Kim Soo Hyun to Cameo in Final Two Episodes of Hotel Del Luna to Support IU and Yeo Jin Gu

Woah mommy and daddy combined levels of star power rolled into one. tvN drama Hotel Del Luna has broke 10% ratings already and generally averaged in the 8-9% range, a really great showing and probably the best Hong Sisters drama in years in both ratings and reviews. It’s brought in the wins without the big name star power, honestly IU and especially young actor Yeo Jin Gu just aren’t there yet, so kudos on the success solely on the merits. They are about to get a giant rocket boost in star power add on in the final two episodes – Kim Soo Hyun will be cameoing in the drama! Like, seriously. He’s doing the guest starring role to support IU who he worked with in Dream High and Producer, and Yeo Jin Gu who famously played the younger him in The Moon Embraces the Sun and also played his younger brother where they had scenes together in Giant. This is such fantastic news on so many levels, squeeeeeeeee!


Kim Soo Hyun to Cameo in Final Two Episodes of Hotel Del Luna to Support IU and Yeo Jin Gu — 102 Comments

    • Yeah , I hope he doesn’t end up like lee joon ki ,,, just appear for 5 second .. cause it is his first comeback after army so i hope he get a significant role like the god or something

    • Yeah , I hope he doesn’t end up like lee joon ki ,,, just appear for 5 second .. cause it is his first comeback after army so i hope he get a significant role like the god or something…

  1. Before his bad movie in 201, his run was unreal from 2011 to 2016. I mean 2 blockbuster movies . 4 blockbuster dramas. Cf king earning huge huge money. His generation rival Lee min ho has already signed a guaranteed blockbuster drama for next year.. i hope kim soo hyun signs big drama too. Also lee min ho has already signed 7.5 million dollars of endorsements in just 3 months ( huge! )after comback bcoz of all his pan asia appeal and next year it will be more. Kim soo hyun will be signing those cf deals soon as he has also same appeal like LMH. He needs to sign a good script i hope!!!!
    Must be getting lots of endorsements. Really without drama this guys, get this endorsements and a blockbuster drama will just raise it to roof!

    Also can anyone tell me? There is clear difference in movie star status and drama stars all over world but in korea i see they do dramas and both . Even if one is active more in one particular field, they are still considered on par as stars. No prejudice against drama stars. For ex kim soo hyun lee min hoo, song joong ki are more inclined towards drama but they are bigger than movie stars of their age? Is this a thing in korea?

    • The likes of LMH, KSH, SJK are considered Hallyu stars. They do occassionally venture into movies but rarely are that successful in Chungmuro. Neverthless, they are more widely known and got more CF deals due to their Hallyu starpower. After all, K-dramas have broader reach than their movies.

      Movie stars are considered the finest actors in Korea in term of their crafts. They may be lesser known but people pay just to watch them perform. Ofc they are A-listers among the movie stars with Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo being the permanent fixtures that can command really high salary cos they can pack cinemas and win awards too.

      The only actor that so far can switch back and forth successfully between dramas and movies and still widely known is Yoo Ah In. He is considerably popular in dramaland and he got casted in really acclaimed movies.

      • Thnx for this but the movie stars u mentioned r also also household names especially lee byung hun who is pan asia popular. And i have noticed these movie stars become huge in movies during theirs 30s. So yes lmh ksh has chance if they get good scripts i feel.although lmh and ksh movies got success too expect tha last movie of ksh…yoo ah in popular i agree but i feel he is little less popular than them. Maybe i m wrong.
        And jjh didnt do drama for 14 years before 2013 as she is movie star more but she was as popular a shk, lee young ae as hallyu superstar. So i guess movie stars r as popular as drama stars. I get it is different from other industries like hollywood and bollywood where movie stars r considered different status wise

      • YAI had zero highly rated dramas tho?! You can – if you’re hard pressed to think of one – count six flying dragons. But as far as I remember, it never even broke 20%. Unlike LMH, KSH or SJK (since those guys were mentioned)

        Like I think he’s good and all, but he can’t “switch” between dramas and movies. His dramas don’t do well, his movies do, but he’s no A-list movie star. KSH has 2 blockbuster movies, SJK had werewolf. Not sure about LMH. Point is, YAI is not some success story in drama and chungmuro. If there is one, it’s KSH and SJK. But, not really. Or not yet anyway.

  2. I think he’s waiting for his contract to expire. keyeast has gone downhill since it joined with SM. Nice to see him again!

    • Where do you think he’ll go? Personally I’d want him to move to Artist Company rather then set up an agency with his cousin who made that horrible movie.

      • I’m with you. I’m hoping he doesn’t set up an agency with his cousin like it’s been rumoured. I don’t know his cousin, but judging by his movie is enough to know this is not a good idea.
        For me, I really like Soop (Gong Hyo Jin, Gong Yoo) or Namoo but I could see him in SidusHQ since that’s were JJH is at. I hope he chooses wisely.

      • **** correction, JJH is at Culture Depot ^^ (what I meant to say is that he could join his company, whatever that is )

        He could also do is what Kim So Hyun did. She set up a company with her manager that’s being looked after by a bigger company. I’d trust it more it it was something like this…..

      • **** correction, JJH is at Culture Depot ^^ (what I meant to say is that he could join her company, whatever that is )

        He could also do is what Kim So Hyun did. She set up a company with her manager that’s being looked after by a bigger company. I’d trust it more it it was something like this…..

  3. Koala you might right about Jin goo’s star power but
    Tvn’s biggest hits this year are courtesy him
    Hotel del Luna
    And don’t forget
    The Crowned Clown

    • Exactly….I get that you prefer the other actor’s character but don’t pretend he has zero hits under his belt….two of the 3 dramas he did back to back this year his 8% on average…his stars are shining as the guy keeps working hard. As for Lee Do Hyun…will comment only after seeing his work as a lead, not before that.

    • I mean he is pretty irrelevant to the ratings of those dramas. He’s a dull actor and lacks the ability to create any chemistry which basically what the general opinion about him is. Just because he had some success as a child actor doesn’t mean he has talent. His career is stagnated and now he uses his BTS friendship to gain popularity. He’ll start using IU for popularity in the future because on his own he is nothing. Out of the 7-8 dramas he’s done in the last 5 years only 2 have managed to get ratings.

      • You sound like a total hater of YJG. Your “he uses his BTS friendship to gain popularity” is straight up lie, or dumb, baseless opinion? Why does he need to be associated with BTS just to boost his popularity when he’s already popular in South Korea? And just to clear things up, Jungkook (the youngest member of BTS, in case you don’t know about him) is the one who mentioned YJG first and then sent him a food truck. Jungkook also mentioned him in one of Run BTS episodes on Vlive just because he watched a clip of YJG that was taken from The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Considering that Run BTS is an exclusive variety show for ARMYs, the way Jungkook called YJG a friend of his shows that he’s happy to have YJG as one of his peers. And all those times, never have I seen YJG being like how you described him. Never. I can speak about this confidently because I’ve been around on Twitter following BTS and only BTS.

      • Glad you posted @autumnrain to clarify the BTS reference. I’ve had a gutsful of IU fans constantly dissing YJG starting, during and now ending that he’s not up to be her leading man in HDL. They’ve both done well so can’t they be happy that overall the drama was an astounding success.

  4. But neither of him needed him to be big hits. Crowned Clown was a sageuk and all sageuk does well especially when its on cable see 100 days my price and Grand Prince both were hits. Hotel Deluna owes its entire success to IU and Hong Sisters. His contribution was almost zilch. The best example of his star power is Absolute Boyfriend which was a complete and utter flop. He doesn’t have much of a future as an ‘it’ star since even in this drama he’s been completely overshadowed by Lee do hyun who just racked up a major drama on tvn. He doesn’t have any screen presence or charisma to make it into the big leagues.

    • 2 out of 3 dramas he did worked really well….a huge section of Korean and International audience continue to acknowledge his contribution to his dramas, adore him for his personality and he has been in this industry longer with established good will…saying Crowned Clown did not need him to be a big hit is just overlooking his honest hardwork to justify your point about Lee Do Hyun unnecessarily…many a times characters especially male actors in side role get hyped but whether or not they can carry the momentum in their next work is a whole grey area…let the ‘IT Boy’ work his magic the same way with solid performance in his next rolefirst…good luck to him and see what happens with Yeo Jin Gu too. This is just too early to be saying these stuff.

    • “HDL owes its entire success to IU and Hong Sisters”? What?? Why don’t you FF all scenes of the excellent cast and just watch IU on your screen??? The male lead, supporting actors and all ghosts are contributing to the success of this drama. IU is good but she is not over-the-top. She just does her part. Don’t exaggerate!!

  5. I don’t know why they’re doing this. The show itself is already popular. It seems like everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon – having a successful drama to their name will look good on their resume. Now if the drama ends with high ratings it will be due to extra star power instead of the finale/plot. What’s better for a drama to be known for – the storyline/plot itself or the special appearances?

    • Chicken or the egg scenario. The show is successful because the script is great. Everyone wants to cameo in it which will lead to more hype, and higher ratings . In the end, it’s all for the drama, so it’s all good.

    • LMAO I don’t think KSH needs to jump any bandwagon to get a hit drama in his name. His last four – and only four – he’s been lead on has been: Dream High (17%), MoonSun (40%), YFAS (25%), Producers (17%).

      So maybe, he’s okay without this one LOL. He doing a cameo for a few friends. He doesn’t “need” this. It’s good for the fans but yea, he’ll survive just fine without it honestly.

      • I cant believe people r saying things like he is cashing on shows success. Lol its kim soo hyun top most actor of this decade. From highest paid actor to the highest paid cf endorser. And one with most cf deals. His all dramas this decade has averaged more than this drama. He definitely doesnt need this show for fame. When he is bigger than whole cast lol. It is more beneficial for creatives that he is appearing in show for friends

    • Kim soo hyun was the top male star from 2011 to 2017 along with lmh and sjk. U think he need idol actress’s show for attention? Lol. He earned so much money in 2014 that iu has earned in hee whole career. He is that big. He doesnt need this drama for success and after his comeback, he and lmh has aleeady signed cf deals worth millions.he is doing it fir his friends. He doesnt need this show for fame. He is bigger than whole cast combined. Delusional fans

    • Lol, what are you talking about?!?

      You really think Kim Soo Hyun, of all people, will need this (or any drama) to create a good looking resume? You’re joking right? Because if not, you really need to amp up your kdrama knowledge.

      We’re talking about Kim Soo Hyun, in case you missed this. I don’t even like the guy, but the high handed ness of this comment (and some of the fans of this drama) is downright absurd.

  6. If KSH can find drama or movie to do yet as his first project post military, then it’s a good strategic move to get involve in a popular drama. He can help boost the promo for the HDL and at the same time he get advertised by the drama as it’s very popular right now. So it’s a win win.

    • He doesnt need a cameo in cable drama for any popularity. He is popular like forever and will be cmng back with bang like lee min ho. He doesnt need this drama for any relevancy. In fact porducers wouldve asked him for cameo and he did for iu his friend. Ksh is a brand . His all 4 main leads has brought more ratings. Dont worry about him

  7. Holy Moly! I am excited!! KSH is one of those i would love to see in another drama with IU as OTP. They were in produce together but due to the dynamic of the drama i need something else! Oh i would also love Lee Seung Gi with IU but i think he needs to do something with Park Shin Hye first, loooool

    • KSH and IU had incredible chemistry in Producers, I was shocked by how good the ‘mic fixing’ scene was. And they weren’t even the main couple there, her character was a second lead with an unrequited crush on him!

      If they signed a drama together as OTP, I 100% would watch.

      • we want kim soo hyun with real actresses not idols like iu who cant act… chemistry which he created with jjh

  8. Don’t understand why fans really care so much about popularity and how much money their bias can earned or how his bias get cast in popular drama, I mean majority of popular drama is super cheesy and when your bias become too popular they become lazy. But the most worst when your bias get star syndrome and just care to take the same character over and over again.

  9. @Butterfly and @adyjunjihyun

    Look, popularity comes and goes in S. Korea in an instant. Just because you were relevant 3-4 years ago doesn’t meant you’re relevant now. It mainly depends on the success of projects and if you’re in the news for whatever reason (good or bad). He recently finish his military assignment so I’m sure him appearing on this drama will make him relevant again. He’s been missing for a few years (military) so only die hard fans will remember. For example, I totally forgot about him until I heard about him appearing in the last episodes of the drama. His last drama Producers was in 2015? 4 years is a LONG time in dramaland. He was released from army on July 1. Recently, it’s all been about Song Joong Ki/Arthdal Chronicles/his divorce/his loss of CFs, etc.

    As someone said earlier the drama will get a boost in ratings and now he has another successful drama to his name. Win-win for both parties. His name will appear in searches again making him more relevant nowadays.

    • This drama means nhtng to ksh. Iu and this drama fans r so delusional. Its funny Both him and lmh has already signed millions of dollars cf contracts and these companies dont give contracts if people r not popular. People dont forget top actor in 2 years. His career is bigger than a cable drama sorry to inform u that. And this drama isnt going to count on his cv anyways. He is appearing for his frnds. It is not his drama. He plays main lead and he didnt need a cameo to boast his brand. His endorsements beats likes of iu who is known as cf queen.
      just u forgot him that doesnt mean people forgot about him
      lol people dont forgot the top actor in 2 years. He and lmh were top earners in first half of 2017 when they were just going to arm.
      so no a cameo in a cable drama isnt affecting his brand. He has no shortage of offers like lmh. And he will come back with big drama.

      • Well, admit it. The HDL is the most popular drama at the moment. Surely, KSH will benefit from it considering he’s been away for two year and at the same time he can helped promote the drama at the same time. Both parties from each other.

        If he appeared in the first four episodes when the drama was still building up, then it would have been a different story, it would have been KSH helping to promote the drama. At this stage, the drama is already popular.

        CF? It’s a different ballgame. And, why it’s a big deal? It is just commercial.

      • In addition, it does not mean that one who’s relevant in the CF world does not mean he is relevant in drama or movie world.

      • I’m fans of KSH but didnt people more busy talking about Gongyoo, Park Bogum and Song song couple in 2017? I even forget LMH have TLOBS in 2016/2017 because of goblin. And can you stop mentioned KSH’s name like he is in the same level with LMH? Ksh can act and always challenging himself in his every project.

  10. i cant believe the arrogance of iu fans and this drama fans who think this drama will boast career of kim soo hyun? R u serious ? He and lmh has already signed millions of dollars cfs even without a show. LMH is cmng back with big drama next year and kim soo hyun will not sit back either. He was highest earning celeb in 2017 first half and people think he is forgotten? the delusional idol actress fand and this cable drama fan r hilarious. Kim soo hyun dont need a cameo to help his career. He is fucking kim soo hyun.

    • I only know about IU because she is friends with Jiyeon from T-ara. I also only know of her one song You & I. Also, I only watched the first 2 episodes of this drama. I am waiting for it to finish so I can do a marathon. So you’re assuming that I am huge fans of both IU and the show shows that you are COMPLETELY WRONG and it is very possible you are WRONG about KHS as well. Do YOU know him personally? Are you his agent? Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘Out of Sight Out of mind?’ I haven’t heard of ANY drama offers to him in the news lately aside from this one. If there is proof of him leading/joining a different drama show us the link. Think about the logic. If he did this just as a favor to IU why didn’t he do this earlier, right after his military completion (July 1st)? The drama was released on July 13. Sure they might have done some episodes in advance but he could have made an appearance in perhaps a few episodes after that. The drama DID NOT need him because it was already doing good in ratings. I’m sure IU wanted to help out HER FRIEND who had JUST finished the military. He’s sure to benefit from this as well because now he’ll appear in searches along with “IU” and “Hotel Del Luna”. Just because you were AT THE TOP at some point in your career, it doesn’t mean you’ll stay there. Companies are more inclined to go with the current ACTIVE ‘it’ person, than the ‘it’ person who was popular years ago. Sure they’ll still choose him because they’re banking on the die hard fans like you.

      Oh I can assure that IU is 100% more popular than him throughout Korea and possibly the world. I live in America and I see IU (and Song Hye Kyo’s) pictures EVERYWHERE in asian stores, especially Korean supermarkets. I think I only saw KSH pictures once a few years ago when he was ACTIVE. He’s trying to become more active (and more relevant) now so people can remember him and his accomplishments again. Once more people react positive again, more and more offers will come in. Understand how business works now?

      I’m not saying that he 100% needs this but I am 1000% sure he will benefit from this. The drama will for sure benefit from this as well. Again win-win scenarios.

      • Oh and I live in a tree hut and when I visit my Indian green grocer I see posters of Rekha everywhere.

        You and everyone else swinging from the tree tops praising IU to the hilt whilst denigrating YJG for being insignificant in HDL and offering no value to saying KSH needed this drama to become relevant again sure smacks of delusion validation and reassurance. My question to you is why? Why do you do this? What are you trying to prove? IU and YJG gave us a fantastic story to enjoy please stop with the sour impressions.

      • LOL. I’m like a quarter way to reading your comment and just burst out laughing. Don’t see drama offers for KSH?

        True true true. How literal of you; recently, there hasn’t been news of offers for Won Bin too. He hasn’t done a movie in NINE years. Oh my goodness.

        Maybe he should also cameo. Maybe it can also boost his career – he really needs it. This drama is like, the thing that will make his career.

        LMAO this is entertaining I must say.

      • Why mention about Won Bin? The last time I check he is not into acting for many years. He is more of a businessman and a CF model. And I don’t think he seriously allocate time for acting nor is considering any acting projects.

      • Omg so delusional. Iu is a non factor outside korea where as kim soo hyun huge across the world. Even in korea he beats her. U r so much blinded in hate. Lol let them come. Kim soo hyun will always be bigger star than idol actress and all his dramas beat the idol actress in ratings.
        He doesnt need her help. Imfact he is doing fabour for doing a cameo. He plays male lead. No cameo.role is importamt for him

      • @adyjunjihyun- IU is NOT a non factor outside Korea. Her music is BIG. Besides acting what is he??? He can act, yes ok, but IU has sold records everywhere. Please don’t show your ignorance here anymore. Stop!!

  11. Yep @Areyoukidding I had to read the comment by @PPanda0421 twice and it is rough to assume that KSH wanted to jump on the bandwagon to appear in HDL like yeah true story! KSH is a legend and his cameo is an honour post military service and most likely because he’s friends with IU and YG. How hard is that to figure out.

    Seriously IU fans can you please stop discrediting everyone involved in HDL and being self centred on IU as the only significant person in this drama. It’s annoying and repetitive and ruining the experience for the rest of us wanting to enjoy the journey that the Hong sisters have given us. HDL Cast and crew can all celebrate their reward vacation they sure do deserve it IU included. Rest easy. ?

    • @Ginger Crunch,

      You are wrong! I am not a hardcore IU fan. I only listened to her one song You & I (and I loved it). THAT’S IT! I am also waiting for the drama to finish so that I can marathon it. Obviously he’s friends with IU because he’s worked with her before on multiple occasions. What I’m saying is the drama did not need his appearance (check consistent ratings history). Perhaps he did not need to appear either. However I’m certain he WILL benefit from appearing on the show. Also the show WILL definitely benefit from his appearance.

      Seriously will you KSH fans stop thinking that we’re antis? Also are you on drugs? What are you talking about saying I think IU is the only significant person in the drama. Where in any of my posts did I say that? Starting to make things up now, eh?

      • @PPanda0421
        Firstly what does the whole ‘Im not a hardcore IU fan’ have to do with this thread your post implies throughout that IU is more significant you don’t need to use the word to prove it. That’s how I’m reading it.
        Secondly what does my drug taking have to do with posting here;if I’m in a happy place then it’s not affecting you. Or is it?
        Thirdly just sit back and fast forward all of KSH scenes if his presence is too disconcerting to view. There problem solved. Have a nice day.

    • IU is literally the only reason the Hong sisters managed to get a bit because the plot has been mediocre for weeks. YJG has no chemistry with her and is very stiff in this character which doesn’t suit him at all. Everything else except IU, the costumes and CG are passable. Without IU the drama would never have been watchable. I don’t have an opinion about KSH making his cameo but if he is doing it again it’s purely for IU since they are very close friends. If IU wasn’t in the drama he wouldn’t have done the cameo at all. So yes everything about HDL is centred on IU.

      • @Asha Please go through HDL and delete every single actor in there and see how far you get when IU has zero interactions and monologues the entire episode herself and come back here and share your experience. Because saying IU is the only reason why HDL is a mammoth success is downright foolish and disrespectful to all the cast and crew and the Hong sisters script who have collaborated to make this drama a success.

    • @Ginger Crunch – I would definitely consider myself an IU fan, and think that with good ratings and reviews for multiple dramas, she’s doing well as an actress/is really becoming an all-rounder and one of the few singers who is successful at both music and acting.

      I also think anyone trying to discredit Kim Soo Hyun or Yeo Jin Gu/discount their talent and their past successes as ‘needing’ this drama to make them relevant, has got to be either delusional or high. Do we really think Kim Soo Hyun of all people won’t be receiving offers for post-army projects…..when he’s the biggest of all the 86-90ers who went off to the army these last couple of years?

  12. @Ginger Crunch,

    I didn’t mention IU in my original posts. Just thought that everyone was jumping on the bandwagon. Someone else brought up IU. Try getting reading glasses or reading comprehension please. You’re the one who thought I was an IU fan saying I thought IU was significant.

    Ok I didn’t know you were actually taking drugs for perhaps a medical condition. For that I apologize. But what I meant was you mentioned IU out of nowhere did not make any sense since I didn’t even mention her name at all until now.

    As for KSH I actually liked his roles in DH, MLFAS and Producers. Never mentioned anything about disliking him! I’m looking forward to watching his interactions with IU since they worked together several times before.

    • @PPanda0421 Excuse me? Oh now I need reading glasses and better reading comprehension. You’re posts are long winded and at 6.08pm you mentioned IU and I followed suit. I don’t take drugs for medical purposes more recreational because I live in my tree hut. The birds are invading I better go shoo them away. Good bye.

      • @Ginger Crunch,

        Looks like you DO NEED GLASSES. Look at my post AGAIN on Aug 30 6:08 – I was REPLYING to adyjunjihyun’s message Aug 30, 4:46 PM.

        I’ll wait while you check. DO YOU SEE IT NOW?

        They said I was on the IU train so I just replied them explaining I wasn’t really a fan and that I barely watched this drama. If you interpreted ‘I only know one of her songs’ as ‘I’m a HUGE FAN of IU’ then you obviously DON’T have good reading comprehension! Please go ahead and check again for the PROOF.

        Then you CAME ALONG and said the same thing that I even though I JUST SAID I DID NOT MENTION IU in my original message Aug 29, 12:13 PM. So you DO need better reading comprehension.

        Perhaps doing the drugs you admitting to doing is affecting your BRAIN AND your SIGHT?

        Also, you’re confusing messages between me and SOMEONE else! I didn’t mention YJG at ALL.

        I don’t care if you do drugs but when you do them, don’t act like an idiot. Or at least wait till the drugs wear off…

        Kids this is living proof of what drugs does to your brains…

        OK, do your drugs and live in your tree hut because you are not worth the time/effect anymore…

      • Back at you @Ppanda0421 Oh no stop screaming at me with your hard out capitals getting so worked up you’re gonna blow a gasket or a brain cell or two. Calm the hell down you’re going to run out of gas with your ‘I said this you misread’ rant. Can you tell that I’m just stating nothing at all but you’ve gone and got yourself all worked up and calling me out for being an idiot and to keep taking drugs. Gosh yes point taken go chew some gum leaves to pacify yourself.

  13. @Butterfly,

    Haha. Yes I’m laughing at you also because you cannot think outside the box. Actually I feel sorry for you that cannot see it from another point of view. You’ll encounter issues in real life with that attitude. No point talking to you any further… :/.

    • People r laughing at u more bcoz u said he isnt relevant. He earns double the amount for cf than iu and he is doing it since 2013 when hwle was younger than idol actress iu. And u deny it but u r her fan. Iu isnt bigger tham him outside korea throughout asia he is bigger and iu isnt known in america just bcoz shr hss poster
      She is just another asian face on poster. And btw he also earns more in korea in cfa than iu. N he has producers lined up for her. The dramas he get is much bigger than iu has in her career. He will be doing fine.
      The way u wat to put him down in mask of neutrality, everyone can see through. Kim soo hyun doesnt meed this show for relevancy
      To u and @ mistyeyes

  14. @candycane in korea and asia actors r more respected than idols
    If u dont knoe that, thats your issue. Iu is big but at her age kim soo hyun was esrnjng more , way bigger name. U should say this to panda who is degrading ksh n saying he needs idol actress drama for relevancy which is jilarious. U saw only jy cmmnt of all peopel? I get the priorty part whicb u wanna see or which u wanna ignore

    • i don’t care what u say to panda. but discrediting IU’s talent is a NO-NO in my book. you asians keep talking about dramas but IU has more talents in music than drama. Don’t trash one to bring up the other. The world is larger than u think.

      • If that person keeps discrediting kim soo hyun i will discredit bad idol actress too. Acting 》 singing here. And asia matters to them bcoz it o
        Pays them money not west. If u wanna start lecturing me, first do with panda. If u cant, then dont preach me. She cant even sing with such a weak voice tbh

  15. Someone just give me tissues. Iu helping out kim soo hyun. This comments has me in splits and btw actors like kim soo hyun and lee min ho announces when they sign the drama. Like lee min go did signing with biggest writer. They are not like cheap idols who flaunt everything. Actors has mystery aura unlike some idol or idol soo hyun doesnt nedd iu’s help lol. He olays main lead. A cameo is nthng for him. Infact he is helping out the drama for more ratings by adding his star power. Even iu and male lead laugh at such cmmnts. Every actor gors through army. That doesnt make them irrelevant. Such delusional haters and blind fans of hotel shit whit iu r funny

  16. Fact remains ksh doesnt need hotel sh*t w**t for any relevancy. Every actor goes through army
    That doesnt means they become ireelavnt. Ksh was and will always be bigger than iu and actors announce dramas when they sign like lee min ho did. They are not cheap like idols and idol actors. Difference in aura . Panda and misty eyes can say 100 times that cameo will help jim, but fact remains it will never be anything in his career
    @ginger and @ butterfly funny post from panda. He is so clueless. Its so funny

    • tell him not to do the cameo if u don’t agree with it. he needs work, doesn’t it? not that he is volunteering…. cameo still earns him some money, just be realistic.

      • He earns over million dollar to 1.5 per cf. A cameo salary is nthng for him lmao! He is doing cameo for that idol actress frnd. They offered him a part and he accepted bcos iu is frnd.u guys really think a cameo is important? lol!!!!!
        I know hdl fans think only iu has work in world and is relevant in world lol. And btw cameo salary is nthng for him. The man who earndd over tens of millions of dollars from endorsements alone. I m just finding it funny that people think a hotel show is important for his career. I am realistic but hotel fans r not and even iu fans r making us laugh.. ols keep the theories cmng. I m enjoying them

      • i don’t think his cameo is anything. i like YJG more in HDL tbh. i like the story, i m surprised that hong sisters can redeem themselves. i really like the whole cast, the ghosts. iu is good but not the main reason i like HDL. so what’s with KSH again? idc if he is in it or not. who cares??

      • Lol he is one of those idol fans who thibk whole world revolves around their fave. Kim soo hyun is much bigger throughout asia and his point regarding america lol. Noone is relevant there expect bts. But in asia its kim soo hyum period and its not even uo for debate. I just stop laughing that some hotel fans think a cameo will help his career. For lord sake, kim soo hyun is the one who is doing it for his frnd. Even iu will laugh at them

      • I reckon I think that why I did a double take over some of the comments that KSH needed to do this cameo to give him some leverage back into the Kdrama scene after his military stint. I’m excited for the HDL cameo that’s a brilliant move. I took exception too. KSH is a legend and for me is one of many that I rate and imo as an ultimate KDrama top actor of his generation. Counting down to the announcement of his next drama or film and the lucky lady to co star. I’m getting my mojo back for K dramas now. The fun is gonna start!!

      • @GINGER i am more lee min go fan than kim soo hyun but i m not blind to say kim soo hyun is not the actor of decade. He has edge over both lmh and sjk. And u know lmh has already signed with biggest writer and have already signed 7.5 million dollars endorsements throughout asia which will be in 8 figures by year end. I m sure kim soo hyun isnt doing bad either. That is relevance and non relevant celebs dont get this numbers. Ksh earns around 1.5 million per cf compared to ius salary of 500 million won. That is nearly triple
        I didnt want to go this way but some delusional fans has made me say this. Kim soo hyun earndd over 100 billion won im 2014 after my love from stars. He did so many cfs. There was full details mentioned. That is more than career earnings of the idol actress mentioned in article. And he was at her age when he did that. Ouch! He doesnt need a cameo in his resume. Producers writers know more than enough and he didnt need to release pr articles over n over that he is doing this. When he will sign he will announce and that drama will be huge enough. Huge more than ajything idol actress has done. He also gave her a blockbuster drmaa the producers which was sold on his name lol

  17. @candycane he is doing it for his friend which u want to ignore and secondly say this to other hotel s**t whit fans or iu who r pulling him down. Who says he need it for resume lol. That is delusional not me. U r selective with whom u wanna preach and lecture. Lmao! Funny!
    I hope idol actress learnt some acting finally. Ksh might trqch her with hid cameo bcoz he saved her in the producers!!

    • i really don’t feel like lecturing u but the fact is he is doing a cameo & getting PAID. u go ask him WHY? ok if he is doing it for a frd, donate his salary to charity then dude. LOL. if u think he is this noble. sound like u no him but u don’t. preach somewhere else.

  18. @candy U r the one who is preaching and noone knows how much they donate to cchairty bcoz of personal choice. Secondly like i said it was director who came to him or u thibk he went asking for cameo? I m sure pnople like u will invent that theory. He ad iu r known friends. Many actors do cameo fro friends. Asians relations r close comoared to west where friends just dont care.
    N yes i m not preaching. But its u who came at me with your biased agenda ignoring the comments which started it and started saying i shouldnt put iu down when its her fans who were doing it. Jypocriay at its finest. Anyways iu still cant act. And got hit dramas bcoz of kim soo hyun if i remember and get another boost in ratings bcoz of him. Fact remains he earns more for endrosememts and dramas than iu will evr earn. After my love from stars he earned 100 billion won in a one year and half. Iu whole decade earnings cant match that. Thay is difference. So he is doing well. Soon he will announce his project which will be bigger than anything iu has done. Oh i remember all his dramas were blockbusters and expect real , his 2.movies were blockbusters too. ! So yes, a cameo is nothing for his career. But u iu fans can keep the fake happiness

    • How do you know IU doesn’t earn that much? I bet she can make more that 100 million won from just one music release. She never donates below 100 million won and she donated a lot and very frequently so she must be making 100x that amount. Didn’t she also have a major windfall recently for some building that she owns? Even for this drama she must be making JJH and KTH level of money because her last drama was a huge hit. She’s also on top of all the buzz charts so it means she’ll earn even more after this drama. If you’re asking about star power and salary both IU and KSH should be on the same level by now.

      • 100 times more is still 10 billion won. And no she isnt making 100 yimes more. Not anywhere kim so hyun. He earns that much doing 6 or 7 ads lmao!
        Yes she bought a building but there r many who owns 5 times the price. Jun ju hyun frm her endorsement money after lotbs bought a 32 billion won building in cash. Just from her yearly income from endorsements. Kim soo hyun lmh , shk kth and jjh are on other tier. They dont have to release countless albums and work like crazy to make more than iu who does so much work! Bcoz their rates r triple than her. Difference and they have oan asia popularity which increases their earnings. Not all have that. And many people dont report their investments like iu
        And i wont have postdd all of this if iu fans didnt put kim soo hyun down. So realuty check was needed

  19. Lmao.she is not earning jun ji hyun level from dramas and endorsements but feel free to believe it. She isnt getti g 100 million won per episode. Tvn hugest pay record is so far go hyun young. Keep your source. And jun ji hyun was earning 100 million won per episode back im 2013 which was matches by only lee young ae. Classic actresses and iu is not on that level. But idol actress fans can velieve that
    Kim soo hyun earned over 100 billion won after my love from stars success. It was everywhere in news.. Sorry iu isnt touching that number. It will be more than her whole career earnings..her drama was a hit on cable but none on level of blockbuster dramas these actors and actresses has given. U guys make it loook like she is the only one to get some decent ratings in dramaland when many have done 100 times better. And in korea music labels makes more money. Her physical sales r below average and digitals dont pay much. Her source of income is endorsements and no she doesnt earn salary on level of kim soo hyun jun ji hyun lee young ae. That is way above tier for her But ofcourse u can feel d opposite. She is not on dame level of kim soo hyun. When he was at her age in 2014 he was making way more. He is pan asia superstar not local like iu

    • As if everything you read is all true. FYI there are many actors who earn more but their rate aren’t publicly disclosed.

  20. The comment section was as ugly as many other posts were in this website. Clearly, there’s no need for people to drag things like “who’s more popular” and “who’ll get benefited the most” and to discredit all people involved in HDL except the actress and writers. And all we need to know is Kim Soohyun did the cameo because he is friend of both leads, just like Sully is a friend of IU. Ugh I can never understand why people nowadays like to turn every single comment section into something close to fanwar.

  21. JJH is highest paid actress and celeb in korea. She doesnt do dramas bcoz she makes so mucbh money from endorsements by shooting a cf which takes 2 or 3 days max. Whereas other girls have to work hard like crazy to earn half of it. same with lee young ae. JJh lya kth shg r highest paid female celebs n its not even up for debate.
    For males ksh lmh sjk along with veterans like lee byung hun, sang kang ho , jo in sung, song seung heon r richest actors. Ksh endorsement rate is highest for men in korea. And infact it was considered on par with biggest asia star jackie chan. It says something..
    Iu the idol actress is not in this league.

    • I don’t know why we are discussing about earnings of other people but just want to threw in my two cents. FYI there are actors who earn on top of their episode rate, they also earn additional per episode pay in every initial broadcast of all stations and % on reruns.

      • yes which dont include idol actors and actresses like iu suzy etc. They dont belong there. Earnings r discussed bcoz it shows the tier people belong.. all the actors i mentioned belong in that tier. It is reserved for actual actors u know!not some bad idols

  22. Why does anyone think IU is earning less than any of the top tier stars? I bet she earns almost as much as they do while being several years younger if not half their age. Her popularity is huge its just that her company doesn’t do any media play unlike other agencies but IU didn’t just become an overnight sensation with My Ahjusshi and Hotel she has always been very big and has a solid fan base since her debut 11 years ago. Her popularity doubled with Ahjusshi and with Hotel she’s basically on different playing field altogether so I’m not surprised many people feel YJG isn’t up to her level and frankly nothing he did in the drama proved people wrong. He was mediocre at best and had zero romantic chemistry and only the small but extra loud batch of delulu shippers believe otherwise. YJG is lucky to have a career as child actor otherwise people would be tearing him apart like they do most rising young stars and idol actors. IU v/s KSH on cfs is a dumb argument because IU endorses a wider range of products than KSH who I’m sure gets paid more than her because he mostly endorses high end products which have higher fees but it doesn’t mean cumulatively they don’t earn almost the same amount. Nor does it mean IU needs to endorse more to earn as much as him she just has an image which is suitable for more products so she ends up endorsing a larger number of small and big products. The success of Hotel was already predetermined when they cast IU who bought in all the hype for the drama you can see that from netizen comments online. She has received criticism for her acting by a few but mostly people agree she did a good job and her fashion was a huge win in her favor as well. The drama would not have had the same success if you kept all the other elements and actors but removed IU form the equation. It would have flopped like Hwayugi did but because IU was in this drama people kept watching even when it got repetitive and her chemistry with LDH was also a bonus.

    • She doesnt endorsed more brands than kim soo hyun at any time of kworld. During 2012 kim soo hyun set record of brands endorsed in a year when he was 2 years younger than iu. During 2014 after my love from stars when he was at iu’s age he endorsed 50 plus brands all over asia. Iu isnt touching that number and no she doesnt earn as same as top tier celebs. At iu’s age jun ji hyun was earning more. There was report in 2006 when she earned huge numbers . so iu isnt the first to do at young age. Iu reported higest earning was 9 million dollars in 2017. Big number but that is nothing compared to what ksh, lmh, sjk or older actors. and actresses like jjh, who even without working shoot for more than 10 brands and earn about 12 to 15 million dollars from cfs alone in her silent year. Yes fashion is the only saving grace but she is bad actress. iu endorse more products now bcoz she shoots every cheap to high product but kim soo hyun from 2011 to 2017 shots the number of cfs iu hasnt shot over in decade. He set the record for cfs during that era from salary paid to highest number of cfs. Iu’s highest earning year remains 2017 with 9 million dollars. But look at lee min ho has already signed 7.5 million dollars usd endorsements in 3 mnths without a show till next year and will end up with more by year end. KSh jjh lmh lee young ae asking price was on par with china’s top actors who get most paid. Iu isnt there and when she will be over by mid 30s she isn’t touching them. Iu is just 5 years younger than ksh and he was outearning at her age. Not only him but jjh, kth , lee min ho and many more actors.your argument fails there.Kim soo hyun highest year is 2014 when he earned 81 million usd from cfs, events. Iu’s highest is 9 million dollars where she paid 4 million dollars to her staff. ( million dollars for 9 years come at 81 million dollars. Lol Kim soo hyun did that in 2014 at iu’s age. And iu will not keep having peak years. As simple as that

    • How would you know HDL couldn’t keep the same ratings by replacing IU with another actress (who can act) while keeping the same fashion, script and the rest of the cast? 9% is only fair, not that high you know. The last 2 episodes go above 10%, fans will say it’s all because of KSH and no longer IU efforts. LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I like IU. But trashing the whole cast and attributing all credits to IU is delusional. Sky Castle has doubled HDL ratings and no one attributed its success to only one actress. In terms of earnings, IU probably gets lots of royalties from her music because she writes them, so acting fees alone is not her only source of income. I am not sure what you all are arguing about ?

      • Fair point and valid @candycane my sentiments exactly. Just tired of the comments that HDL was only successful because of IU. Really tarnished the a great drama with that logic. I bet you that some of them are Moonlovers shipper fans that believe no actor deserves to share the limelight with IU other then Lee Jin Ki. There I’ve stated it. They should be happy LJK did in episode 3 as a Priest what more could they ask for?

      • Lmao stop, IU cant bring rating. Hong sister is the one who bring rating. Change IU with other actress and the rating will still good. It can be up if they found a better one who can nailed the role better than IU’s awkward acting.
        you know what? YJG top actor brand reputation this aug so of course he carried that drama too. And If IU as good as you think why she cant build chemistry with YJG in her own.
        Too many delulu fans in this thread.

  23. Why is everyone intent of de-meriting IU? Have you all forgotten she is a superstar and almost all of the music industry is her fan most of them are crushing on her including the bts boy jungkook who is friends with jingoo. Youtube is stuffed with their shipper videos so what even? There isn’t any celeb in korea who is bigger than IU right now so what agenda does everyone have on dragging her? Leave her alone and go hype your oppa or whatever.

    • @nemo OMG please why are you intent on dragging this assumption that there isn’t any other celeb bigger then IU? It’s a ludicrous statement. I’m so bewildered right now.

  24. “there isn’t any celeb in k bigger than iu now?” ?????? This has to been the biggest joke of the year! U must be living in a bubble ????????? iu delulu fans really are from a different planet ??? funny and very entertaining

    • @candy thats why i was mocking her. Her fans has taken delusional to whole othee level. I wont deny she is huge but i can name many actors who r way bigger than her. They need to stop putting down others. If iu is success for the show then let her act alone. Lets c how much ratings she bring alone lol.
      No star bigger than iu?? Just jungkook is crazy for her doesnt makes her bigger star. There r many actresses who r worldwide famous than iu.

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