.

    • Low IQ idiot. Brainless bitch. Go to a gutter and reevaluate your life choices. Wish it was you and all other rape supporters and victim blamers who were the victims instead of innocent people.

  5. This is a clear example of irresponsible reporting by the k-media till the victims have to step forward and tell their side of actual truth because the public been fed by questionable actions on their part. Even myself was questioning their irresponsible behaviour for putting themselves in unsafe situation.

    It’s apparent that KJH been targetting them, the intent was there which ideally made him a legit rapist.

    While he admitted to his crime, i really do hope he really meant it and fully atone to it. And no, please don’t ever make a comeback even if he’s going for the villanous roles. It’s hard to watch him on-screen ever again.

  6. can someone clarify me the rule in korea and other western countries? what is the law regarding sexual intercourse while under alcohol influence? how you define sober? how much percentage to defince you are drunk but can still pass a judgement. for example if a male and female met and get drunk then attract to each other and without realising it because under the influence of alchol decide to have sex willingly but tomorrow they wake up and both forget how did it happend and one claim it is consescous and other claim it is rape how we want to make a judgement.? anyone can clarify for me

      • I’m not an expert, but as far as I know, if both parties are drunk and one person says that the sex was not consensual, then an investigation is opened. In an ideal situation, there would be a rape kit and a lot of the evidence would be drawn from that. I also think that there would be a question of whether or not the person was sober enough to consent to anything. It all depends on evidence and testimony. Again, that’s from my limited knowledge. I don’t drink so I too find it to be an interesting question.

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