First Stills of Kim So Hyun and Song Kang in Netflix High School Romance Drama Love Alarm

I’ve been waiting patiently for this drama and am so happy to see the first stills released this week, thanks Netflix! The streaming giant has taken a headlong dive into the world of K-dramas for two years now and up next in its line up of exclusives is the drama adaptation of webtoon Love Alarm. It stars Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga Ram set in a classic high school setting but with a twist – there’s a new app that once download will beep your phone when someone who likes you is within 10 feet away. Goodness I really don’t want that either as the liker or likee. I think Kim So Hyun is probably 1-2 years max away from ending her cinematic high school career but she is so insanely good at those roles in visuals and performance I want to savor this and perhaps one more in her before she hangs up her uniform for good.


First Stills of Kim So Hyun and Song Kang in Netflix High School Romance Drama Love Alarm — 19 Comments

  1. Sign me right up for patiently waiting. I’m impressed by these first still cuts and damn does KSH rock the school uniform look like no other. You can already feel the chemistry between her and SK from these stills. I know it is time for her to move on from high school so I think this is a good drama choice as the characters age from high school romance to adult romance. This drama will be a visual and acting delight. Welcome back KSH.

    • Any KSH role in school uniform is iconic! We are lucky she’s still willing to do these roles! The plot sounds super interesting!

  2. The one thing I love about her is that she experiments with many different roles and genres despite the limited range available because of her very young age. This makes me look forward to her future roles when more options of genre and roles will be available to her. She has already proven her mettle as an extraordinary and versatile actress but there is so much more she is capable of. It is exciting to watch her consistent improvement and evolution in every role she takes on. Wishing her yet another success for love alarm.

  3. I didn’t think about it but I will really miss her once she leaves high school from dramaworld forever. She gave so many wonderful performances from her primary school era. I think she can still do them until at least 25. Most actors/actresses in high school/college dramas are way, way older hahaha

    I can’t wait for this drama, this is the primary reason why I am signing up for Netflix haha I can’t wait for heart fluttering moments and tears dropping scenes.

    • Likewise I didn’t think about her leaving high school dramas either. She is a natural actress though that whatever roles or genres she does in the future I’m sure will captivate us like she has till now. I’ve too signed on for Netflix just for this drama hahaha..

  4. Netflix sure took its own sweet time to release these stills. Can’t complain much because my girl looks amazing as always. Bring on the acting goddess.

  5. Really excited about this drama. Duhh… they take long enough, but finally. ?

    Even at 20 (international age), sohyun really suit wearing uniform. I glad that her patner born in same line, to much age gap make me uncomportable, sorry.

    For me, this drama really suit her for transition from child actress to adult. ? well, she look gorgeuos currently, specially with short hair ?

    Sorry for my poor english. Cant wait for this drama. ?

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