Ji Chang Wook is a Polished PD and Won Jin Ah an Energetic Contestant Crossing Paths in K-drama Melt Me Softly

September is when movie season slows down after the jam-packed summer months but I find it usually a good time for K-dramas to deliver quality fare heading into the fall. End of the month comes Melting Me Softly on tvN, which has been promoting for over a month so I feel like it should be here by now but eh I can wait a bit longer. Starring Ji Chang Wook as a variety show PD and Won Jin Ah as said show’s contestant, the two share the same crazy fate of being cryogenically frozen for 20 years and un-thawed to find themselves people out of time. Their friends and family are 20 years older and they need to keep their body temperature steady to stay alive. SBS did a similar concept with Thirty But Seventeen which I loved and I’m also enjoying all the Melt Me promos so far so my hopes are high for sure.

Preview for Melt Me Softly:

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