Kang Daniel Fans Upset His Dating News Was Delayed Until After His Comeback and They Spent Tons of Money Supporting Him

Now this is a great dating news story to ponder the give and take of fandom. Kang Daniel confirmed that he is dating Jihyo of top girl group TWICE and of course the two consenting adults are free to date to their hearts pleasure. But Kang Daniel fans are pissed because his just had a comeback 10 days ago and the news of his dating was actually photographed by Dispatch on July 20th but not released until August 5th, so Dispatch knew before his comeback and released the news after his comeback. Those who understand K-pop know that fan supporting during album releases/comebacks/debuts are super important as diehard fans go all out to make sure their bias has successful sale numbers. So Kang Daniel fans feel hoodwinked that their support was predicated on his dating news being kept from them. It’s a legit gripe – Kang Daniel CAN date anyone he wants, but his fans also CAN support him based on him not dating and can choose to leave his fandom upon his dating. It should be information freely given so fans can make their own decision, support or not support. What do you think?


Kang Daniel Fans Upset His Dating News Was Delayed Until After His Comeback and They Spent Tons of Money Supporting Him — 31 Comments

  1. Until now, I never understand this so called fandom. What has his dating status got anything to do with your support on him?

    I have actors that I am a fan of, but I understand well that they are humans. They are free to date and marry whomever they want. As long as I know they did nothing illegal or morally upsetting and continue to serve good works, I definitely support them.

    No wonder the idols and K-celebs are so scared to be revealed in any romantic relationship. The k-fans really very scary. I read the i-fans been very supportive but the K-fans are notoriously delusional.

    • I think the fans just feel like they were a bit manipulated. The do spend a lot of money to support their favorite idol. If they were dating they should have told the news before the comeback.

      I don’t know who Kang Daniel is but if you use the argument of supporting an artists work and not taking into their personal life..Then what about Lang Hi Hwan and others caught up in the recent sex scandals? Should they still be supported even though in my opinion, they are POS human beings, but they were so good as actors/singers etc…

      • There’s a big difference between dating, which is neither illegal nor really a scandal, and rape. Being okay with a guy or gal dating and, I don’t know, getting married and having kids before the age of 35 seems reasonable.

        I think Dispatch could have done the guy a solid and waited until the new year and made it their big new year reveal but whatever. He rolled the dice knowing what the reaction would be.

      • @Kat- yes, it is reasonable for people to date and get married, it was the timing of the release. Surely if this was released 6 months after the comeback, the fans would not have felt as deceived.
        These are very young girls after all, they don’t know what it truly means to have an actual boyfriend.
        It is kpops marketing strategy of the fantasy boyfriend.
        I never really had the fantasy that the celebrities would ever be my Boyfriend back when I was in high school. I supported them because I truly like them or they were good looking and their songs were good. But this was Hong Kong / Taiwanese guys. And I was in the US, so no fantasy there. I am glad that the guys I was a fan of did not have any scandals. To Jimmy Lin and Alec Su!

      • @jkfans

        Please read my comment carefully. Didn’t I say it’s fair to support them as long as they did NOTHING illegal, immoral or commiting crime.

      • Having a “close” fan-artist bond beyond just the music they make is privilege, not a right. Artists are not obligated to open up every aspect of their lives to people just because they buy their art. People don’t change therapists because their therapist gets married. People need to wake up and stop feeding into this twisted illusion that the fans own these artists. They are people! They have just as much right to be happy and feel loved and at peace as every person who follows them. Being an idol does not and should not negate that fact, ever.

      • @myisha- Luhan announced his dating life via social media. While his social media followers numbers took a dip, he is still one of the most popular artists in China. Seeing he used to be a kpop idol once, many actually applauded him for being truthful and see his dating as normal now. With so many that can replace Khan at any minute in China, Luhan is still popular and is raking in money. People will come to respect you when you are truthful. It is unfortunate for Kang Daniel, however, if given that Dispatch will out you vs you outing yourself, it is always better to control the media and out the relationship yourself .

    • Yes, it does not make a lot of sense… But being an Idol is a whole-package deal, the idol is groomed by the Agency to look like a Doll. So anyone (ie. fans) who spends money on supporting such a Doll expects to “own” it and know everything about it. Maybe the idol industry should create Robots instead of these boy-idols with lots of white foundation, eye shadow and lipstick. Real talent will not need such heavy makeup, just saying…

      • They should just make like that Japanese hologram singer with blue hair, but for a guy idol. No chance if it ever dating or having any scandals.

  2. Releasing the news after his debut/comeback would generate more buzz for a tabloid. I mean why would Dispatch or a tabloid ‘freely give information’? If Dispatch approached his/her company and a deal was made to delay the news, then yeah that might be a blow to some fans. Even then, when should have this info be given by him or her- before a comeback, on their first date, after a month of dating…? Fans have the right to no longer support him if he is dating but I am not sure what the article is suggesting as a solution.

  3. I like an artist/actor based on their performance not whether they’re single or not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to daydream about my favorite singers and rom-com male leads but i don’t seriously expect to marry a chaebol any more than I expect to walk on the moon. LOL! Let these folks have their own lives and be happy. It makes them better, wellrounded artists when their personal lives are full and varied.

    • I agree! If you’re a true fan, you like a person for their work and who they are as a person; not who they’re dating.

      I feel really sorry for these artists — the K-pop fan culture can be twisted sometimes!

      • Then again… all of us are not the crazies who buy 100 albums and donate them to help find him new fans, promote his new music, spend thousands of dollars on products just to improve their chances of the ballot to do a handshake event with the idol. Lastly throw in 24 hours of streaming on all their devices, watch the tally go up so that the idols song stays in the charts. What I am saying is … i agree with with what koala said. Just as he has the right to date whoever he wants, those crazy fans who built him up using their time, money and efforts buying into that idol fantasy has the right also to choose if they still want to support him or leave. Take BTS as an example, they have debuted for 7 years now, put in such hard work to build something out of nothing and steered cleared of scandals. Self management has been nothing but top class since day 1. Alot of people argue that theres a deal btw bighit and dispatch without realising in Korea, theres a dozen other tabloids and for a company who does not even fork out a penny to buy ads on social media for the boys albums when ut releases… Hard to fathom them buying out EVERY tabloid to keep BTS scandal free. They are the holy grail when it comes to relationship breaking news. Scoop of the decade. Thats BTS and heres Daniel Kang who has a problem with honesty (rigging votes on Produce), women – Yook Ji Dam then now Jihyo, now agency issues MMO-LM- self management. 2 years debut, no short of scandals, debatable talent and definitely cruising on a rabid fanbase rather than known for anything else. For that alone… i have lost all respect for him as an artiste. If you lose much, you should prioritise more. When your fans feel the ATM treatment, dun expect them to not abandon you.

  4. These fans are silly. So, they supported him not because they liked the artist (because it was a good album) but because they had the delusion that they have a chance with him? Being single, they could have continued to dream to date him? Funny. Yes, it is their right to support or not to support him. I hope they will learn a lesson. Buy an album if you like his music and let his personal life a private mather.

  5. I think kpop just relied on this idol formula too long.. to give a fantasy to young girls that the boy idol can be your fantasy boyfriend. I do agree, the money is in the fans hand and it is their choice to support him or not based on aNy reason. I can understand why the fans are upset that they made sure the comeback release is successful before announcing news that will possibly make the comeback a flop.
    Even I can’t seem to watch a drama knowing the main guy is already dating/married with someone else, but is acting like they truly love someone in a romcom..It does ruin that magic for me.

  6. I just think a corner is being turned with the whole “idol formula” that Jkfan mentions. I don’t know how it is going to be sustainable in the next # of years.

  7. So k-pop fans logic is:
    Even if you make a crappy album I will spend every penny I have to make sure it tops the charts, as long as you stay single and be my fantasy boyfriend…
    Fangirls are nuts.

    • They are nuts but without them, relying on rationale casual fans wont put them on the charts, sell out everything they endorse or afford them million dollar homes and fancy cars. Take me for example. I have better things to do with my 200 bucks than buying a top price concert ticket for a band I like. I might buy their digital album for 10 bucks and thats the extent of my support then watch the free concert footage via fancams on youtube and use that money to buy a nice home appliance instead. If they depend on people like me… those idols will be renting homes and likely only afford Kias. Lol.

  8. Well the problem is He’s not selling his song, his album, or his talent. He’s selling his cute face, innocent’s image and the idea that he’s dating his fans.
    Real singers who selling their skill wont get problem with dating scandal.

    • Yep…Look at anybody the older Hong Kong singers, such as Jacky Cheung. he is much much older, married have kids and yet he can still sell out for his worldwide concert tours. That is what real talent is. I doubt these are the delusional fans that buy his concert tickets, but true fans that actually admire his singing and dinging live at that.

  9. This is absolutely silly…and I’m also confused how they sell the idea they are dating their fans? Just by being attractive and selling their looks? I’m genuinely curious and I say this as someone that used to be big on boy bands when I was younger. You never had a chance with him before he started dating someone and never will. To say it makes sense for people to be upset will never sit right with me but not much about kpop does to be honest. It’s sad that an idol or any celeb that is a grown adult dating is a freaking “scandal and in this instance it was used to cover up real news and people are up in arms about this instead. So ridiculous.

  10. They were outed by dispatch. Dispatch choose to published after his debut, it wasnt his choice. I think both of them like to dating under the radar, bussiness wise and personal wise.
    But, I think its “normal for idol’s fans” reacted like that when their idol dating or married. Their attachment to their idol isnt healthy from the first place. Bulk buying, expensive gifts etc and most idol companies encourage it too.
    This is toxic

  11. But this guy is not even cute or good looking? His face looks like the plastic surgeon was trying to shave it to a V shape but gave up mid way, resulting in a lopsided potato.

  12. How exciting when your young and experiencing the joys of true first love for anyone but alas in Korea our beloved Korean idols/actors have it the worse ever! Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I really feel for anyone having their love life splashed out in the tabloids for all to see and criticise only to announce the break up weeks/months later. What was the point? Maybe Daniel Kang should have taken a leaf out of Yunho’s dating advice manual “At times, a great man needs to know how to hide the woman he loves.” SBS We will channel you’ February 7th broadcast. I know it’s cheesy as but hey could have saved a lot of heartache and pain.

  13. I am his fan. I’m not disappointed in him, just with the situation. Daniel has had such a difficult year since Wanna One’s disbandment. From his former agency selling his contract to a third party to his lawsuit to get out of his contract, the rumors/mediaplay, and being blacklisted from shows, his fans have continued to wait for him. When finally he’s free to make his debut, they went all out and worked hard to make his debut a success. However this recent news has sidelined the accomplishment and effort his fans have put in. There’s nothing wrong with dating, and even if he’s in a relationship doesn’t mean he’s any less committed to his work or his fans. However he is an idol and there’s a certain image and expectation to hold up. His fanbase is pretty shaken up right now and there is no right or wrong in people’s choice. I became a fan of his for his dancing and passion for the stage and I want to continue to support a young artist’s dreams.

  14. Love how this article made such a sweeping statement like as tho its the whole truth. Sure, some fans were upset, and those who “left” were probably never a true fan to begin with. A good portion of Daniel fans like him for his passion for music, his charisma on stage and his sincerity as an artist. Him being both cute and sexy is a plus and a plus. We were worried abt his mental health in the time he was fighting his legal battles w his shit excoy.. so if he had someone by his side to support him when his own agency and socalled friends betrayed him, then we support that positive relationship. Please don’t generalise the fans.. many have been with him since produce days.. besides teenage fans, he has fan in the 20s to 50s and many are mature fans. This is hardly a scandal when he’s been hurt so much more by people pretending to care and anti-fans pretending to be fans. It was just the timing that was unfortunate. What Daniel has taught us is to never compromise your passion, and that positives make positives. He is such a kind person and everyone who has worked with him only had praises for him. He will continue to shine whether you like it or not.. and of utmost importance, Jihyo sis, are you team nielging or nielchin? 😉

  15. Here I am almost a year later wondering why no one talked about the REAL issue here…
    Why are his hands so tiny??? Are they really that small or is it a bad camera angle? He looks like a T-Rex in those photos. OMG, could he be a T-Rex?? Because if he is I might actually become his fan.?

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