Song Hye Kyo Drops Sultry and New Look First Pictorial Post Divorce

I’m guessing that this pictorial is selling shoes but all I see is a woman post-divorce showcasing a brand new look. Song Hye Kyo dropped a new pictorial to start the week and she looks fantabulous. Oh what some dramatic eyeliner and straightened hair can do for freshening up a look. I’m hoping sooner rather than later that all posts about her won’t need to mention her divorce and prior marriage but it’s yet early and honestly the couple really won the affections of the public so it’s understandable the public also needs to mourn the end of a dream onscreen pairing.


Song Hye Kyo Drops Sultry and New Look First Pictorial Post Divorce — 72 Comments

  1. Lets all move on like the lyrics in the song Let it let go. She is an effective endorser her endorsment always have high sale whenever she is the endorser. Goodluck shk wish you the best in life.

  2. Look at her Looking like a vixen, her true nature. I guess no wonder bogum drop his pants in front of her.
    I dont really want to talk about her divorce but god I am so mad on how her fans and feminazist defended her. Im not even jongki fans and the only his drama I watched is dots.
    Facts ever since her marriage she never mentioned about him at all ever.
    Facts she never moved to the house jongki purchased for millions and renovated for millions which supposed to be their marital house. I bet she know for sure they will be divorcing, why bother to move.
    Facts she is the one who hinted on their separation before divorce hit the media. She upload picture of herself in Tokyo after jongki Coming back from Brunei from shooting drama, she posted her vacation pictures in phuket when jongki was attending his long term manager almost like a brother to him wedding, her minions friends posted about her celebrating birthday when jongki brother posted about his mom birthday, and during the first episod of arthdal , her minions posted on her instagram stories of her laughing in a bar in Bali.she make it soo obvious on social media.
    Facts she only dated her co star for less than 2 years. The only relationship that come out only lbh and hb, but she definitly dating Kdw and bi. Theres a picture of her with kdw in Tokyo.

    • Let it let it gooooo sissy stop being bitter
      In their divorce they suppose to split 50/50 in their property and earnings during the marriage thats a mandatory in korean couple. But the judge decided to not split properties and earning is a proof she is not at fault in their marriege and sjk too. Soo move on stop being bitter life too short in hale exhale. Smile.

    • For someone claiming you are not fan of SHK or SJK yet you are too invested in her personal life based on all the things you mentioned. Geez get a life, they are already divorced. They are free to live their lives now. If you don’t like shk then don’t read articles about her.

      Anyway I love her sultry look! I almost forgot she is endorsing shoes not make-up in these pictorials.

    • You talk like you know her very well. And dont bring pbg in here, he dont deserved all the hate. I want to say your comment is too much and get a life…

    • Fact: you are delusional. You spend so much time on another person’s life. Please see a mental health professional, sweetie.

    • @Nothing to do
      Indeed nothing to do but hate. You are so disgusting I can’t even. Let it go. She moved on, rightfully. You should too.

  3. There is so much hate in the comment above. Does anyone know how to report it for defamation? Attacking someone you only know via screen from behind the screen is a mean thing to do, more so when the person is going through such a painful thing as divorce (SHK) and another one has nothing to do with this mess (PBG) for you to say demeaning things like that.
    Would you want anyone to throw comment like that at you if you were to go through the same thing?
    Comment like this is usually written by lonely and unloved people that allow themselves to be bitter. Please reflect well on yourself otherwise you will poison relationships around you.

    • Yep. Concur. Poster’s handle gives it all away too. Too much free time and it gives rise to delulu thoughts. I was once really affected by how SHG and her agency handled the aftermath of her divorce. But realised this gal has the same modus operandi everytime a high profile relationship ends. She refrains from saying anything or addressing anything. At 24 years old when her high profile engagement to Lee Byunghun ended to now in her late 30s when her marriage ended. Perhaps that’s how she chooses to find closure towards those she chose to love and invested a slice of her life with… I am happy that through all those horrid comments, presumed dirt and unproven slander hurled at her, she remained professional, tight lipped and resilient. But most of all glad she’s blooming and radiant leaving behind the toxic episode. Woman to woman – you go girl. Theres always two sides to a broken relationship. When one chooses class over public spat, that does not mean they are guilty.Takes 2 hands to clap really.

      • On a separate note: a very interesting development on the CF front. Her endorsements have doubled since the divorce and though there was a literal petition by toxic knets to Amore Pacific to strip her off her 8 year endorsement contract with them (laneige/suwhalsoo), company issued a firm stance to back her up. Next came a whole new slate of product endorsements from water to jewellery to vitamins to now this shoe brand. The korean advertising field is a close knit one and the companies that focuses on celebrity advertising is really only that handful. Throwing their support behind her and burying the male party to me speaks volumes. They are the first line of know it all as a situation that crops up in the future after the sign off, the hell is not just the penalties levied that’s a problem, the amount of mediation and settlement discussions they need to do between brand and artiste management is the deal breaker. I find it fascinating with that much crap and lies aimed to bury her for good, this powerful sector of entertainment business has picked her side. Food for thought really…

      • No her endorsement haven’t doubled post divorce. Its same as prior to her divorce. She started endorsing this shoe brand during encounter. She still has year end contract with some of her brands. Both of them still have cf but many likes to believe sjk has lost his cf which isn’t true either. They both are doing fine post their divorce

      • I live in Korea honey… the mineral water, this shoe brand and the vitamins are all new endorsements. Chaumet is a retainer and amore pacific yes plus a lot more. Theres articles published everywhere in korea now about advertisers dropping him. Just google it. You will read the english versions of those articles.

      • She is been endorsing mineral water brand since long time. Her association with amore Pacific is been since 13 years. Her shoe brand and vedi vora, chaumet, make on she is been endorsing these products since last years post encounter airing. Her contract with mineral water is going to expire in November. Let’s see if those brands will renew their contract or not. As for sjk there was no article about him on naver or nate. Its a fact he is still endorsing Cuchen, hyundai liveart and ruhe s. Do share a link if it was mentioned in korean portal about advertisers dropping him. He is only endorsing these three brands since last years. In April he was signed for ruhens.

      • @blazing – here you go. This news is all over asia as a trending article. Adapted from numerous articles in Korea published on Aug 4. You can check on naver.

      • Share a link from naver or nate not a tabloid media. I have seen this post. You said it was trending article in Asia but surprisingly there was no mention of it in Naver or nate or soompi, allkpop or koreeaboo. Since you said you live in korea share the link of that article about advertiser dropping him because I didn’t saw any article regarding it on naver or nate. There was only article about divorce clause and the insider said issue is more sensitive on his side because post his marriage (not divorce) he lost many cf. And also the writer of this article seems to be unethical with the words he use. He made it sound like he lost everything and he is has to start from scratch while shk has nothing to worry about because she is super rich. Whereas in reality both are doing fine with whatever they have currently both in terms of cf and movie.

      • @blazingflame I agree about the article, the writer seems like angry shk fan who is belittling sjk?. The last statement about him dealing with divorce. The journalist made it sound like he is hiding from world when he is busy shooting for his new movie. And I agree about the cf aspect he is barely endorsing few brands post his marriage but the articles state there was drop in his cf. How can it drop when he was barely endorsing?

  4. By the comment above, I mean the one written by @nothingtodo. If you have nothing to do, go find something useful to do other than wasting your life writing hate comment about others.

    • I agree with you @Voice. This @nothing to do moniker really has nothing else to do other than defame others she does not even know. That is an unhealthy way to live. Go outside, meet up with friends and live your life instead of spewing hate on a blog site. These celebrities does not even care about you so don’t invest too much. Watch their dramas and movies but don’t well on their personal lives, mind yours and move on.

  5. She lose some weight but this definitely one of her best looks so far. I used to think she has a pretty face but not so much on the physique but this time around, she’s really beautiful head to toe.

    Anyway, I love the platform sneakers and really want to get one for myself.

  6. She looks amazing honestly! Just gorgeous.

    I don’t really have a “side”. I don’t care for either and neither did I care for their chemistry in Descendants. But I do want them to be left alone. Everyone keeps talking about the divorce (including me honestly). Maybe one day she can be just SHK. I hope for her sake because she’s talented and has earned her place in the industry. Same with SJK.

  7. Gorgeous. I love her. She’s one of thw strongest female artist I know, despite all the negativity, she chooses to be elegant and act with class. Hope she will find the right soulmate in the future, who will love her unconditionally and treasure her the most.

  8. She is absolutely gorgeous – still the most beautiful face in the Korean entertainment industry after all these years. Her CFs will continue to flourish despite her mediocre acting and divorce because she is just so stunning, like it or not.

  9. This was the photoshoot she was doing prior to her ex droping the bomb. Nothing more beautiful than a woman gracefully standing up after a storm. You can hate her all you like but her face will continue to endorse products and she will always be seek by drama producers.

  10. Jun Jihyun is more versatile as she has endorsed this brand with vibes of youthfulness, playfulness, sultriness and sexiness whereas SHK only has a single deadpan sultry look for all so it’s insipid and uninspiring.

    • hahaha.. JJH is no longer youthful. what are you talking about? Both can take very nice photos. You sound very bitter. They are not the youthful bunch, I think you are in the wrong crowd. These clothes are not targeted at young girls, at least I won’t wear it. Be real!

      • U again! There is no need to be rude and personal at other commentators who are just opining. Be mindful of online etiquette and respectful of differences and opinions!

      • “deadpan sultry look”? You call yourself with etiquette? C’mom. I can read very well, dude!

      • While both are of the same age, JJH is certainly more versatile as she can portray different looks easily, from sassy, sultry to sexy whereas SHK only has one look throughout.

      • @Tulip – I think this look is different than usual. And I like it. JJH has the same hair for the past 10 years, how do you explain that?

      • @candycane Dude, u have anger management issues! U simply can’t accept differing views and often pick fights with other commentators. Go get a life!

      • @candycane Well, to each his/her own – we all have different preferences so be it! No need for personal attacks against other commentators.

      • @Tulip – do you know why JJH is even mentioned in this article? Do you know the real intention behind it?? Can’t believe you cannot see behind all these crap by @Sapphire.

      • @canycane Well, this brand is endorsed by both actresses so comparison is inevitable. Nothing wrong in each opining – just be professional in online comments.

      • @Tulip – what did I say that is not “professional”? At least I spell your username correctly. Do you think “deadpan” is a professional term??

      • @Tulip @Sapphire – there is really no need to switch between different usernames to speak with me. I stand by my words and I disagree with you and you. LOLOL.

      • Noticed the lack of self-restraint and professionalism but lots of personal attacks in this forum. Note the online community guidelines in Google/YouTube.

      • @Unicorn – “lack of self-restraint” is evident when you keep on changing usernames.

      • @candycane – The word ‘deadpan’ is an adjective and means impassive or expressionless. ‘Deadpan sultry’ means ‘glazed alluring’ or check up your dictionary – nothing defamatory to SHK’s looks so no need to launch personal attack at me. Enough!

      • You sound very insecure. Next time, do not bring JJH or any other actresses into an article not related to them. This is not necessary.

      • Yup atleast Hyekyo experiments with different hair and make up. Her pictorials are variety of vibe long, curly, bob, with bangs etc and her make up light and now smokey.

      • Come on. Don’t drag JJH in SHK’s article. Just because someone else did it in earlier commemts, doesn’t mean you ought to continue and doing the same thing.

        On a side note, if you want to pick on JJH, maybe u should give a thought why she still raked in the most CF income until now.

      • @alexa Someone else dragged JJH not me. JJH sells best becasue she has marketed herself best and never had any ‘scandal’. I like her but I genuinely think she is always same in all of her photoshoots and dramas.
        She doesn’t experiments with her look. JJH still remains same sassy girl.

    • Two different endorsers and you expect them to exude the same vibes?

      Just in case you don’t know, Ms. Koala wrote about JJH a few days ago..maybe you can shower her with praises there.

    • No need to compare the two..I am a fan of SHK but I appreciate and love how they are called the TaeHyeJi…Each has their own character and grace.

    • @Sapphire – you also cannot accept differing views. Examine yourself. I don’t mean to pick fights. I am only disagreeing with you. If you call it a fight, then you have “anger management issues”. I am a very calm person. LOL.

    • @Sapphire That was unnecessary to compare those two…at least not here…specifically bringing certain someone(that is obviously your bias) to bring down another one is not so nice to do…don’t expect other to appreciate that kind of comment.
      I agree JJH is great actress/endorser too although I like SHK a lot more..but both have different charms.
      FYI..there was Koala article about JJH not so long ago…you can check it out and pour out all your love for her there.

      • Eh…Sapphire was not even leaving comments on JJH latest article here…why bother to tell her/him?

      • @Sapphire @Tulip @Unicorn = same person, a troll. Obviously not a JJH fan but a SHK hater. Both JJH and SHK are pretty, no need to compare.

  11. SHK looks so different to her short bob matronly look in Encounter but I’m loving this long hair sleek stylish look that she is rocking. Definitely long hair suits her imo.Just drop dead gorgeous as always.

  12. I never found SHK particularly beautiful (I know, shocking but different tastes) however, she’s looking amazing with this kind of makeup and attire. The hair is on point too -has to be extensions right? What I did notice is that her face is less round and cheeks less full, did she lose weight? Not that it looks bad per se, but her face has a different look overall.

  13. Class act in the middle of the storm. That is what I would say of her. That’s why she’s coming all the way up and surviving beautifully. Confidence is silent where insecurity is loud.

    • I agree with you @Mindy. I haven’t followed SHK’s past so I don’t know about her previous relationships. However, her grace and class act saved her from the ugliness of the divorce. We may never know the reason for their divorce and we respect it as their own private matter, but its how one handle the difficult times that true character shows. So I admire SHK for handling her private matter in a professional way and not one to drag her ex down. As for her ex, well… lets just say he has shown his true character in the way handle this issue.

  14. OMG so gorgeous, hope she come back to dramaland again. I don’t care what kind of craps people throw at her. She is beautiful, classy, private, calm, and respectful. Sadly not many actresses are like her that’s why she is the best.

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