Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah Attend Press Conference for tvN Drama Melt Me Softly

Upcoming tvN Sat-Sun K-drama Melt Me Softly clearly took it’s inspiration from the US movie Passengers, but without the problematic choice (bad choice) element that doomed the male lead’s intentions. It’s like the leads Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah are the only two frozen in time and are dealing with the same return to society shock, no wonder they fall for each other. That they are gorgeous is of course the K-drama cliche but who cares, give me great chemistry and let me root for them to find love and their new way in life after a 20 year time jump. The drama looks to be in good production shape and even held its press conference a week early as the drama doesn’t arrive until Saturday September 28th taking over from Arthdal Chronicles. The long previewed showed lots of comedic overacting from the supporting cast but the two leads are doing a great job at the fish-out-of-water emotions.

Long preview for Melt Me Softly:


Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah Attend Press Conference for tvN Drama Melt Me Softly — 24 Comments

  1. I hope it does well for my future baby daddy… I wish he gets big budget shows like sjk or others as well. so hope it works for him for bigger projects in future. such a good actor

      • How miserable are you? You know that he has nothing to do with that person. And to bring it up here and try to bring a man down who does nothing but make an honest living is so pathetic. Makes me think you’re a sad human being/ down in the gutter, trying to bring others down with them. Stop trying. You can’t bring a good man down.

      • Did I hit a nerve? Wasn’t it just an innocent picture with a fan? The fan is super rich, so what if she invests in a big budget drama for her favorite actor? YOU are desperately trying to bring down the good man with your reaction.

      • Of course, you hit a nerve. Duh?! Wasn’t it your purpose of bringing that name up? Oh well, at least you know that there are people out there who will defend him from people like you. I hope someone would do the same for you when Karma hits you. Goodbye!

      • @cherkell, there’s nothing malicious about my comment and I have nothing to be ashamed of. Seems like you are more ashamed of your bias being known as a club rat and associated with this Madam Lin person. You should be happy that your bias is so friendly and takes pictures with fans at nightclubs.

      • Who is Madam Kim , Shim or whatever people call them? Seriously, I don’t know what people is talking about, please someone explain it.

      • @Raisa – Google “Madam Lin”, this is so simple, no need for any explanation. But if you need explanation, just pass please.

      • @missa – “Madam Shim”? hahaha… you are so vulnerable. LOL!!! For those who have not heard about Madam Lin, please move on, this is old news.

    • sounds like he will have lots of babies… yours and Madam Lin’s. LOL…. Story sounds weak but acting will be good. Let’s see the ratings…

  2. Did anyone see JCW in ‘Hero’ with Lee Jin Ki he was adorable as even though he was just supporting and then I saw him cameo in ‘The Bros’ with Honey Li. My point is he’s an Adonis and absolutely gorgeous but alas this storyline of MMS somehow is going to Melt me to sleep. Sorry but Im so over the whole time genre buzz. I’ll wait for his next drama however good luck to the season. As for the mention of all these Madames Shin, Lim, Dim or whoever they are gosh those try hard brontosaurus’s …dream on and on ya bike! Please it’s JCW here we’re praising so settle down.

  3. looking at the teaser, the whole Acting it’s really over acting and over the top. Man, What’s wrong with you Director? Writer nim? Heck, even senior actor like Jun Ha Kyun. I hope they won’t keep up that kind of acting in the whole drama.

  4. they looked awkward in the presscon
    No chemistry at all.
    MMS was waste of the ML talent and time
    Fl should choose anoother profession. She cant act. she doesnt have charisma at all. Worse actress of all time

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