C-drama Remakes TW-drama Hit Prince Turns into Frog with Fresh Faces Fair Xing and Jin Zhe

There’s another Chinese remake of a Taiwan drama finished filming and it’s one I’m cool with updating as the original really feels so dated. C-ent is remaking Prince Turns into Frog, that cracky silly romance that vaulted Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En into stardom though both have since fallen back to earth in recent years. The new version will star fresh faced cuties Fair Xing and Jin Zhe, she’s best known for Put Your Head on My Shoulder while he’s a straight up newbie. Second female lead Joyce Chao will reportedly be aging up and playing the female lead’s mom in this version. Wow, time really is a ruthless butcher knife. Continue reading

My Drama Guilty Pleasures

After a post extolling the virtues and enjoyment of a K-drama widely considered a work of art (Goodbye Solo), I thought I’d get off my high horse and swing the pendulum in the other direction. I hereby present to you … Continue reading