Jang Hyuk and the Veterans Impress in Latest Teaser for jTBC Sageuk My Country

Joseon-era sageuks are mostly court dramas with all the plotting and one has to go to the earlier Goguryeo, Shilla, Baekjae and even earlier to see the bloodier kingdom warring sagas. Upcoming jTBC sageuk My Country is set in the waning days of the Gorguyeo era and the dawn of Joseon so the outfits are a hybrid of the two but everyone looks heated and pissed off which I love. What I love even more is veteran leading man Jang Hyuk who is playing a supporting but critical role in this drama, the seasoned elder leading the youngsters Yang Se Jong, Seolhyun, and Woo Do Hwan in a masterclass in how to act in a sageuk. It’s also such a throwback to see his look mirroring how he looked in his award winning performance in Chuno (The Slave Hunters). So awesome, I can’t wait to check this out!

New teaser for My Country:


Jang Hyuk and the Veterans Impress in Latest Teaser for jTBC Sageuk My Country — 5 Comments

  1. Jang Hyuk’s still cuts and the snippets of him are amazing. He brings so much charisma on screen. I remember him vividly in Money Flower (amazing show) and everyone was praising his eyes acting! He just gets better and better with age.

  2. Correction but it’s supposed to be Goryeo, not Goguryeo that is before the establishment of Joseon. Goguryeo is dated much earlier and during the period of 3 kingdoms.

    I like this period a lot more due to the styling and that flaunting of mane of glory. Joseon’s costumes less appealing to me.

  3. I think Jang Hyuk might steal the show, he picks every role and drama meaningful and pours all his heart and immense talent into it. He’s a k-ent icon and if I were Yang Se Jong or Woo Do Hwan acting alongside him would be a learning opportunity because I feel they have similar potential to be forces of talent in k-ent and kdramas in the future.

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