Blood, Tears, and Love Triangles in First Drama Preview for jTBC Epic Sageuk My Country

Woah momma is this going to be an intense ride. The first drama preview has dropped for jTBC sageuk My Country and it’s all about my heart. As in, rip it out and stomp on it for good measure with the pain to come. It’s full on torture porn levels of torment on male lead Yang Se Jong and his bestie turned enemy Woo Do Hwan doesn’t appear to have it any easier even if he looks less haggard and beaten. Female lead Seolhyun really has to step it up to meet these two men acting their guts out with the action scenes and tons of close ups of their anguished faces. This dramas looks great based on the preview and honestly is what I wanted from Arthdal Chronicles but that drama was hampered by being set a thousand years earlier with the weird fantasy Neanthals and their rack-rack-gak-gak language that was just absurdly laughable and their blue lips and weird super strength was just presently so silly. A good sageuk needs to be intense and still believable with the heightened angst and stakes and My Country so far seems to be primed to deliver.

Trailer for My Country:


Blood, Tears, and Love Triangles in First Drama Preview for jTBC Epic Sageuk My Country — 11 Comments

  1. This looks so intense. I wasn’t interested before becos I felt Seolhyun was a miscast. But after seeing this trailer,it’s definitely on my watch list.

    • She actually suit sageuk, you need pretty face to rock those hanboks, not only on photo edited pretty face, but captured by motion pictures. the trailer looks like a movie, hope it lives up to the expectation. dont like the young actors, only Jang Hyuk interest me.

  2. I’m so excited! After the fluffy sageuks like Rookie Historian or Nokdw Flower, I need a dark one! They started to film since March, they really took the time to make it. I love the casting. For Seolhyun, I can’t judge for now, but at least she’s beautiful in the trailer. Sageuks suit her beauty.

  3. It looks like a masterpiece in the making…if only the leading lady was someone different…someone of their caliber. Seolhyun is sure beautiful but does she have the acting chops to carry such an important role? We’ll see but I won’t hold my breath for it.

  4. I just want to know how Seolhyun got cast for this. Sure she’s beautiful but based on just this teaser all she’s done is be beautiful. If that’s the extent of what she’s going to be in this drama then it’s fine but if she actually has to do real acting then I’m not sure she’ll be able to match up.

    • I keep picturing her acting in Orange Marmalade. I hope she does well. This male cast is stacked with talent which can make even a just- okay actor stand out negatively.

  5. For WDH ❤️ As for Seolhyun I saw her in The Great Battle so (through gritted teeth) I’m gonna give her a chance because I really like the set up of this drama and yep she’s in Queendom with AOA and I’m following that because my girl Park Bom is there. I cried when PB sung You and I.

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