Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young in Talks for jTBC Romance Drama I’ll Come By When the Weather is Nice

And the leading man collection train continues on for K-actress Park Min Young. She’s in talks for an early 2020 romance K-drama with actor Seo Kang Joon called I’ll Come By When the Weather is Nice. It’s set in the countryside which is a nice change of scenery from her usual modern Seoul dating dramas, and this time she plays a melancholy art teacher carrying sadness in her heart from the past. Seo Kang Joon is a straightforward and decent guy running a small bookstore and together they two fall for each other in a healing romance. I think this sounds great and the two are a wonderful pairing, can’t wait!


Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young in Talks for jTBC Romance Drama I’ll Come By When the Weather is Nice — 25 Comments

  1. Love PMY. Love SKJ. But I’m really hoping that this drama is not in the same vein as the last two romcoms she acted , otherwise she’s liable to get type cast and the drama, boring. While I’m not particularly asking for a melo, I’d like to see her in a more substantive drama like City Hunter, or Healer or even something meatier like IU’s My Ahjusshi.

    • I second that. I believe she can bring tears to audiences eyes just like seven days queen. I cried alot during SDQ. I’m not really worry about the chemistry because she’s the chemistry queen..

  2. Didn’t realize there’s a big age gap between the two. SKJ looks mature for his age. Not sure yet how I feel with this drama so I’ll wait for more info.

    • Seems to be the trend nowadays, but anyway, still not as big an age gap as Lee Na Young- Lee Jong Suk, Song Hye Kyu- Park Bo Gum, Han Ji Min- Nam Joo Hyuk etc. and vice versa with all the other “age-gap” pairings where the lead actors are way older than their lead actresses. As long as the plot is good, i think works for everyone who are really looking for a good drama watch.

    • Who cares about age gap? Kind of shallow to look at that way. They are actors who would only be playing a character.

      • If you read my post again and carefully, I don’t mind about age gap either. I was just casually stating a trend in korean drama that seems to be happening lately, although not all. Did I not say that as long as the plot is good, I think it will work for everyone who are looking for a good drama watch ? With all due respect, you are not understanding my comment, at all.

      • The fact that you mentioned the age gap which doesn’t matter as they WILL NOT be playing their real persona in it but their characters, will all due respect.

  3. What genres this drama, romcom again? Pmy enough, boring seeingg her with same character hairstyle and wardrobe! And her last drama is just disaster for me. When pmy act, she really worried her face looking bad oncamera.

  4. Tbh this pairing is kind of disappointing.. I didn’t expect PMY to do another romance drama again. It would be nice to see her in something different. Her acting improved in HPL compared to WWWSK but there are times where you can see her acting is still very calculated and unnatural.. SKJ has improved so much and I hope he doesn’t get wasted in this.

  5. Another noona romance following Encounter, Pretty Noona, One Spring Night…Boring. However, PMY is substantially better in melodramas so she can join the likes of the leading ladies in those melos but her acting capability is way below theirs. At her age, she can’t act cutesy and comedic so please, no romcoms for her, considering the recent HPL flop, which only propelled the suave KJW to leading man status.

  6. It looks great! I love both of them. A romance drama in countryside sounds romantic and more quiet than the traditional rom-com.

    He was really great in Third Charm and he played a very different character in Watchers.

  7. Ok great casting coup but how about crime, thriller, horror anything else but a rom com drama pleeeasssssee and PMY has moved from being an Art Curator in HPL to a Art teacher!! Art, Art, Art over it please – I know what how about a Paint shop owner? Surely she must be a tiny incy bit bored of playing the same type of character for the third time? Can she at least give us something different to hang out for?

  8. Amongst so many serious dramas, it would be heart warming to have a romance drama. PMY is the best actress in romance. Who cares that she’s again in the same genre?
    Lately the dramas are too serious. I prefer a drama that gives me happy entertainment where I can relieve my work stress.
    PMY, I look forward to seeing you again!

    • Too serious? Have you seen Rookie Historian and Welcome 2 Life? Both of them are comedy and funny. This one will be a sad melodrama completely serious like third charm.

  9. I don’t understand why some people talking about age gap. Sorry to be blunt but sounds so shallow. FYI in case you are forgetting, they are actors who would only be playing a character.

    • Please scroll up and read my reply to your comment and also, if you can kindly re-read my initial comment ? Because clearly, you are not understanding it. You are missing the gist of it and taking all out of context. But it’s fine, no problem by me.

      • Scroll up my comment. Clearly you are not understanding between real life and a drama as you tend you mix up both.

    • I actually don’t have any problem with their age gap esp since their visuals kind of match anyway. I don’t know much about the guy so I was caught surprised when I searched about him.

  10. Don’t watch if you don’t like lighter drama like this. Funny when people who keep wanting actress to do crime thrillers and so on end up not watching them at all but still watching romance. What a bunch of hypocrite

    • @Larana Yeah I’m such a hippocrip but doesn’t change the fact this will be PMY third drama with the romance genre tag and it’s predictable and not challenging at all so I guess if she’s comfortable with that style of one dimensional acting then who are we to argue. It’s like she’s constantly reliant on a co star male actor and can’t lead on her lonesome don’t you think?

      • PMY certainly did not make KJW shine, she is stale and the ratings of HPL show. KJW held up on his own. Did she make PSJ shine? I don’t think so, PSJ is always shiny as usual. PMY was the best in City Hunter and Seven Days Queen. She is boring in WWSK (I could not even finish that drama) and worse in HPL (quit half way), this is my opinion.

  11. I love SKJ but never could warm up to PMY’s acting, never liked anything from her after City Hunter.
    I hope he chooses another project, because I don’t want to miss his next drama and this doesn’t look like something I would watch…

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