Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young Confirmed for jTBC Romance I’ll Come By When the Weather is Nice

The stars have aligned to pair up Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon in a romance drama, and for some reason I thought these two have worked together before. Perhaps it stems from Park Min Young having acted opposite so many young, handsome, and buzzy male leads on her resume and now she’s adding one more. They are confirmed for the jTBC romance drama I’ll Come By When the Weather is Nice, set in the countryside and tells of the romance between the introverted art teacher female lead and the male lead who runs a small bookstore. The drama is slated for early 2020 and hopefully both spark beautifully and deliver the healing romance the drama is billed as.


Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young Confirmed for jTBC Romance I’ll Come By When the Weather is Nice — 51 Comments

  1. I like this kind of drama, it reminds me Jdrama.

    I like the both actors, so I’m very excited to see them. Watchers was so good! SKJ became a really good actor.

  2. Yup, Seo kang Jun, was in Busted season 1 as a high school boy that murder his friend in one of the episode as you know Park min young also play as one of detectives in Busted. I will definitely gonna watch this..soompi ??

  3. SKJ has come a long way from cunning single lady drama. His acting just keeps improving he gets stronger with every new drama. He should follow this up with a scifi drama if possible.

    • Yes….he is my oppa..I first saw him in are you human too…where he just nailed.. His eyes & smiles are enough to watch in…anything else is not needed.. Hope that it will become a big hit & will crown him with a lot of success..he just makes himself perfect for any kinda roll..I don’t know much about park min young ..hope that she will also do very well as seo kang joon. cause I know oppa will nail it..??????????

  4. Definitely will check this out !
    Both leads are gorgeous and very good actor/actress.
    It will be interesting to see them deliver in slower type healing romance.

      • PBG lost a lot of street cred since his panned performance in Encounter whereas SKJ in reverse picked up critical acclaim for his diversity of roles. The praises really started with Are You Human Too and his latest effort in Watcher catapulted him into the solid actor arena. PBG is more of a commercial star like Lee Minho and recently Song Joongki. Acting chops wise – its really divided in opinion in korea.

      • Pfft you comparing park bogum with three hit projects, with seo kang jon with zero hit project. if you checking all park bogum drama you will know how wide his acting range, and he is not just take all that characters (like how your bias did) he shine with it. All his characters is memorable. And whats wrong with encounter? That drama is one of high rating drama in tvn. ? how about you ask your bias to beat encounter rating then we can talk again, (make sure he top buzzworthy list and actor brand reputation like how Park bogum did with encounter)

      • Tiani you can’t measure critical acclaim and acting talents with vain popularity and over hype ratings. His dramas just have high numbers because the audience is fickle but as an actor he has almost no capacity or street cred. SKJ and NJH have more street cred as actors compared to him. I know he has a rabid fanbase like yourself mindlessly assume ratings and buzz mean something when they don’t. You can buy buzz by paying people to trend your name or article hundreds of articles about you. When it comes to ratings Encounter was not considered a hit just like Asdal is not considered a hit. PBG has a good character image but as an actor he’s on the same level as LMH. The sad reality is that Hallyu actors get more CFs and dramas but they never challenge themselves as actors. PBG has given up on his acting career now her only does things for popular buy SKJ challenges himself as an actor even if it doesn’t make him popular but it’ll make him stand out in the long run.

      • @goon Love in the moonlight got praise from both critics and audience, in 2016 Park Bogum almost get baeksang if its not because of song-song couple.and he was 23 y.o that time. Is this not enough for you? How could he is same like LMH, he never take any role like ‘look I’m rich and super handsome’ character, thats totally skj character in entourage and CITT lol. Park bogum hit his popularity with his character as choi taek in reply 1988, how about you check that character and tell me is there any actor who ever get big with that kind of character except of park bogum. Challenge? Park bogum will become the first human clone in his next movie (cant wait! ?) of course thats challenging role. I know you freaking love your bias but putting down another actor wont make your fav look big. Calling encounter not a hit same as calling MOA and WWWSK flop. Asdal is flop of course because of high budget.

      • @go on. Wow.. you really mirrored my thoughts. Actually i saw her comment yesterday and wanted to reply but when i saw the term”bias” being used, I decided not to contribute any arguments with a likely teenager. 🙂 in my late 30s. Working and living in Korea and definitely cued into the industry here. I am giving an update and reflection of what the industry position is and not from a fans perspective. I like Seo Kang Joon but I wouldn’t put him on a pedestal. He impresses me alot with his constant quest to improve and i do stand up for him more in this space over the years seeing how much he’s been bullied since the CITT saga. As for commercial stars and their quest to only act in big budget everything sickens me bit by bit over time cos I can’t help feeling they are selling out their craft. This trend will end at some point when broadcasting and production companies realise that shelling big bucks for star power does not always guarantee ratings and true great vehicles like Sky Castle with good acting scripting and directing all around trounces the big boys as the ultimate underdog

  5. I dont think seo kangjoon worth as male lead. Eventho he already in many romance drama, there’s no die hard shipper. Park minyoung will carry hard this drama. She always look good with anyone, but getting paired with skj will be a big challenge for her. Thanks god, Skj look older than his real age. I will watch it for park minyoung

    • I hope she will be the main focus here or at least the same portions, I hate it when your main character get shadow with so many other character in a drama, it’s hard to focus in the story, when I want to see main character develop the story but because they only showed up once in a while because too many supporting character in there like in Glory Jane or Remember she was In.

    • hahaha… I knew some delulu will say PMY will hard carry a drama AGAIN! When did this ever happen? She was overshadowed by KJW in her last drama, all people remember is “Ryan Gold” although she was not all that bad, just her usual, she did her part but nothing memorable. In WWSK, even though her character’s name is in the drama title, it was PSJ who got all the awards not her. Saying she will hard carry any drama is too premature and she is not at that level and status yet! IMO PMY should stay away from repeating melo rom-coms always being a supportive GF for the male lead. She should act in female centric like Search WWW. Why doesn’t she? No such offer??

      • Well.. maybe this time this drama will focus on PMY, since the angst is all on her character. To be honest, the synopsis sound like the third charm to me. Lmao, maybe this time the leading guy is the one heal the girl.

      • Really??? In HPL I only remember Deok Mi not Ryan Gold character lol… depend how you saw it, for us delulu as you said we love her act in there better than main actor and I think she did won award for WWWSK with Seo Jun..

      • Esom is amazing in The Third Charm. It will be nice if PMY can act in that range and capacity. PMY is very type-casted in her last two dramas, it will be bad to her career if she again repeats similar role.

      • PMY will carry hard this drama?! What a joke! She can’t do romcoms at all. WWWSK comedic moments were all contributed by her costars whereas she was only remembered for her bouncy ponytail and her acting in HPL was cringey. She only propelled the 2 guys to greater heights. Likewise, SKJ will outshine her in the new drama. Only consolation is that she can cry well so melos would be fine for her. However, the storyline sounds slow and insipid.

      • Who said, pmy get 6 awards from secetary kim you don’t that,,,high award to, she win apand best favorite actress, cosmopolitan award,international drama conference best actress, from Qinyi Taiwan, KCA award, Soompi award,,now she win Asia artists awards popularity from hpl

      • @Cherry – aren’t you at least a bit embarrassed to list all these popularly and soompi awards which bear no significance in the artistic credits for an actress of such long acting history should have? And you forgot to mention all those couple awards she won with the help of her male leads. LOL.

    • Lol if you think Seo Kang Joon isn’t worthy as male lead. If anything his acting is heaps and bounds better than Park Min Young’s and his past 3 dramas have proven that fact. She is the one who is lacking and can’t carry a drama. The male leads did all the work in her last 2 dramas…

      • I haven’t even watched his drama yet, I might start soon, I found on Netflix Single Cunning Lady had him too with Lee Min Jung as the lead actress there, do you have any suggestions what other kdrama that had Seo Kang Jun in it in Netflix? I watched him in Busted 1, that’s all.

      • Fully agree. PMY has hardly any successful masterpiece to call her own. She only relied on her more popular costars such as LMH in City Hunter, JCW in Healer and PSJ in WWWSK but KJW even outshone her in HPL…LOL. Thought she was ok in Q47D but it flopped terribly.

    • Seo kang joon is perfect for any kind of lead role.. His acting is just perfect..he nails whatever he does….. He looks good with everyone..even in drama third charm esom the female lead was not much nice but skj managed to look good with her also..& u said that there is no die hard shipper ..I don’t think its needed …park min young is also a nice actress. It depends on them that how they will work on their pair..but seo kang joon will try his best & everyone knows that…without knowing about someone s capability you should not talk.when the drama will air we all can see whither their pair is working or not..should not say anything without watching.. I wish the best for my oppa skj..his eyes & smiles are enough to watch in which brings a charm in every scene ??????I hope the story of the drama will be good otherwise I will watch it only for oppa

    • Yeah.. I love her only in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Healer, WWWSK and HPL, I never finished the rest of her melodrama, I watched Queen for 7 days, but I don’t like the ending so I dropped it, hehe..

  6. I like the premise. Hope to see PMY act in a role that’s very different from her previous ones. I was getting a bit irritated by that fangirling role and dropped that drama. Maybe it was too similar to Secretary Kim.

  7. :'( Sorry, that’s bad news for me, I haven’t liked any PMY drama since City Hunter and find her mostly bland. On the other side I love SKJ and want to watch anything he’s in, but I don’t think I will like a romance where I can’t find the main actress likable. Sad to miss the next drama from one of my favorite actors.

    • Might be is because her 2 latest drama is mostly bland. I can’t stand watching my private life and WWWSK due to the blandness of this 2 drama, the shallow directing, and the male lead lack of soul in acting. She is always trying to add depth in something more substance, that’s what makes me is still like her despite her limitation.

      This drama drama will be directed by Han Ji Seung, from alone in love pd. And it’s it’s jtbc, So I’m hopeful it will be at least a decent watch.

      • I love WWWSK because it’s just comedy not a drama full off tears and twisted plot, just a comedy drama that just cheesy and entertaining to me, I mostly laugh when I watch it, released my stress away.. ?

  8. This guy is such a hottie. Hope he becomes top actor. And pmy was good in whats wrong with sec. Kim…
    She has really became a top actress now

    • I think many people will pass on it if it’s anything like her last two romcoms. I like PMY and her acting but I gotta be frank – her last two romcoms, though her acting shone, – the story line and plot were very weak and forgettable. Conversely though, these are the dramas that resonated with the public the most. Maybe it’s because of the plethora of kiss scenes and skinship, which imo would not really be so necessary if the plot were strong enough to stand on its own. I like good kiss scenes as much as the next person, but it’s pretty obvious to me the viewer, when it’s just fan service and when it’s essential to the plot. The last PMY dramas with good scripts were Healer, Seven Day Queen, Sungkyunkwan scandal, City Hunter and Remember.

      • I’m surprised after all these years PMY still has no star power. Her filmography isn’t diverse nor does she pick good roles but I’m still amazed at how non existent her star power is after having acted with so many ‘it’ stars. She has no presence in Korea at all without her male leads.

      • Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suck have been doing the same roles pretty much their entire careers too, and see they’re doing fine.

      • I think its because of plastic surgery?
        PSH is not better than her in acting and always picks the same roles as well, but she has more star power because she is natural.

      • Believe PMY never gained immense popularity due to her PS background so she is not considered a beauty; thus, not worthy of LMH, in his fans’ eyes so they never accepted and chewed her mercilessly. His fans were fine with Suzy though.

  9. I really don’t care what everybody said here lol.. I just love WWWSK, Healer and HPL, those are good stuffs.. lol.. ?????? my prefences romantic comedy, the cheesier the better!!! Lol

  10. Geez I really liked PMY character in HPL surprisingly enough and I thought she would really turn to OCN for a crime/thriller/horror drama but alas it’s another rom melo healing genre yet again run off the mill. SKJ is a score though and I think if they slow burn the romance out and just focus on their characters and storyline it could work out favourably.

    • Are you talking about AAA? The same award ceremony people pay to win awards? Which only invites artists that are on their roster and is known to be the most fake award ceremony? Congratulations if that’s her level of “popularity”.

  11. Three romance dramas in a roll? PMY should do something different… I wonder why she hasn’t acted in movies?
    On a side note looking forward to Seo Kangjoon. Didn’t like his last romance drama, but I loved his acting in Are You Human.

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