Gu Hye Sun’s Book Gets Indonesia Publishing and Director Movie Mystery Pink Goes to Film Festival Despite Contentious Divorce

It really is true nowadays that even bad publicity is good for a star’s career, for the most part. Gu Hye Sun has been dealing with personal trauma last month with the news that her husband Ahn Jae Hyun is seeking a divorce. Their he said/she said has been aired to the public via SNS updates and official agency statements revealing some pretty salacious allegations. But on the career front, Gu Hye Sun’s side is full steam ahead as this week that her recently published novel is getting released in Indonesia and her latest directed short film Mystery Pink will be showing at the upcoming Seoul International Extreme Short Image and Film Festival. She won’t be attending due to her personal life situation but I’m glad her unique career continues to maintain a good level of success despite this personal setback.


Gu Hye Sun’s Book Gets Indonesia Publishing and Director Movie Mystery Pink Goes to Film Festival Despite Contentious Divorce — 15 Comments

  1. The divorce must’ve taken a toll on her since she announced she’s taking a break from her career & focusing on going back to college. I hope she finds peace & can heal from this.

  2. It would have been great to keep the momentum going and even come back on dramas but I guess she really wants a break from it all. I hope she comes back even stronger when she is ready.

  3. Gone but not forgotten..One book closes another one opens no pun intended…Enjoy the next ride life offers and dont look back in my opinion.?

  4. Okay update she wants to stay married because of custody issues over AJH cat. I kid you not Soompi just reported this taken from her IG post.

    “Anju. [The cat] has spent a longer time with me and is my pet. He didn’t properly feed or clean up after the cat’s poop a single time but announced our divorce and took the cat, so we cannot get divorced.”

    Someone take her mobile; where are her friends to help her out for gosh sakes she’s got her writing and is going to be studying. Everything will work out if she does her thing. This IG posting is beyond ridiculous. I’m actually feeling sorry for her now. This is a desperate woman fighting for a lost cause. Let it go GHS you are better then this. AJH leave the cat with her please. Either way please sort this out amicably.

    • I’ve never seen anyone court public opinion as much as GHS in this divorce. And lest anyone attack me for criticizing their beloved fan, bear in mind that we are mostly basing our opinions on her utterances and her side of the story. After being married for two decades, I can safely say that there are always two sides to any story and people’s perception always color their portrayals of what happened. Two people can recount a scenario that occurred in two totally different ways; that’s why eye witness accounts can only go so far. I feel that GHS using SNS to express herself may be therapeutic for her, a way for her to deal with the stress of her divorce. I just wish she would use a diary instead. Trouble with SNS is that once things get out there they may be hard to take back. And public support is fickle at best. I hope she doesn’t regret putting her business out there in the future.

  5. Life’s like that. When one area of our lives is failing, another is succeeding. Hope she can move past her divorce drama and settle down with her academics and retiring from the industry.

  6. Her husband looks like a creep. I am on her side. I am not even her fan and couldn’t stand her in BOF.
    Just the fact that he posted his birthday celebrations without her on social media shows what what a mean spirited guy he is . No wonder she’s not letting him get away with it. I have never heard of him and don’t know him because I never watched any GHS dramas because of BOF. I get it he regretted his marriage …Why not be a gentleman and show some respect for her dignity. I read somewhere that’s he best friend with the scumbag JJY…ewwww. She’s better off without him but I am glad she’s went apeshit on him.

  7. I would say, let her vent as much as she wants. If you don’t want to read or hear about it, then scroll over the story and no need to read it. Divorce is hard, especially when her Agency/Professional Life is also tied to her husband.
    Unfortunately, moving to the same agency might have caused her to derail like this.

    I do hope everything works out for her, and good for her that everything else is a success for her. I hope that she can let go after she gets everything she felt that AJH owes her and finally divorces him. I totally understand her, and I will be on her side.

    I hope she finds someone else that will treasure her.

    I wasn’t a fan of AJH and only started noticing him after he dated/married GHS, and honestly did not even follow him, unless he was also in a show with another popular actor that I like as a lead.

  8. This is already a circus and I don’t believe a word they are saying. Everything is just too weird to believe and it seems more like a marketing campaign.

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