Song Joong Ki’s Endorsements Drop After Divorce While Song Hye Kyo Maintains Hers, K-dramas Reportedly Adding Divorce Clause to Contracts Now

This is kinda a funny story, and not what I expected from the general trend of K-ent fallout. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo‘s high profile divorce was finalized at the end of July, a month after he filed in mid-June. Both are Korea’s top stars and have massive endorsement hauls. K-news is reporting that since the divorce filing, Song Joong Ki has lost quite a few endorsements while conversely Song Hye Kyo has maintained hers. Normally it’s the woman getting raked over the coals in Korea’s patriarchal society so I am surprise that she’s coming out the career winner between the two. Of course this is just the current state of things, each needs to keep producing hits to maintain their popularity in the long run.

Speaking of which, K-ent is also noting that drama production houses are adding a “divorce clause” into the contracts of lead stars – one would pay a penalty of three times the salary for the drama if a star were to get divorced during a drama airing. Production houses view the relatively lackluster ratings for Arthdal Chronicles as due to Song Joong Ki’s divorce being a distraction and negative news and want to prevent that from happening again. Unless a divorce filing HAS to happen immediately, I think stars owe it to their costars and production staff to delay such news until after a drama airs so as to not potentially impact it negatively. But for Arthdal I think it’s totally not due to Song Joong Ki’s divorce at all.


Song Joong Ki’s Endorsements Drop After Divorce While Song Hye Kyo Maintains Hers, K-dramas Reportedly Adding Divorce Clause to Contracts Now — 138 Comments

  1. I mainly think its because joong ki’s action regarding the divorce came as aggresive whereas hye kyo’s side was all silent so of course joong ki will be portrayed as the bad guy which equates to bad image and loss of endorsement. Nways, Arthal is still not my cup of tea before and after divorce issue.

    • I think his endorsements drop is a combination the dismal performance for Arthdal and Battleship, exacerbated by the divorce. He was always so savvy in choosing his projects, selecting those with substance, renowned writers/PDs and in the last 2 years he’s gone for the big blockbuster productions where his acting chops are not used to their full potential.
      He’s likely just a good project away from being on top again. He is a really good actor and despite the divorce has cultivated good will from viewers/public all his career.

  2. His cfs already drop before divorce. I think its drop when he is marriage. I dont like SJK but I admit he sacrifaced his fanbase for marrying shk. And now he cant compete with other actors, he only has big name but not fanbase. While shk didnt have any competitor, JJH and KTH in zzz mode right now so… This is predictable

    • I agree with you about him decreasing in value when he married her. I dont like SHK so when he married her I stopped watching his works. But now I will start watching him again. Divorce is mostly nasty, whoever said you had to be considerate towards your ex. That’s why it’s called a divorce. If you were gonna be considerate of the other person, then there would be no issue of separating in the first place. I know, I’m divorced myself. But I do agree that as a entertainer, he should’ve waited but perhaps something happened that he just couldn’t wait any longer. The sooner the better for his health. I wish them both well in their separation and hopefully he’ll find his true soulmate someday. Life goes on and what doesn’t break us will make us stronger.

      • You will only know the character of a person on how he end things. They mutually agree to get a divorce Meaning anyone can file it if shk is inconsiderate she already file and announce it while his drama is airing. But she waited for him because he has an airing drama going on only to by pass in the announcement and filing. Clearly you will know why the relationship didnt work out sjk is selfish and inconsiderate.

      • @Aura do you personally know them to make a conclusion that their marriage didn’t work out because of him? You just can’t makeout anything on basis of media report. They were rumors they were gonna splits their asset but it turn out they got divorced without any division. They both are top stars so them not having confidentiality clause seems unlikely to me. It seems another fake report by media.

      • Yes, life must go on for the two of them. I don;t like SJK and a fan of SHK…but I did not stop watching her works even she married him. You said it is better sooner for his health? Ahh…I think I read about him losing hair because of his marriage problem? Yeah…good for him…although I do not like him I don’t really wish him going bald because of his yes…hope he will find his true soul mate someday( just about a year before he said SHK is his true soulmate….ahh..never’s all past already)
        For SHK…wish her all the best and happiness.

  3. He thinks he’s saving his career by announcing divorcing mid drama thinking it would help rise the flop rating of his drama and all attention will be at him by throwing out statements blaming song hyekyo’s side. Too bad he never really has the top star’s rating pull potential and now back to being a B-lister again.

    I’m Not a SHK’s fan either.

    • He haven’t lost any commercial post divorce. He is still endorsing brands like cuchen, ruhens amd hyundai liveart.

      • SJK still came out of this marriage as the loser, career wise and character wise

      • @another abc: Yeah SJK is a loser for losing SHK but as for his career and character he’s rebuilding that so write him off that’s all good but he has a faithful following that are supporting him on his journey and no amount of shade thrown his way is going to change my opinion otherwise.

      • Loser,How?its too early to call him off, he still has two upcoming movie and few Cf. He did lose a hit drama and many Cf post his marriage but that’s his own bad luck. And as for character wise, I can’t judge him or her based on their divorce. He still has fanfollowing to support him and Tbh,like mac said He is just a good project away from retaining everything back.

      • Just because he still has fans doesn’t mean he’s not a loser. Park Yoo Chun and Seungri have faithful followings, but they are still trash. Center Jung is fame hungry and conceited but still gets offers.

      • @another abc How can you compare SJK to those two crooked as fiends? Where are you going with your rebuttal on this and I get it you don’t like SJK okay but to make the comparison to a convicted drug abuser PYC and one chronic serial liar soon to be charged criminal Seungri don’t let your bitterness cloud your judgement please play fair.

      • @Ginger Crunch: all I’m saying is if crooks like PYC and Seungri still have fans, so what if SJK still has fans. At the end of the day, he reaps what he sows.

      • @another abc – Your logic beggars belief. Do you read what you write? How can you even compare PYC and Seungri to SJK? Different levels of being in the wrong 2 are criminals and broken the law but one has been through a divorce? Yeah SJK is reaping what he sows but he hasn’t broken any laws that we know of. Divorce is actually legal in SKorea and I get it you really want to drive your point that you actually despise SJK yep no denying that you’ll clean sweep him in one hit alongside real offenders.

      • @Ginger Crunch: Just because he didn’t do anything illegal doesn’t mean he’s a good person. I’m just another person on the internet not impressed by his motive in trying to sabotage his ex’s reputation while disregarding his drama’s crew and coworkers effort all for personal gain. Why get so worked up? If you want to support him, good for you! Likewise, you’re not going to change my opinion on him, so stop writing back to me.

      • @another abc Sorry you called SJK a loser and had the gall to liken him to two crooked bent as crims but since you explained why you disliked him immensely (sabotaging SHK reputation and disregard for his co cast and crew) so yep point taken I’m not or will try and sway your opinion which you so aptly pointed out so I’ll leave it at that.

      • @Ginger Crunch – some people here are really losing their heads over this divorce business, it’s a classic symptom of the way the k-ent industry and fandoms tend to go for ‘style over substance’.

        Meanwhile, I’m a fan of both Songs and believe they absolutely have what it takes to recover from the image hit that the divorce caused. There are plenty of pretty boys and It Boys in the industry but very few of the ones in Song Joong Ki’s age group have his level of talent – in all the carping about AC, notice how no one has dared to come for his acting?

      • @Royal We – no one dares to come for SJK’s acting in AC because I am one of those who was so bored with this drama that I quit after few episodes, I may start again if review and rating improve. I have no opinion on SJK in AC because he is just not the catch of the show. Rating shows and viewers are scarce. I have watched the Battleship Island, SJK’s acting was same as in DOTS, stale, not worse but nothing good to report. SJS is a lot hotter imho. So when an actor has not improved much in his acting, there is nothing to praise… he is just so-so… His best days were in Werewolf Boy and Nice Guy, but those were the days. Not a fan, only my honest opinion.

      • @candycane well Acting is subjective topic although I dislike his movie battleship island and his performance. But can’t deny his performance as Saya is praised by both inetz and also Knetz who are critical about this show. Him and Kim okbin are coming out as best among the four.

  4. LOL, Arthdal is a terrible show so even if the divorce never happened, this would’ve still been a flop. Honestly, I think the divorce helped it gather hype in some ways.

    In the end, lead actor with bad image or not, a good show will always get audience. Mr. Sunshine is a big example.

    • Totally agree with you @Butterfly. His Arthdal was terrible/not interesting regardless of the divorce. The divorce though initially put the spotlight on him and his current drama, although only temporarily, because in the end it was how he announced it and what he said that got him in trouble in general.

      I was never a SHK fan, but she totally got my sympathy and support with the divorce. He knew what it would do to her, by how he did it but did it anyway. SHK’s edge over all these, and what got her the support of many, is she kept quiet, plus, and this is a big plus, she has a very established career. And she’s not known as a petty, nasty celebrity. In fact the opposite. So her grace saved her from the ugliness of their divorce. SJK didn’t have the established career and the grace to be man enough to at least tone it down. So, yes, I was not surprised at all. I’m one of those that reacted this same way as many. I decided I would never watch any of his shows.

      • True. Less is more, especially in this instance. I have to confess, I started losing my admiration for him when I watched an ad after DOTS aired and I found he has a very ‘cold’ aura. But I dismissed my impression of him because he’s very handsome and a good actor. However, the way he handled his divorce made me lose my respect for him. Will I watch him again? Probably not, unless it is a very good show that has a lot of my favorite actors in it. Conversely, because SHK kept quiet about her divorce, my admiration for her grew even though I am passive about her as an actress. Ultimately, how you handle the difficult times you go through, says miles about your character than any promotion would when things are going your way.

    • Arthdal is no where near terrible. This drama is just not suits for the mainstream audience I guess. With detail world building and mix fantasy with political back stabbing, which at times not the audience is not get used to. Not saying is a great drama. But don’t generalised public acceptance means quality.

      • Lol I’m not generalizing anything. It’s an opinion (which a majority of audience agree with) that the drama is terrible. There’s really no generalizing either way because quality is based on differing opinions. In the end, ratings talk, popularity talks, reviews talk. If it’s accepted, it’s a successful drama. If not, it’s a failure. Does that also mean it’s terrible? Depending on who you ask.

        I think arthdal is a disaster. But that’s me. You can ask others, they’ll even say the same thing for YFAS or Goblin. It’s all opinion.

      • Well… Opinion with actual quality is different. You think is terrible, and you haven’t point out a definite logical reason what make it so terrible. So your point still doesn’t hold it. Thank you for pointingvout your view it’s based on your opinion. The pacing is all right because you need to convince viewers your world building in detail, and it’s just believable on screen. Because the actor and the director is delivering. It’s just work for me. Almost Everyone put out one of their best effort and acting and make it convincing on screen. You might think this dissapointing because it might be not hold your high standard. But definitely not terrible drama for me, and I think anyone who appreciate art in this industry won’t find it terrible and appreciating the effort and the passion they put

  5. Or SHK could simply have someone powerful backing her up? There’s all sort of possibilities and this sounds more probable seeing as Knetz view SHK in a worse light for this divorce.

    • Knetz view worse because of sjk announcement of their divorce. They mutually agree to get a divorce only for him to by pass her in the announcement and filing. She suffers diff kind of abuse and comments but now after the divorce finalize and revealed that their divorce dont have confidentiality close. Shk filed legal case against online commenter the youtuber/journalist who spreaded rumors against her retracted his statement claiming that his first video post is not true.

    • Stop with the non sense… She once sued netizens who created rumors regarding sponsors and she has hired lawyers to sue again….She being on top came from years of hard work. She is being seeked by drama producers so a sponsor is unnecessary. Try to accept that. She has a stable career and build reputation since the start of hallyu so no selfish ex can bring her down.

      • Lol that’s like saying rich people don’t evade taxes because they are rich enough to pay them. Even if she doesn’t have one now, there’s bound to be at some point of her career when she’s climbing up.

      • @Lilith girl shk was discover by winning in school modeling competition and because of her natural beauty that is rare in k ent. She was seek by producers to star in their drama and at the age of 19 she became a hallyu star because of Autumn in my heart. And then All in, Full house and dots you cant accuse her of that when her success history is totally because of her beauty and luck in drama ratings. Nice try.

      • @Aura Sure sure, the entertainment industry is all sunshine and rainbows. Keep on being in denial 🙂

      • Believe what you want to believe. Fact she filed a case and the source of the rumor and the knetz who spreaded it are now facing a lawsuit.

      • Yep believe what you want to believe. SK is infamous for their laws catering towards the rich and powerful. Anyone can file a defamation suit even if the other party is speaking the truth.

      • @Lilith even if the other party is speaking the truth. Then why the youtuber/journalist backtrack his allegation? after the divorce finalize and shk filed a case?

      • @Lilith victim? How the youtuber/journalist spreaded a rumor without proof and evidence just all talk and theories from him. I would have believe him if he presented an evidence but he is just all talk.

      • Its funny how view the youtuber as the victim when its shk who suffer from abusive comments because of his vlog. Sometimes the law is not twisted its the haters lol.

      • I also find it funny how so many people think SHK is the victim just because she’s a woman.

      • Facepalm @Lilith what happen in their marriage its their personal problem. Actors owe public acting not their marital problems. Now shk filed a case against over speculating knets/cyber bullies/rumor mongers and that is her right as a citizen.

      • Yeah did I say she’s not allowed to file? I was initially simply talking about their endorsements until you guys start to divert into other issues.

      • My reply to you is the comment that you made on how you view the youtuber as the victim when its the other way around. Like what i said their marital problem is their business so her filing a case against overspeculating rumors mongers is just right.

      • Girl, I was talking about victims from other cases. But of course, you and the other person just wanna nitpick on my words just because I voiced out a possibility that you don’t want to hear.

      • Powerful backing up, There’s bound to be at some point on her career when she’s climbing up. Where are all this all coming from is because of that youtuber/journalist vlog. Question if that vlog was not posted and knetz did not spreaded his vlog post will you insinuate this things against shk?

      • @Stacey Lol I didn’t even watch the vlog or know the name of the youtuber/journalist you are talking about. It is well-known that these sort of things is common in the entertainment industry. Most of the top celebrities either have powerful sponsors or rich families behind them. It’s just how the entertainment industry works.

      • Ok. If you believe All celebrities have back up then believe it im not gonna reply on that its your opinion anyway. All my replies are about Shk and the rumor mongers that she sued for insulting, creating theories & overspeculating.

      • If you think Most of the top celebrity have sponsor then believe what you want to believe its your opinion and im not here for that. My comment is about shk filing a case against cyberbullies, trolls, rumor mongers and overspeculating knetz. Okay.

      • I dont care if you think Most of the top celebrity have sponsor that is your opinion believe what you want to believe im not here for that. My comments is about Shk and the case she filed against over speculating knetz and rumor mongers taking advantage of being anonymous to spread rumors without proof just to justify their hate.

      • If you don’t care what I think then why bother continue replying to me? Your actions prove otherwise.

  6. Whoever can sell products will get CF contracts. There is no mercy in the Business Field. Visually speaking, SHK wins.

  7. Actually it’s not true, his endorsement drop after his marriage not divorce. Real article mention about the impact divorce could have on their professional life, and issues is more sensitive on his side because of his marriage to kyo cost him many endorsement. But some international outlet like strait times created fake article.

  8. Arthdal’s performance was lackluster even before the divorce announcement. They were just finding excuse to pin the blame on someone else.

    I am not a fan of SJK but he is a good actor, way better than SHK. I guess from now on, he just need to depend to getting acting jobs and just forget about CFs. A lot of actors like Jang Hyuk, LJK, KNG not doing CF and they are still doing ok.

    • I can’t agree with LJK. He is more PR focused actor so he will take the chance. In my opinion, he just didn’t get great CF deals. Not he is doing CFs and endorsement.

      • That’s what you think. For an actor, CF is not actually good as it limits of what you can as an ambassador.That is why those actors who are into CF keep themselves doing fluffy projects.

        For Lee Joon Gi, he was more focused on fan meet concerts which he did consistently almost every year even many singers don’t have the capacity to do so. Income-wise this stream is better than CF, though entails alot of hardwork. Beside, someone at his level who has maintained such stature for more than 15 years and retained & gained that level of fan base, I don’t think he needs to do CF for products that he does not believe. Though per observation, he is endorsing many products just most of them not exclusively or on a long term basis.

      • @Samson I’m sure I did mention “great CF deal”. Just want to point out that LJK not doing CF isn’t true. He recently has cosmetic like “Penegreen” in his pocket.

      • Yes exactly my point. I think celebrities does but if you noticed those actors who are more focused on acting don’t do that many CF. To me what for anyway, if one actor is already established why endorsed something he or she does not patronized. Why endorsed Cola, Alcohol, unhealthy products, chemically based products, substandard products or any products they don’t even use? I know Korean actors who are endorsing low quality clothing lines yet you see them wear the same kind of clothing of much higher quality brand.

      • I checked out the Penegreen that you mentioned. In his interview, he said that the product is made of natural ingredients.

  9. Blaming rating issues on the divorce is ridiculous. The drama hasn’t even finished its run. It sounds like he lost out on some CFs when he got married so such is life. I think that some of the brands might be resistant to overtly dumping SHK right away because when you are selling products to women, it seems counterproductive to dump on a divorced woman.

    Having said that, they can definitely not renew or maybe not offer such a good contract next set of negotiations. It is a business after all.

    I thought the way SJK handled the pronouncement was not very good and could have been handled much better. However, picking movies and dramas is roulette and you can only pick from the options you are given. I’ll say this. He was smart enough to pick DOTS when 5 or 6 other bigger names turned it down. I’ve seen actors I like alot better than SJK struggle through crap writing and productions and all I ask is they give it a solid go.

    I think putting the “no divorce” in the contract is silly. One side can’t control what the other does.

  10. SJK has made substantial mistakes in his life – hasty marriage at 32 during his career peak, where he had already lost lucrative endorsement deals, and untimely divorce announcement after less than 2 marital years in the midst of high profile drama screening – his image had taken a negative beating. He could be more sensitive and considerate by holding back the divorce announcement till after the drama screening completion.

    No doubt AC lackluster ratings could be attributable to other factors such as complicated directing style but leading actor’s negative image has a huge impact on audience acceptance. The divorce adversity completely engulfed results of his strong portrayal of twin characters, where he could have otherwise gained accolades for his acting capability. In this instance, I empathize with his AC costars and supporting crew as their efforts were not duly appreciated in this difficult drama. Hence, I support the additional clause incorporated to prevent unforeseen negativity due to actors’ personal matters.

    • They couldn’t have thought it was a mistake back then, though. Look at Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young, they married at a similar age to the Songs and they’re now a power couple, loved by the public for their skills and bigger than ever as a leading man/leading lady. If SJK/SHK had lasted, they had the talent and the good image to develop into a similar unit.

      The mistake was getting married in a hurry (even though they probably started dating during the drama filming in 2015 so it they had been dating for two years by the time of their marriage?). They shared their biggest professional high but it was so huge that I guess they never found out what the other eas like once that high faded.

      • Agree that SSC is a formidable power couple if they had lasted but not quite right to compare with Ji Sung & Lee Bo Young, married in 2013 at 36 & 34 respectively, are established actors in their own names.

        However, SJK (after DOTS at 31) had just regained prominence and heartthrob status whereas SHK is already an established star at 35, an age where Asian females face pressures to marry. Thus, it is deemed as unwise for SJK to lose the eligible bachelor image at his career peak and relatively young age for guys. Thus, he lost favor with some endorsers in this regard.

        Perhaps, Ahn Jae Hyun is a better comparison. If he had not married at such young age (29 & wife age 32 in 2016), he could have maintained his popularity found in 2013 in MLFAS as Gianna Jun’s teenage bro. Nonetheless, they are still blissfully married now.

  11. This obsession about popularity. I won’t expecting our bias always at the top and always not making any mistakes. He is human after all. Let him be. What matters the most for me is what his next project would be like. I hope with him decreasing his popularity, his change of getting roles eill have more has variety and challenging. Love his acting!

  12. SJK is doing what I would expect him to do best and that is work. Yep he’s getting flak from AC and has lost credibility and respect from fans but hey he’s picked himself up and is shouldering on the forward with his new movie Lightning Ship with Kim Tae Ri. I’ve followed him and I admit I was saddened by his divorce announcement but it won’t stop me from supporting his future dramas and films. He’s an actor and bloody amazing at his craft so onwards and upwards SJK you have a lot to offer! And I do hope you find love again…one day. Best wishes and love always ❤️

    • That’s the one thing I’ve noticed about AC…. the pacing might be weird, the styling might be whatever, the ratings might be lower than expected, but no one can say the actors aren’t good.

      And especially no one can dare come for Song Joong Ki’s acting, not after seeing him pkay two radically different characters like Eunseom and Saya.

    • @Definitely SHK has been in the game longer and I too hope that she gets back into films and dramas as well as find love along the way. I’m gonna get shot for stating this but I do wish for a drama or film reunion with any of the titans: Hyun Bin or Jo In Sung or Lee Byung Hun yeah yeah I know that 2 of them share dating history but surely years have passed they could let bygones be bygones and sign up for the screen again? No harm in that. Anyways best wishes and love for SHK too ❤️

      • Don’t think HB or LBH would ever want to be paired up with her. Other established actors would also be hesitant, in view of her negativity. Maybe newer guys eager for instant fame would be keen. ?

      • LMFAO after what happened with PBG, you still want her in drama with that actors? No thanks.

      • @Unicorn Lol seriously u think k actors care about the negatrons in nate. Stop speaking for them just speak for yourself.
        @Pui and dont you try to blame shk why pbg gets drag in that divorce blame her ex she also suffers abussive comments because of his announcement.

      • Omg these oppa protection squad trying to make me laugh. In case you guys dont know Shk turned down Hyena twice she supposed to act with your other oppa Jjh.

      • @Stacey – Well, she has to lie low for now due to her negativity as she had been badly bashed by knetz for high profile public appearances.

        @Aura – Obviously, u r a hardcore SHK fan but please be mindful of online etiquette and respectful of others’ opinions.

      • Maybe you only check nate comments translated by nb but @Unicorn did you bother checking naver articles and twitter post of korean people she get atleast 15 k upvotes and 10 k plus rts and likes of support. Do you think the hates comments in nate represents the entire population of sk?

      • Well, it’s common sense that a public figure would naturally steer clear of any association with controversy or negativity.

      • I think it’s better for you to stop hoping coz judging by SHK’s past’ll just never happen. 🙂

      • @Aura it wont happened if your unnie didnt get into scandal with all her co-stars
        @stacey jjh still not confirm for hyena, he’s busy filming kingdom.

      • @Pui All co stars are u sure? Stop with your exaggeration. And dating is equivalent into scandal? Shk only dated 3 co star for the 22 yrs of her career and yet you act like she dated them all.

      • @Pui All co-stars? You sure about that? This is what haters normally do..they can’t argue with facts so they exaggerate. It’s pathetic tbh. And why does she get blamed for dating her co-stars? You do realise it takes two to tango, don’t you? If you wanna blame her, you might as well blame all those actors for falling in love with her.

        You don’t want her to be in the same project with your favs but have you ever asked yourself this question..does she even want to? Get off your high horse, will you?

    • Exactly. Song Hye Kyo’s been working with Amorepacific for 18 years, they weren’t going to dump her from Sulwhasoo (she endorsed their other brand Laneige for years before) just for getting a divorce. She’s an OG CF queen.

      Also agreed that the field is far more competitive for male celebs. SJK’s biggest asset is the fact that he’s actually a talented actor with good range (can do comedy, romance, melo, sageuk, modern, even villain roles – and make them all different). But image is huge in k-ent, and his took a hit from the divorce.

      • @Royal We – We aren’t privy to corporate contractual T&C details so shan’t comment on her endorsement marketability after the recent negative image.

      • @Tulip – they didn’t drop her after the tax scandal which was an actual offence and a HUGE scandal at the time (SHK herself was quoted saying that until she was offered DotS, she thought she would never be able to work as an actress again), I think that’s a real long-standing relationship and a divorce isn’t as bad as a tax evasion scandal (which may have been the fault of her accountants but she was still held responsible).

  13. I haven’t read any news on naver or nate about him losing any cf. If you are following him you will notice he lost many cf way back after his announcement of his marriage. Also it hasn’t affected AC ratings but for sure it did eclipse other actors and crews hardwork. He is already received flak from knetz due to his untimely divorce announcements but as a fan we can only support him and his upcoming projects. Hope this pace helps him to learn and grow as an actor. I hope he goes back to those days Innocent man and werewolf boy phase where he chose drama based on quality and not quantity.

    • Agree. Bad decision to marry at his DOTS career peak to someone he used to be so enamored with, only to realize irreconcilable differences in barely 2 marital years. Only hope he can pick himself up.

      • Yes. Agree. Only I do not think that the reason for the divorce is irreconcilable differences. I wish him the best in life.

      • Agree that the real reason is beyond irreconcilable differences and involve factors only known to them both that he wanted a swift and absolute exit.

      • @Loki @Sapphire just to inform you
        They are separated already since last yr they were last spotted december so its been 6 months. And shk even moved out from her own house were sjk stayed during the marriage. She had an interview back in feb when she was in singapore She said focus on my self. And then in march issue of elle she said i will enjoy shk own self. Meanwhile sjk in the presscon of asdal pretended they are a happy couple and that his marriage is totally fine. Only to bypass her in the filing and announcement of divorce that they mutually agree.

      • @Aura – Agree SHK was displaying all the signs of unhappy spouse by not wearing wedding ring, unsmiling as well as appearing dazed and lethargic publicly whereas SJK had even unabashedly asked media to support Encounter in Dec and put up a false brave front in answering media queries about his marital state, just weeks before his divorce bombshell. Hence, his untimely divorce announcement in the midst of drama screening was baffling as he should have anticipated the imminent negativity to his image. Nonetheless, wishing them well in their future relationships.

    • Idk but shk side stating personality difference is close to the truth since they been living a part for how many months. So knetz theory that the reason why he announce it that way because she is in the wrong and he wants out fast doesnt make sense. Because they been living apart separately and also they mutually agree to get a divorce. Anyway those who slander her and created a lot of ridic theories are now facing a lawsuit.

  14. @Aura In korea you can still file a lawsuit for defamation on basis of tarnishing one reputation by speaking truth. Filing lawsuits make no difference and neither its prove who is wrong and right in their relationship.

    • Like what i said she suffers a lot of rumors because of how he filed and announce the divorce that they mutually agree. Knetz keep creating theories then the youtuber/journalist sjk sunbae from his university accusing shk of rumors just to justify why sjk filed it that way. Then suddenly put up another video after the divorce was finalize. Retracted his prev allegation against her that they are not true. Aware that shk filed a lawsuit so he change his instance lol trash journalist.

      • That Youtuber/journalist is a trash. Spreading rumors about SHK but then putting up another video saying SHK was actually the one wanting to file for the divorce. So those who said the first person who filed for the divorce is the innocent one..where are they now? But the damage’s been done and I hope he’ll be the first slanderer to be sued.

  15. That just show “Form is temporary, Class is permanent”. He was so focused with the idea of marriage at the great time to secure a place himself. Also look how he announced the divorce news. I wonder whether he discuss with his Agency or not. Even normal people will know that’s a bad move and have to wait and do it in smooth way. Now it will be difficult for him. All the big endorsers like LMH,KSH,JCW are back. Seeing this, it can be said PSJ is smart businessman… wkwkwk.

    • Agree that it’s tough for SJK to revert to his heyday in 2016-7, mired in these controversy and negativity as well as the recent return of the younger heartthrobs such as LMH, JCW, KSH. PSJ and JHI were the IT boys in their absence but now faced more competition not only from the returning squad but also from the much younger and talented bunch such as JKY, WDH. Such is the realistic entertainment world – one wrong move during career peak and is easily replaceable.

      • Dude, this is just cfs, actor didnt need cfs, even JIS dont have any. he is actor not CF star. The fact is until now sjk still get high budget offers. PSJ and JHI still not in sjk level, and totally not give any treatment to him. They are not it boy anymore, wake up! and JKY and WDH better to beat PBG first before sjk.

      • @Tiani – We all have our opinions so please keep personal feelings off in online forums and stop calling names, thank you.

        Unlike Hollywood where actors are paid heftily, endorsements often provide major income supplements to Asian actors, subject to each marketability. Hence, they need to maintain positive images, eg. Won Bin & Gianna Jun where both are still favored by endorsers despite their onscreen hiatus.

      • @Tiani Even if u disagree with any other opinions, please be mindful of online etiquette, respectful of differing viewpoints and comment professionally.

      • Lol sorry but I don’t see any name-callings here? It’s funny how you all talk about how personal feelings should be kept off like as if this is some formal workplace. The comment section is meant for us all to discuss our opinions which includes feelings, we are not robots. And it’s not like Tiani had been saying offensive words.

      • @Lilith – We are all here in this online forum to express our opinions; naturally, there are various views and stands – some comments are professional but some are aggressively personal. As per online etiquette, we should keep our comments respectful.

        @Tiani – If one is displeased with words like “dude….wake up”, then, please tone down.

      • @Tiani – I don’t appreciate the insinuations behind those words; anyway, chill and stop this chain. I won’t write in here anymore.

      • I don’t know, I re-read Tiani’s words over and over again but I really don’t see any disrespectful tone from her, unless you guys had arguments on previous articles which then I will understand and take my leave. Hope everyone have a happy weekend.

    • Well, we are here talking about endorsement and how difficult for him to get back in that business. I didn’t say his career as actor is over. PSJ is actually “It boy” in Korea right now. His CFs are everywhere. And I’m not the fan of any of the ones that I mentioned. So it’s bias free analysis.

      • It boys are hired for endorsements because as rising stars they are still cheap. Wait till they are marked at premium price like 5 years from now, and that if they maintain their popularity by that time.

    • Why try to compete with IT boys or the newbies That kind of low. Aim for higher bar. ? I don’t think SJK has that kind of inferiority complex.

      • Already told this is just analysis on current situation. Not hoping him to take that path. Why so painful?? By the way, calling them low is ridiculous. Don’t forget that He was one before…lol

  16. People may say whatever they want about SHK being a controversial actress but the fact is her dramas almost always have high ratings. Even her casting news alone can garner a lot of attention from public. But if actors wanna ‘stay away’ from what? Do you honestly think she’ll be affected by that? Lol

    • Not always and ratings aren’t a sign of quality. In terms of acting Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin are still considered far above her and even have bigger endorsements in comparison. In terms of casting news buzz all top actresses are the same. Any and every news regarding them gets a lot of attention. It’s not just Song Hye Kyo but this applies even to Shin Min Ah, Han Ji Min, Kim Tae Hee, Jun Ji Hyun, Yoona, Han Hyo Joo, Suzy, Park Shin Hye, Kim Tae To and ofcourse Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin. Actors will still work with Song Hye Kyo but they’ll be the actors who need her buzz to propel their names to bigger audiences. Established big name actors won’t be interested in working with her especially not since she has dated and broken up with most of them.

      • @Royal Ok so lets break it down established actors that she dated confirmed & rumor Lbh,Hb,Sjk and then rumor Kdw, Rain that just 5 sis there are so many established actors in k ent so dont speak for them K? Lol

      • I don’t think you are right…hmmm…let’s just wait and see who is shk next co star…he will be lucky to do that…
        I don;t know much about other actress…but I can;t seems to forget about shk once I become one of her fans after TWTWB…

      • Maybe it will take awhile before we can see in Korean acting project. I won’t be surprised if backs out with the movie she was previously confirmed on. She may retain her existing CF for now but may not be getting a new one, much less getting a new acting engagement.

  17. Is anyone really surprised that SHK has managed to retain her CFs? TaeJiHye always stay at the top of the CF game irrespective of either they are on Haiti’s, have floor dramas or have controversies. The comparison isn’t fair to be honest. Even if this happened to any of the other two and they were in high profile celeb marriage with big name stars TaeJiHye will always come out on top. They have a lot of clout in the industry.

    • Lol, I was puzzled initially who is TaeJiHye till Ms Koala’s latest post. Yes, agree these legendary 3 will always top the endorsement deals.

  18. Weak women love bringing up sexism when they dont have a legitimate grievance with facts. Most women in entertainment aren’t harmed by divorce because of this very thinking. Usually male stars suffer after a divorce in Asia because their fanbase dwindled when they married in the first place. Then further diminishes if a divorce happens, then sky rockets afterwards because he’s “available” again. Stop ignoring facts. Asian women aren’t out here losing fans ships and sponsors over marriage and divorce. Men however…terrible. Glad akanishi jin came back from his. Plus he lost fans also because many of his female base thought he was marrying a gold digger prematurely.

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