Lee Jong Hyun Leaves CNBLUE After Scandal Involving Direct Messages to Sexy Youtuber

I mean, talk about being given a second, third, and even fifth chance and squandering it. There is something to be said about a leopard never changing its spots. K-idol Lee Jong Hyun of CNBLUE has announced that he is officially leaving the band after he got involved in another scandal this week.  A sexy and popular young female Youtuber revealed that Lee Jong Hyun slid into her direct messages and said “I really enjoy watching your videos, please continue to upload more” and “Your belly fat is so cute.”

Now, normally thirsty men hitting on sexy Youtubers is a dime and dozen and even stars are allowed to be skeevy. But in Lee Jong Hyun’ case – he was caught watching the privately record sex videos from good friend Jung Joon Young and claimed he was reflecting on his misconduct and was supremely sorry for having done such despicable acts in the past. So clearly he’s not learned anything, and good riddance to this piece of trash. Even the Youtuber said she revealed his DMs because she knew he was in reflection and yet still did it to her, and she was worried for other women. Good for her!


Lee Jong Hyun Leaves CNBLUE After Scandal Involving Direct Messages to Sexy Youtuber — 15 Comments

  1. As a huge fan of the band, this is just so sad and hurtful, I hope the other members find the strength to carry on.

  2. What a muppet! Caught out and shameless whilst serving in the military I don’t know why he couldn’t keep of social media and just ‘reflect’ within his thoughts rather then typing out on a keyboard. Then he’s drops a DM to a You Tuber thinking they were supposed to be private like seriously is he that dumb? I feel sorry for his parents; family and close friends thinking of them moreso then his sorry sack. Gosh he couldn’t help himself; he got a pass GO after the last sordid episode with those videos from JJY and did you think he would lie low? Nope back at it again. Went fishing but this time he got caught hook line and sinker. Bye bye Gonzo! I’ve got no sympathy for you whatsoever. We’re done. NB: I’m angry panda because I watched his dramas My only love song; Lingerie Girls Generation and That man Oh Soo which I thoroughly enjoyed and now this!

    • @Ginger Crunch – I’ve watched him in Orange Marmalade and My Only Love Song but was never convinced by his ‘acting’, he just wasn’t good. Like @jana and @yarnie said below, his eyes just looked off.

      MOLS was entirely carried by the wonderful Gong Seung Yeon anyway (who knew she was such a great comedic actress?), but unfortunately it’s now tainted by the actions of someone who should never have been in it anyway (yes I knew they were paired in We Got Married, no he still sucks as an actor and should not have got a drama with her, piggybacking off her talents).

      • @Royal We I think watching him in those dramas I enjoyed the storyline so it was part n parcel because I liked his co stars as well and it was an easy watch. I wasn’t too fussed about his acting just his character interactions with his co leads that made the dramas memorable.

  3. JJY, LJH and I can’t help but think of Ji Chang Wook too, I understand they are close. These good looking, innocent oppas on the outside…
    Its a jungle out there!

    • There’s something unsettling about JCW.’s vacant eyes ….hope I am wrong.
      Did you notice all of them have creepy gaze? ‘
      The other good friend Mr Ex Gye Hye Sun has creepy eyes too.

      • oh boy I thought I was all alone in thinking about same thing about all of their gazes :/ Its hard to tell with words but whenever I open news and saw one of their names I was like ”I knew it somethıng felt weırd about hıs eyes…”

      • I am not a fan of JCW too. His eyes and way he has so much skinships and kisses in the dramas are gross for me. I almost felt that Nam Ji Hyun was a little troubled. For me i had very bad vibes whenever i see JJY, Zico, Choi Tae Joon and Lee Jong Hyun talking or bragging about their abroad trips. and they included JCW too.

  4. Lol. Pure stupidity! When his buddies were being investigated, indicted, brought down, losing their careers, lJH had the luxury of hiding behind military training. I felt like this guy had so much luck on his side. He was given another chance to resume his career as most would’ve have forgotten about his involvement given the popularity CNBlue and the strong backing of his agency. Yet he chose to take all this for granted. SMH. He brought it on himself.

  5. Good on that Youtuber, she did womankind a favour by exposing this trash directly. She should be thanked.

    Also, I’m shocked that it took this long to kick him out of the group, after everything that was revealed during the ‘group chat’ scandal. Good riddance!

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