IU Leads the Fashion Parade as Hotel Del Luna Cast Jets to Thailand for Reward Vacation

A vacation is a downer moment, said no one ever, so the cast of recently wrapped tvN drama Hotel Del Luna are all chipper and cheery at Incheon Airport earlier this week heading off to Thailand. It’s the reward vacation that’s so common with successful dramas, a great way to thank the cast and crew and also keep them in the news for another week. Leading lady IU looked the best IMO, adorable in a casual dress with vest combo and combat boots, perfect for her age and style. Leading man Yeo Jin Gu missed the photogs outside of the airport but was spotted inside and looked fresh wearing metal rimmed spectacle glasses and a white button down shirt. Wishing everyone a safe and fun trip, just like they delivered a fun and fresh drama that I enjoyed from start to finish.


IU Leads the Fashion Parade as Hotel Del Luna Cast Jets to Thailand for Reward Vacation — 3 Comments

  1. IU’s outfit makes her legs look short. As cute it is, it is rather comfy than good for her body type. Same with the purse. Too bulky.

    Is it already that cold in Seoul for a thick sweater & coat mix? But it really suits him.

  2. I love love love Korean women. I think that they are the most beautiful in the world as a group and above all is the absolutely stunning and multi talented IU.
    I am a white American male who is totally devoted to KDramas. Hotel Del Luna was a strangely highly entertaining unusual Drama which fascinated me from beginning to end. I am generally not a fashion person, but one could not help notice that no expense was spared in costuming IU in countless extremely unique outfits. Of course it helps that you are dressing the “Goddess” of Korean women.

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