Vagabond with Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Holds Press Conference Before Friday Premiere

It’s finally time to start running for the titular Vagabond, a drama that finished filming months and months ago and feels like it’s been promoting for that long as well. The cast of the SBS Fri-Sat drama attended the press conference to kick off the week before the upcoming premiere this Friday and everyone looks super different than their characters with so much time lapsed since they finished filming but with plenty of jolly cheer. I’m sure Shin Sung Rok is playing the baddie but he’s got lots of offscreen camaraderie with male lead Lee Seung Gi, and who knows if the hated rivalry will generate more chemistry than Lee Seung Gi with Suzy. I think of the OTP relationship is well written it can compensate for that and ultimately with an action thriller we just have to understand the motivations and the PD deliver the action with plenty of visual finesse.


Vagabond with Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Holds Press Conference Before Friday Premiere — 65 Comments

  1. Lee seung gi is awesome. I hope drama does good for him and i hope suzy gets only romance part and a flowerpot role. So drama dont get ruined!! And she looks like plastic. Botox gone wrong? Her old pics and new pics has quite a difference. Her teeth area has always been bad anyways

    • She got a good surgeon.. and anyone can google her plastic surgery before and after pics. She isnt natural. Atleast got good ps but didnt get good acting teacher oh jeez i m arguing with someone one who stans untalented actress.

      • delusional. suzy is the “it” actress of her 20s just say you’re salty about because it’s not a “real” actress instead lol

      • @bae You are the one who si delusiona. Noone take suzy serious as an actress. It girl lol my fooT. My faves r global stars like jjh shk or mae actors like ksh lmh GY sjk LBh .. suzy dont belongs there. she is inferior!
        And boasting about her cf deals wont make people respect as an actress. she is known as cf model only not an actress and my faves shin se kyung is cf queen since 2008 when suzy was noone and still having a great year and decade lone longevity and another fave kim tae ri is at top of brands since mr sunshine and she gives bb movie. suzy failed with last movie when no male lead to help her. she aways bank on male leads. The so called it girl suzy isnt getting bb movies what my face kim tae ri gets and my another fave psh is most famous 90s actress all over asia and has signed recently another international deals. suy can keep her local cfs!

      • You hurt with the truth? All those idols act better than the supposed “real” actors LMH, SSK, PSH despite having less experience. LMH literally plays the same characters over and over again at least Suzy branches out. He was lucky to have dated the nation’s first love.

    • @Yoonasuzycantact If you’re going to name names like LMH and PSH as examples of better acting, I cannot take you seriously lol. The likes of Kyungsoo, Siwan, Kyungsik, Nana, Sejeong, Suzy, IU, Mina, Jiyeon, Jun, Jinyoung, etc. are all better than those two who keep taking the same roles as well lol.

      • Suzy better actress? Ok i camt argue with delusion idol fans. Suzy is wooden piece of plank and was lee kin ho’s w***e

      • Loo lee min jo lucky. When he is way richer and bigget star than her. Out earns her. Double cf salary and is most gloabl korean actor. Ok! He will be making money in his 40s and suzy will be finsihed by then. She was his bed warmer nothing else

    • Suzy knows her weakness but she always picked dramas with top male actors kim soo hyun, lee sung gi etc. Always bank on bigger male leads and get a hit. She is wooden piece of plank but smart person when it comes to script sense and who d male lead is

  2. Suzy looks demure and I like her stylist’s choice of dress very classy for the press con. As for VB best wishes for their season. I’m on the fence with this and will wait for the updates here and on DB.

  3. I will never understand why if idols are not respected in Korea they dominate all the cfs, magazines, ambassadorship and blockbuster dramas or movies. Real actors like kim nam gil, jang nara, kim sun ah have almost no cfs but suzy, iu, hyeri, twice, blackpink, kang daniel,bts, exo, seolhyun and basically every idol in existence is loaded with either cfs, magazine shoots, scripts and what not. How does the general public claim they can’t tell idols apart when all they see is idols in the shops, on tv and basically everywhere. Someone please explain this contradiction to me.

    • U have chosen some actors like kim sun ah who was never top cf star. Dominate all the cfs? lol! U can bring lee young ae or go hyun jung from 70s generation whose cf salary exceeds the idols and till to this day even in late 40s endorse big brands. Lee young ae holds record of all time most cfs for female celebs! N there r many actors who endorse bigger products as well as earn more from cfs than idols u mentioned. Yoona just got one bb movie where she was the last reason it became bb. And korean movie stars are song kang ho , choi min, hwang jung woo, lee byung hun who dominates movie and top drama stars r real actors. what r u talking about? suzy have always banked on male leads !
      U chose the actors who r not at top of list for cfs. Actresses like taehyeji commands way morre than idolls types iu suzy and 90s actress ike kim tae ri has became top endorser after mr sunshine. PSH has international brands which suzy types never have Actors like sjk lmh ksh, lbh,HB, PBG, GY endorse bigger brands and earn more on average. pls get ur facts clear.
      Jang nara was cf queen when she was at peak. and same will happen with likes of suzy when they became old.. They wont have longevity like taehyeji let alone lee young ae or go hyun jung!

      • Suzy endorses Lancome while PSH only endorsed a local brand like Mamonde. Twice endorses Estee Lauder while Lee Young Ae endorses a local brand whose name I can’t even be bothered to remember. Jennie of BP endorse Hera same as Jun Ji Hyun but everyone knows Jennie’s the more popular model and her cfs have the most views. BTS endorses Hyundai which top actor endorses a car brand? None. Exo Kai is the global model for Gucci eyewear what is Park Bo Gum the global model for? Got7 Jackson has more international brand endorsements just this year than Hyun Bin has ever had in his whole career. Sunmi endorses Swarovski and she easily pushed out Park Shin Hye to take over that endorsement. Yoona endorses Crocs which is a big international brand no actress has any endorsement as big as hers. Even if we talk about local must have brands like Chamisul only idols have dominated it first IU and now Irene. Red Velvet Seulgi is the model for Converse while A Pink Naeun endorses Addidas. Kang Daniel endorses basically everything high class. Idols out rank actors when it comes to both popularity and endorsement. Throwing tantrums on this forum won’t ever change that reality. Actors can never be as popular as idols especially now when k-pop dominates over k-drama. BTS has made it impossible for k-drama to ever become a hallyu once again. Now people only care about k-pop and idols will continue to reign over both endorsements and scripts. Cha Eun Woo, Kyungsoo and Seo Kang Joon will become bigger than any of the real actors of their generation. L is fast gaining popularity as an actor and his drama have been performing well. If any of the BTS boys step into acting it’ll be the end of the real actors. You under estimate the power of idol actors these days. Hyeri and Seolhyun continue to reign as CF Queens along with Suzy, IU and Yoona despite the fact that they’ve been around for over a decade. Even big actresses like Song Hye Kyo and Gong Hyo Jin have a lot of respect for them and are their fans.

      • @daebaek if u using local brands to insult then u r delusional. Lee young ae from her local brands earns highest paycheck. Whereas twice dont touch her numbers and they have to divide.
        Bts earned 57 million which is 8 million per member after doing ocountless tour dates albums cfs etc. Whereass jjh earns one member salary by doing that much 6 or 7 cfs!
        Lee min ho recently signed 7.5 million usd cfs in just 3 mnths after comabck without a drama in ages and nezt year it will be more. Jackson is chinese ofcourse he will earn more. Simole logic.
        Yoona wasnt making cf list for years. One big brands wont make her top earner.
        Hyeri cf salary is low so is apink girl or seol hyun iu n suzy earns good hut at their age taehye ji earned more per cf.
        Bts will replace real movie stars ? R u kidding me? Bts v drama.floppdd hard.
        Real movie stars make movie bbs n get 8 figures check from profits. They r not going to be reaced by bts !!
        Pbg gy might endorse loval brands but they earn top moneg. So local or international doesnt matters.
        Jennier more popular tgan real cf queen jjh ? Omg! What jennier earms from highest cf is average salary of jjh per cf. Jjh is another league.
        So no idols will never replace real actors as much u idol fans can scream about it and throw tantrums

    • Its bacause kpop is bigger than kdrama. idol have bigger fanbase than actor. Song hyekyo is super popular but his fanbase not as big as suzy or lisa, same with lee minho everyone know him but D.O will beat him easily in popularity awards. Idol fans is more fanatic and will do anything for his idol. They willing buy all their idol products, make thousand accounts, spamming everywhere to promoted their bias. Meanwhile actor fans have their limit. But still actor fanservice is not the same like idol’s fanservice. Idol always busy promoting theirself everywhere and everytime, when actors not really care about that. Example how bts members have their own Yt channel and make sure they give update to his fans everyday. While actor like park bogum is more private, he even didnt want to make instagram account.

      • What are you talking about? Actors are actively promoting themselves on vlive and youtube. PSJ, JCW, SSK, CWH, PSH, LJS and even PBY all have channels on which they constantly promote themselves. You’re right though actors can never catch up to idols in popularity which is why I have to agree with the people who have said that power of idols is indisputable. I don’t know about the previous generations because I think people like HB, GY, LSG etc will remain top stars but the current generation will for sure lose out to idols wether it’s about endorsements or acting or star power. Idols are just too powerful these days and even when they can’t bring in ratings or their acting is poor they can still out sell actors. If you see OSW out performed YJG during the popularity charts and you could even say he’s the better actor over all. I do believe the time of real actors is over or at least it won’t be as easy for them is it has been till now. Idols have started to take over everything.

      • @dabaek. Local brands r not chwap if u tlr trying to shade actors! Lee youn gae average more than million usd per cf which is highest in korea and she dont have to divide unlike twice
        Jjh is more populsr than jennier as cf queen for 2 decades. Jennie highest paid cf paid her million dolkar and thats like avergae cf salary for jjh
        Bts highest earning year is 2019 with 57 million usd ti their account by Forbes. Netting each member 8 million usd.
        Kim soo hyun after my love from stara earned 81 million usd in events cfs
        Sjk earned 50 million usd after dots
        Lee min ho is averaging in tens of million per year since 2009.
        Jjhdoes atleast 10 cfs even on hiatus which means 10 million usd to 15 million usd income more than any bts member.
        Gonv yoo, jo in sung , park bo gum, hyun bin might endorse local but they get 800 million to 1 billion won per cf deal and they dint have to divide. Idols have to.
        Jackson is chinese ofcourse he will have bigger dealsm
        Hongkong news portals reported lee min ho signed 7.5 mjllion usd cfs in just 3 mnths after comeback. Just imagine the number after drama next year
        Hyeri seolhyjns cf slaries r low.
        Iu n suzy earns good but at their age taehyeji averaged more per cf. Jjh was earning in 8 figures back then without inflation. She owns 70 million usd real estate alone in korea and owns even more outside korea lol. Whereas bts members were buying 1 or 2.millio usd apartments. Jjh bought a 30 million usd building in cash.
        Local brands pay high end salary on par with any international cf .
        So your shade fails.
        When any twice member or yoona or suzy last as long as lee young ae then compare them.
        Yoona failed to make official CF list for years now. One brand dont change it
        KOBACO OFFICIAL KOREAN RANKING lists actors cf salaries more. Even if idol groups o par theyir companies take big cuts and they have ti divide.
        N now bts wont replace real actors nor others lol
        Top mocie stars and drama stars are still aftors. Movie directors go for real actors. Yoona has jothing to do in exit and its success
        Real actors r more loved and respected. And earns more. Lee byjng hun bae yong joon own so many businesses, these idols can dream of
        And last local brands are not cheap and pay same or even more
        Bts r global i agree but they will fade like one directio or others when they go on break

      • Damn so many typos. But u got the point. Idols can keep their onoine popklarity which will fade awya with next gen of idols whereas actors will move to third decade in their career.
        Hyeri iu suzy etc will be finsihed at taehyeji age. Twice and bp members will be finsihed too. Lee hyori was top at game in.2000s but her gen actresses reached greater heigjts and she is a has been. Same will happen wih hyeri types.
        Top movie stars are real actors and actresses. Movie direvtors r not fools.
        Regarding kang daniel, he was outearned by park seo joon. Park seo joona was number one in KOBACO rankins and he earms double the amount per cf. Amd mid u he is in second tier when it comes to cf salaries of actors.
        Do isnt more popular than park bo gum either in advertisements or success as actor. Park bo gum keep all koney to himself lol.

      • @ dabebaek Plus its not tantrum its fact. U idol actors fan need to stay in ur lane bcoz ur idols will be has been n real actors will move to next generation of domination. Ur idols plastic face wjll be replaced by new plastic faces lol.

  4. I don’t think you can compare A-Listers’ CF fees to idols’ lol. Not a fair comparison.

    And I can’t believe what I’m seeing. THE Lee Young Ae is being compared to a Kpop group? ??‍♀️

    • Maybe these idol groups need to be repsectful towards biggest cf queen and most iconic actress of last 30 years. When so callrd twice completes three decade then they can make comparison to queen
      I didnt want to compare until idol fans tried to pull them down saying they endorse local brands. Samsung is also korean local brand which many korean actors endorse. So they have to learn some facts that local brands pay big

      • But Samsung’s endorser is black pink and LG’s endorser is BTS. Aren’t you basically proving their point that wether local or international when it comes to big brands idols are preferred. I don’t want to start a fight here but I’ve been noticing as well that recently all brand events and endorsement are dominated by idols. Today Cartier had an event and almost every one at the event was an idol. This would not have been the case even 5 years ago and it’s really shocking. All the international fashion events this year have been dominated by idols as well. Jisoo was a Burberry, Sunmi was at Prada and ofcourse Jennie is always at every Chanel event. Times have changed and not for the better. Why is it that actors have become devalued? How come idols are this popular now? Pandora changed their model to Yoona and I just couldn’t understand why. Acuvue signed on Twice and they are also the only ones to ink a 3 year deal with Pocari. Kia which is another local car brand has signed on balck pink while the big car brand Hyundai took on BTS. Not just them but even banks are now moving on from actors to idols which they claimed they would never do just a few years ago. What changed? Did I miss something? I really want to know and I swear I’m not trying to start a fight.

      • @Toby samsung has various products which are endorsed by different people throughout varuous countries. Idols companies r known for spresding pr amd new. Actors agencies dont spread news like them
        . I cant put links here as it dont allow. My point was that member was devaluing actors.
        A korean cf pays maximum of 1 to 2 billion won to top celebs . Actors like jjh lya ghj shk kth or ksh lmh sjk etc comes in that list. Even if it not samsung they earn it on average for any local producg. Bts have to divide that income between each and same.for bp. N their companies take bigger cut compared to actors agencies. What r u saying? Like last year park see joon endorsed 30 products in korea alone. And he is second tier in cf earnjngs for actors and outearned IT IDOL BOY KANG DANIEL. So no idols dont dominate. Idols r just too good in pr machinery. If bp earns 1 billion per cf, each memeber will get their share only. U can do the maths whereas jjh will walk away with all amount for cf
        That are their individual cfs. Jennier lisa pr machine said they earned 1 million usd for this brands. One peak brand . Jjh earns it on average for one cf. She doesnt need to do pr n boast about it.
        U just wait for kobaco ranking annuals which is always dominated by actors and many actors have cfs in double digits.
        Kim soo hyun earned 100 billion won ay peak. Bts have yet to reach that jumber. Sjk earned 50 to 60 billion won after doys. Lmh earns in 8 figure since 2009 and he still earmrd 7.5 million usd in 3 mnths. Top actors go away with bigger paycheck and insane longevity
        Like leemin ho has already signed 7.5 milllion usd cfs in 3 mnths and his drama will air next year
        Do the maths
        Idols companies r known for prs. Actors agenices dont thats why u see more idol news.

      • @toby idols companies are notorious for boasting n spreading rumors. Whereas actors keep it private. For ex kim soo hyun hold record of filimg 50 plus cfs in one year followrd bt jjh who filed 40 cf in same year in 2014. 40 amd 50.different brands. She has filmed for samsung 100 times. Bp r currently active thats y j see them everywhere. They cant afgord to take breaks like jjh bcoz people moveon from idols.
        Jjh even on hiatus films atleast 10 cfs. Do the number.
        Ksh earned 100 billion won but they were not crazy to spread it everywhere. Sjk earmed 60 billion won amd lee min ho is consistently earning 8 figures in us dollars since bofs. Even after 3 years break he earned 7.5 million usd in 3 months after comeback acvoding to sources which will touch 8 by year end. And next year he has biggest drama.cmng
        Just imagine the number.
        Actors last 2 or 3 or 4 decades. Whereas idols r famous at peak but peaks end n new plastic comes

  5. To anyone who thinks idol actor won’t last more than one generation Siwan, Siwon, Hyungshik, Jaejoong, Taecyeon and Eric say HI. All of these idol actors are still going strong. Some idiot said BTS popularity will fade? Yeah maybe in the year 4000 or not even then. Coming after the troika of Suzy, Yoona and IU even after their domination of over 10 years is stupidity. They outshine their peers by miles and just so you know top groups earnings don’t have an agency cut since they’ve paid back their debt. Basically anything BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK, RED VELVET, EXO, SHINEE or others earn is all theirs and even after splitting the money each one of them earns more than any actor does for a CF. BTS individual members earn more than PBG for their shared Coca Cola CF and lets not forget all the endorsers of LDF which is the best biggest endorsement in south korea are idols.

    • And these idol actors r not even on par with the likes of lmh sjk ksh when it comes to success on acting lol!
      Lol Sm, yg and jyp all have their cuts from cfs to acting roles. Sm is known for taking half of the money. U dont even have ur basic facts clear!
      Where is seo taiji or first gen idol groups who were at their peaks. Whereas lee byung hun still top of the game after 3 decade. Idols career ends n the become has been when new gen of plastics emerge
      Lol what? Top actors and actress earn more for cfs than idols. Even idols group if they eaen same amojnt have to duvide from 4 to 9 membera. Lol. What!
      Their individual vf deala r on even on par.
      Lisa n jennier boasted about signing one million dollar with one brand . Whereas top actresses earn it on avwrage per cf.
      Idols dont outwarm actors on cfs.
      Do ur basic research
      Domination ? Suzy yoona iu salary were like 200k usd when they started earning cfs. Now it is in 500 million won to 700 million wo range. Way short of real actresses lol. No domination at all. Yoona easnt even making cf list in last few years of KOBACO
      Several time cf salaries has been published and actors earn much more.
      Jaejokng is rich bcoz he invested smartly at his peak u like others
      Ome direction remember? West movekn fast
      Bts might stay popular local
      And bts members eraned 57 million dollars. Netting each 8 million usd per member. Top actors earns that by filming 7 or 8 cfs lol. And they dont have to be on tour whole year.
      So no they are not richer. Actors will go on for 3 or 4 decades. Idols who?

      • Plus so many actors endorse samsung the biggest company in korea.
        And kim soo hyune earned 81 million usd or 100 billion won in cfs n sjk too earned big after dots. So no idol dont outearn actors . Wish it allowed to post links.
        N he didnt have to didvide with 7 people or twice. Park bo gum endorser double digit of brands. He earns nearly billion won more than iu suzy lol. And he is making on par with any bts member and he will last long

    • There is video on internet when sjk was not that big n was having fun argument with minho from shiness. He said did u take ur money home? N minho went all read. After thT he has bevome huge star n is now richer than any exo shinee bp rv member. He bought a 9 million usd house. Whereas bts member are buying 1 or 2 million usd apartments. So actors r doing very well . So NO THEY DONT OUTEARN ACTORS

    • Im sorry but how could you know how much park bogum earn for coca cola cf? I never heard about his salary eventho I follow many of his fanbase

      • Its not about just one cf but how he averages per cf. Site isnt allowing links what to do? He is top endorser since love in moonlight show and absolute A list. I gave him conservative estimate lower than sjk lmh etc as they are more popular outside korea

      • If you checking park bogum’s brand, he take two of lmh cfs, wanna one’s cf, jo insung’s cf, and there’s big brand like coca cola and kakaopage, so I think he must be expensive. Blossom confirm he is expensive tho. Not sure how much he earn. Thats why I want the link.

      • Tiani i know he is expensive. He might not be pan asia popular like lmh but he is big in korea and endorse many products. These idols fans insylt real actors. Dont take thwir words serious

      • No no no I dont have any problem with your words. I honestly dont care about cfs. But I become curious when people start talking about salary. just curious.

  6. To anyone who thinks idol actor won’t last more than one generation Siwan, Siwon, Hyungshik, Jaejoong, Taecyeon and Eric say HI. All of these idol actors are still going strong. Some idiot said BTS popularity will fade? Yeah maybe in the year 4000 or not even then. Coming after the troika of Suzy, Yoona and IU even after their domination of over 10 years is stupidity. They outshine their peers by miles and just so you know top groups earnings don’t have an agency cut since they’ve paid back their debt. Basically anything BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK, RED VELVET, EXO, SHINEE or others earn is all theirs and even after splitting the money each one of them earns more than any actor does for a CF. BTS individual members earn more than PBG for their shared Coca Cola CF and lets not forget all the endorsers of LDF which is the best biggest endorsement in south korea are idols.

  7. Hahaha! I bet this discussion is more interesting than the actual drama! Where are you all getting this information on cf fees and deals? Share the spicy gossip link! It’s so funny!

    • It sucks man. I m trying to share links but it dont allow copy paste to me. :/
      I follow cfs n events for years now. Groups if even they are to earners, their companies take big cuts and they have to divide..people dont uderstand simple logic here

      • Hahaha! I find this conversation so funny I can’t believe people want to compare idols to A Listers! Share the link please about cf fees it’ll be a funny reading!

        Edit: I’m reposting this under a new name because my previous comment didn’t post.

      • Song triplets salary 387000 is far cry from jun ji hyun who earns 1.29 million average per cf. ( from 2015 article )

        Lee min ho breaks chinese cf salary record for mobile phone, paid 2 million usd for oppo deal for one year

        ^^ this was from 2013 ^^^
        And he was oppos brand ambassdor even in 2017^^ before army break
        U can do numbers. All suzy fans who bash him that he lost suzy when he outearns suzy by mile. Suzy lost not him lol

    • I understand i face same issue when i argue with idol bad actors fans.
      Problem is it isnt allowing to copy n paste link.on this blog. I want to share but how would i share if they dont allow?

  8. all these nonsense arguments between the “old school” drama watchers and the younger KPOP listeners are hilarious. Every niche has its market. Young people sell trendy items, clothings, hi-tech electronics. Ahjummas sell anti-aging creams and serums. Why argue? LOL. To me, KPOP can definitely reach far and wide, K-dramas rating is in the downfall.

    • @candy i have arguments with u but atleast these guys be little respectful?
      Have u see someone put down lee uoung ae saying her cf r locals. Like that is an insult? When lya has highest cf rate
      Look at their tone disrespecting legends. Thats why.

    • now this is a whole different topic – talking about “respect”. R u expecting a Gen Z frog in the well to respect an ahjumma mentioning LYA who may never have watched Dae Jang Geum? I think u r expecting too much by being a keyboard warrior here. Anyone bashing their young oppas & unnies will get a smack in the head. I cannot see that u have a very pleasant tone either. U always talk down on people as if your “old” generation is the only respectable one in the world (only in your world maybe and I can respect that…). Legends become statues which eventually got pooped on by the birds. U should be handled your own medicine well if you also talk bad about other’s bias. Why can’t you accept others opinions? Time has changed. My bias are all younger than yours and they will have a much longer time to improve. Keep your crystal ball to yourself and please don’t predict others fortune for as long as you live.

      • My gen? U think how old am i? Lmao. My tone depends on person to person. If delusional tards argue with rude tone they deserve same and i m 22 years old younger than ur bias iu for lord sake.
        Being young is not an excuse but ignorant period.
        I will use my crystal ball and predict. Neither u have it to predict them as successful 10 years down the line. Thnx!
        I do my research properly and form my bias watching them unlike delusional idol tards!
        And yes older generation is respected. Noone respect idols besides their fans lol!
        My old gen actors r still relevant in this world anyways. So they are not statues yet as much u want them to be!
        There were many top actors n actresses who were at top in 20s but now r has beens. So there is no gurantee that your bias will be at top in their 30s n 40s
        That makes difference between my old statues biases and yours! Bcoz mine r still at top of the game. My biases like lee byung hun is top of his game. Is he a statue? Maybe in ur world lol! My younger biases like lmh is at top for 10 years now and has big drama next year.he is going nowhere. So dont worry about my biases being statues!!!!
        I was respectful to u but u r calling me rude when u r the one who is rude lolidols get pooped all d time when another set of generic idols replace them. They become has beens soon earlier than my biases. So u should worry about ur biases first. Who remembers first and second gen idols expect few? There is ur answer but i can name many actors from those gen who r still loved n respected!

      • And i dont get smacked in my head. I m more than enough to handle these idol tards who will moveone when new set of plastics come lol!

      • I don’t find you respectful to me at all. And I did not call you rude. Read again my comment above. I can give you a diagnosis (if you like to hear it) because you are reading things not there and you have a very different image of yourself than what I see you as. I don’t worry about my bias because my bias changes all the time. I am not a very loyal person, and never was. I totally dislike Lee Santa and LMH, they are the worst!

      • My first reply to h was respectful and thnx for concern. I dont need diagonsis.
        And u can dislike them but ny point was u said most become statues and i gave u examplr of lee byung hun who had biggest drama last year and countless blockbuster movies into 3 decades long career

  9. VB is of to a strong start! 6.3, 8.0 and 10.2 % for its premiere on the 20th September. Well done and LSG is getting praised for his action stunts. Haven’t seen it but for anyone who has what are your thoughts? I’m waiting for it on Netflix.

  10. 8% on public is not as bad these days. I’m not saying its great and especially not for a big budget drama like this but its not the worst rating either. I think its at par with what Encounter and Asdal had as ratings which basically means its not on par with their budgets. Its just average neither good nor bad but its also just the 1st episode so lets wait and see what happens in the future. I liked the action scenes and it did feel like watching a movie but I’m not sure I’d enjoy watching a 20 hour movie. Now to deviate to the topic of star earnings which I found very interesting honestly does anyone remember how much the actors earned for Asdal? I don’t think any of the leads have too many endorsements but from what I remember the per episode salary was astronomical and its an amount that idols can never earn no matter how many years they spend acting. I could be wrong but if someone can share some info?

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