Gu Hye Sun Posts Pictures with Beloved Pooch as Art Exhibit Wraps Up and She Donates All Proceeds

The initial media hurricane is over with the Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun divorce, likely due to both sides not using SNS and public statements to further fan the flames of rubbernecking interest. Ahn Jae Hyun has current variety shows and a new drama coming up while Gu Hye Sun published a book two months ago and recently held an art exhibit, so both have busy work lives. Gu Hye Sun’s latest art exhibition, one of many she’s held over the years with that side of her professional pursuit, ended this past weekend and she commemorated by sharing two pictures, one of just her dog in front of one of her paintings and the other a selfie with said cute dog. The pictures were accompanied by the caption”A World Without You, Loneliness for Me”, and she will donate all proceeds (around $16,000 US dollars) to a pet charity. In the past she’s also donated all art exhibit proceeds to charity so this continues her long standing practice of putting her interest in art to good charitable cause.


Gu Hye Sun Posts Pictures with Beloved Pooch as Art Exhibit Wraps Up and She Donates All Proceeds — 18 Comments

    • She is not some newbie….her repuation as an artist is solid and she has had many successful exhibitions in multiple countries. It is just that she is not a good actress.

  1. You can easily get sexy perky nipples in south korea…like buying socks. But it is much harder to be “a strong woman” living with purpose, which is way more sexy. Be a bit of Guem Jan-di, your first character that made you big.
    Fighting Gu Hye Sun.

  2. I just hope that she could let go of him and decide to divorce. I understand that it’s extremely difficult for a divorced woman to live in Korea, but I really don’t get why she doesn’t want a divorce. It is heartbreaking that their marriage didn’t work out. But it takes two person to make a relationship succeed, so if one wants out then it is a lost cause.
    Wish she could find someone who could relate to her and cherish her.

  3. You deserve to be happy, it was not your loss but theirs. It may not be today but tomorrow. Keep it up, our prayers for you GHS!

  4. And here’s to AJH May you recover from the depths of hell and learn to live again and rebuild your shattered career I’m waiting to see you shine again! Onwards and upwards my bro! Much love and peace always ❤️ And to all thefans off his ex wife (whose name I will not mention) please do not respond to my post about whatever has happened previously between them because I simply don’t give a rats arse or two. Thank you and enjoy your day.

      • @Ssi Unfortunately you can’t read I said not to my reply if it’s about his ex but since you didn’t mention her name all good.

      • Boo hoo @Ei really? Please go sit down and have a cup of tea to calm yourself. If he’s a leech then I’m glad he’s de leeched himself.

      • The only thing I’m sipping on is ajh cringy fan base tears and they’re delicious so please continue. 😉

      • @Ei Is that all you can manage what a lame reply. Wait I’ll blow my nose..did you get that too? Enjoy ?

      • @Lc The same way she does with her fake glow. Get it -they’re both so fake they’ve complimented each other.

  5. Glad she’s putting her abilities to good use to have a creative outlet and help others.

    As for her ex-husband…good riddance to bad rubbish. Let’s see how far he goes without his ‘romantic’ image, eh?

  6. Only $16,000. I at least gave her $20,000 while totally despising her and she comes up $4,000 short. A bigger loser than I thought. We get paid that for one picture, and she’s suppose to be a success. Is SK currency exchange the same as Mexico. If so, I will live it up when I visit. For her to be a success with $16,000, living there has to be cheap. Other than that, her claim of success is grandiose. Acting career dead (she’s for sure blacklisted). She’s got to take a bunch of pictures to get $16,000 or she sold a few high dollar pictures. Either way, it doesn’t equate success. The book sale netted about $23,000. These are not even middle class incomes. So, she is doing this several times a year to hit six digits. That would make her a very busy person. When does she have time to clean and take care of multiple pets. That timeline is not balancing. We have not included the administrative or operations tasks that go with these projects. Something is as off with the time as it is with the claim of success. From production to the showing is time consuming for a small show, much less a large one. This income is scrapping the barrel, and just may be, breaking even. Best of luck with that. Good intentions and all.

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