Moon Geun Young and Kim Sun Ho Keep the Subways Safe in Poster and First Teaser for tvN Drama Catch the Ghost

Those who take subways daily know there is an inherent risk of it being late, dirty, and perhaps a tiny sliver of danger. But that’s subways in wild NYC and I honestly can’t see the subway system of well-run South Korean infrastructure teeming with danger. But that’s the premise which grounds upcoming tvN drama Catch the Ghost with Moon Geun Young and Kim Sun Ho as cops patrolling the underground and in their first meeting patrolling each other. It’s great to see Moon Geun Young take on an active role and Kim Sun Ho is looking great as her male lead with that piercing gaze perfect for being a cop buddy.

Teaser for Catch the Ghost:


Moon Geun Young and Kim Sun Ho Keep the Subways Safe in Poster and First Teaser for tvN Drama Catch the Ghost — 6 Comments

  1. I remember her being top actress as 17 years old when her movies become blockbusters, numerous cf deals and her dramas became big too. But what happened after 2007 or 2008? Maybe by that time, she had earned enough money and investment..She is not in top league anymore.. She is such a good actress. I hope this drama became a big hit for her career.I loved her scenes in autumn in my heart as kid. she was fantastic in my little bride opposite kim rae won

  2. Moonie is adorable. Her main popularity was as a child actress and things have now changed for her. I Hope she can regain some of the of the popularity of those early years with her new drama after some real difficult years and so much heartache in her life. She deserves something nice to happen for her.I can only wish the best for her.?

  3. She had a number of surgeries and was in hospital early 2017 for a month with a serious arm injury and took many months to recover. She lost a close actor friend october 2017 in a car accident to add to her heartache. Life has been tough on a work level for her for a number of years also so lets all hope something nice is their for her now.?

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