Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Officially Divorced and She Reportedly Takes Hiatus for Rest of 2019 From Entertainment Activities

This is like the fastest celebrity divorce ever, whatever the reason behind it may be I’m glad it’s done. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are officially divorced as of July 22nd, ending their nearly year and a half marriage and one month after he filed for divorce. In addition, and I think this is a great idea if true, reportedly Song Hye Kyo told a reporter during a recent interview that she was taking a break from her entertainment career for the rest of 2019. Taking a hiatus happens either proactively or by happenstance for actors and actresses but in her case I think it’s for the best if she take time for herself amidst all the hoopla and scrutiny over her divorce. While the news was like a bomb went off in K-ent last month, like all shockers the impact has dissipated and now almost feels like the Song-Song drama to romance to marriage to divorce whirlwind was like a bad acid trip. Good luck to Song Hye Kyo, divorce isn’t easy for a woman and definitely not in the limelight.


Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Officially Divorced and She Reportedly Takes Hiatus for Rest of 2019 From Entertainment Activities — 69 Comments

  1. You sound as if SJK isn’t affected at all by the divorce.

    Good luck to both. Divorce is common, just theirs done in limelight. No big deal

    • @Alexa
      You obviously noticed why I skipped him in my comment. The reason is I dont really want to wish him ill. I just dont like him, what he did. So wish him goodluck, I wont stop you. But dont force me to do the same.

      • Seems aimed at Koala and not at you.
        It is a standalone comment. Otherwise she would have clicked reply. Just an observation.

  2. SJK sounds like he’s coping by overworking himself while she’s coping by taking the rest of the year off. everyone has a different way of healing themselves. I’m sure he’s affected by it too.

  3. The process was so fast.I admit to be heartbroken but wat to do..wish both of them find their true happiness in future..songsong in memory?

  4. Not related to the article. She looks great with smokey eye makeup. Maybe next year she will come out with badass female character or evil character for her next comeback.

  5. Seriously who cares about SJK, he is not a gentleman in handling his divorce case this way and now he’s gotten what he has wanted, so why need to mention him in this blog at all. The blogger is a woman and most readers are females. Speak up if you are in support of this crook. Of coz he has to work, he didn’t work for the longest time after the marriage… just leeching off the buzz from DOTS and the marriage. No one will support him financially from now on so he must work. His drama is not doing well, no CF offer… Face the reality dude.

    • Lol who are you to say he shouldn’t be mention in this blog? If you don’t like him, just don’t comment on his articles. And divorce is not about men vs women. It didn’t work out between them and he filed for divorce first.

    • @candycane
      Did he really did what he is being accused of or it was work of gossipy articles?
      I’ll save my sentiments untill I know the truth.

    • Actually WHO are you to tell me where I can comment? Do you own this Blog?? Geez I can comment wherever I want just like you now in replying to me!!! LOL who are you to say what or who not to comment? Do I have to report to you what I want to comment? Move.

  6. Lol who are you to say he shouldn’t be mention in this blog? If you don’t like him simple just don’t comment on his articles.

    • I think you have gone overboard in telling people not to comment in “his” articles. This article is NOT ONLY “HIS”. Write your own blog!

    • They were close even before DOTS even being in the picture, so its not that fast. And agree, its better to end it for both sakes, rather than keep it up in public just for popularity or image sake.

  7. I dont understand people who are hating on SHK for the rumors just as I don’t understand people who hate on SJK regarding the rumors. No one know the full story of why either party did as they did. Everything is more than meets the eye so until one of them brings everything to light (which I hope they don’t because that their personal business). We are never gonna know who is wrong or right

    The right thing to do is continue to support both regardless of gender.

    • I agree with you. I think they didn’t date enough time after DOTS to know if they were compatible or they went on with the loveline in their drama. Moreover, dating in Korea is something impossible.

  8. For him, next time, find a woman who will love you wholeheartedly like you do, or already did but denied. Meanwhile, do your best in your work.

    For her, wish you good luck in that life choice of yours.

  9. I wish Song Hye kyo the best. I am glad she stayed professional in her endorsement commitment and now she can rest before she starts shooting for her movie. I admire her for being a strong women and not succumbing to people’s expectations to crumple.

  10. If I remember correctly, she said she won’t be doing another project this year when she was asked about future plans during her visit to Singapore in Feb. She also said similar thing for her ELLE interview.
    It’s nice that she’s decided to take some personal time off. I’ll definitely look forward to her ‘comeback’ next year.

  11. Aigooo oppa and eonni… aigooo… life is so unpredictable … my ship used to said well but not forever. Dont judge on any party involved. We’ve known nothing. Good luck for the rest of their new pages of life…

  12. It was much easier bec they DID NOT split assets. NO division of property or Settlement/Maintenance etc (source: Asia One)

    That’s what I was thinking right at the start – he takes his, she takes here. Simple.

    Life back to sq one, consider it a breakup … esp with NO kids involved.

    • I think the criticisms was how SJK handled the media briefing about the divorce. Filing and announcing it when SHKbis out of the country for work, and then giving passive aggressive statements that almost seems like a threat to SHK was the last straw for me with SJK. I don’t hate him, but it just shows me how quick he turns against someone he supposedly love so much

      • Jkfan totally agree with you. I try not to take sides since we don’t know anything about them personally but from what I saw of how he handled the process was very disappointing. Not very chivalrous and kind of underhanded. Definitely not mature. So I’m kinda happy for SHK to be free from this guy seeing how he handled the divorce. She was obviously way more mature.

        And to think I really liked SJK before all this. I don’t think I could watch another drama or movie with him after this.

      • SJK is such a vengeful man. If he could throw his ex to the wolves once things don’t work out, imagine what he would do to his friends and colleagues. The divorce news could’ve started and ended the same day it was finalized, yet he decided to throw a bone out a month prior to let people speculate and throw insults at his ex while gaining sympathy from the public.

      • I’m disappointed with the way he chose to handle the divorce. It was a mutual decision but he managed to make it sound like it was his alone. But at least, SHK is now free from that unhappy marriage so I’m thankful.

      • If only ppl know, how much he had done and went through for her behind the scene…but nvm, it will never come to public cos thats how he is. If he is such a vengeful ex and man, this divorce will take much longer and dirtier and harder. But no, the real occurence that comes to public (which is inevitable cos this is SSC we’re talking about), is he files for divorce which was already mutually agreed, both agencies confirmed, and now its finalized. Its just media who overblows things, keep stating reason while in the real statement the reason is simply, personal. No one will ever know the truth except from SJK and SHK themselves.

        Its exactly this way, why he files for the divorce first and wont let her do it. Because the brunt of ppl anger will be on him and him alone, while she stays clean. He never made any statement or passive aggressive threat against her, its just “some source”, or side.

        Im not blindly defending him. Just pointing out something that needed to be.

      • @Clover – if there was mutual agreement, the divorce could be filed by both, not when SHK was out of the country.

      • I agree with you..just that even i also seem to hate him cause of that act

    • There ARE many vengeful spouses out there. Be there men or women.

      A Divorce is often nasty and acrimonious … no matter how much they loved each other. It boils down to personalities.

      Women can be the sentimental ones who consider history, past together and do not draw blood … while you also get bitches with their claws out on the other end.

      Men tend to be quite cold-blooded clinical once it is over. It’s like a drawer … over, shut it … done.

      So while I am surprised sunny Song JK chose to take the path to divorce as he did … I am also not surprised at the same time. Maybe he also needed to lash out, because he seemed to be so besotted with Song Hae-gyo.
      And seeing as how SJK family can dedicate the family home into a museum of sorts, like some kinda shrine … it is telling too.

      To me, what is consistent through is SHG – she has always been quite aloof-private about her life, and she handled her divorce the same way. As she did her breakup with LBH, and as she did Hyun-bin,

  13. Well, that is good for SHK to be able to move on since the divorce is finalized. I wish her the best and she is doing the right thing by taking time off for herself. I hope when she comes back, she will be better than ever and I hope she finds her true love whenever she is ready.

  14. These two bought into their own hype during the DOTS era, not surprising they divorced so soon. It’s the best option instead of staying in an unhappy marriage

  15. Uri Joong Ki is suddenly being this busy after long hiatus from acting make me sooo happy! He is still passionate about acting after all. I’m sorry for doubting you oppa! I thought you would be the next Won Bin after get married…

  16. @Clover
    The passive aggressive comments came from how he worded his first statement of the divorce. It didn’t came from other source. Read his statement.

    Do you have first hand info of all the good things he did for her, behind the scene? You implied you do. If you dont, then dont imply.

    Marriages break and relationships go sour. That’s nothing new. It is when celebrities like SJk, who is very aware what his words and actions can do, do something so passive aggressive to the person who he supposed to have loved once — that’s low. So, yes, I meant no disrespect but I could never watch any of his works anymore. He’s an unpleasant d..k. I couldn’t stand men like that. My opinion only though.

    • I agree. People get divorced all the time, it’s not something we should be angry at. But the way he chose to do it was just unacceptable to me. His initial statement was already enough to lead people to speculate but maybe his fans saw nothing wrong with it. But what’s done is done..and she’s currently suffering from online abuse which could probably be avoided if he didn’t turn a private matter into a national issue.

    • Sjk caught her cheating with Chinese sponsor. Beware song tax evasion, you better run from this giant sponsor if not you will next fan bing bong. I thought zhang ziyi friendship make her get contact with sponsor.

      • her sponsor existed before SJK, why would he not know? Wasn’t this his ignorance? I thot he has been in the Industry long enough to know… Anyway, his handling of the divorce case is not very gentlemanly, whatever the excuse was long before their marriage…

      • Regardless of when her spinsors existed, she still has sponsors. Shame on SHK.

  17. What you imply from my comment is true, but its not my place at all to tell. All in all, to sum up, he is not a vengeful man or ex.

    Now that the divorce is finalized, good luck to both. I myself will continue to watch his work, prob more than hers.

    • I agree, his statement was not passive aggressive. It was cut to the point. As a fan of both I know he sacrifice much more than her. He lost more in this marriage whereas she gained. His threatening to her was revealed by media, it never came from his own lawyer or agency. He must have done privately but insider must have tipped off by media. I will support both of them but i can’t view hk same as before.

      • What did he sacrifice much more than her? His statement alone left so much room for speculation. And as everyone expected, people slut shame her, called her with all the vile, ugly things.
        He announced while she was out of the country, he used “I” instead of we. “ I ask for your understanding … I will recover from my current wounds”
        While UAA in response to his statement : “ SHK and her husband are taking the first steps toward divorce… the reasons is differences in personality and because the TWO were unable..”

        When it comes to marriage or divorce, no one sacrifices more than the other, it has to come to mutual agreement.
        But what he did to SHK thru his passive aggressive statement actually caused a collateral damage to her reputation.

  18. SJK’s behavior appeared to be stemming from anger. He caught himself and stopped short of crossing the thin line between love and hate. SHK’s behavior and demeanor has from the beginning been odd. We do not know the truth and may never know. SHK has a sponsor? Not surprising if she does. Many actresses starting with those who make it big in Hollywood also have sponsors. The entertainment world is a dirty, crooked business. Talent alone does not take one to the pinnacle.


    • Not all of us were SS shippers lol. I know I wasn’ friends as well. Your fav has nothing to do with this so be a good fan and leave her out of this.

    • What MCW has to do in this article ? Are you MCW fan? Then be smart and don’t drag her into the article that is so irrelevant to her.

      • You know not everyone here are SSC shippers. I love Song Hye Kyo but not her costar or ex-husband. So it’s best for you to not bring up MCW here. Can’t agree more SSC shippers are very rude but at least it’s all finished now. If you want to ship MCW with SJK then you are free to.

      • @Casa @Mimi – what’s with you? are you on drugs?? Talk with yourself somewhere else. LOL. Why do you people like to change usernames so much? @Bubblegummy @Blazingflame

    • many shk’s real fans did not really happy when she decided to marry SJK…just like me because I kinda know this is going to happen..that guy seems nice but I don’t think that is all about him…and yeah…you chaeki shipper…take your oppa back!
      And hey…don’t bother use different username when we all can see that you are the same desperate person..ouchh..!!

    • Oh shoot for the love of God..please stop dragging MCW’s name on this issue? I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re one of those SSC shipper (pretending to be MCW fan) who bullied her before? **facepalm**

  20. SSC shippers were so brutal to everyone else during that phase that the divorce is their karma. Just like that they tuned their backs on each other. Bring out the popcorn this will be fun.

  21. This blogger allowed bellow the belt and degrading comments against shk its your blog i know but offensive degrading comments is out of line. Anyone here specially fans of shk instead of arguing screenshot offensive commments and then get the copy link of this blog and send it to

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