Cutie Lee Seung Gi is Not a Vagabond Attending CF Event

There is a bit of 24 vibe going on with SBS Fri-Sat drama Vagabond. I know the drama is more than just 24-hours within the story but male lead Lee Seung Gi is running and rushing and chasing left and right there doesn’t seem to be a break for him to catch his breath and assess. Same goes for the audience, I’m trying to process both the emotions of how awful that plane crash was that killed his nephew and every innocent person on board and suddenly the drama is in screaming investigative mode. Lee Seung Gi’s character went from 1-10 and never stopped in intensity so far 2-episodes in and I hope to the drama lets him take a break before jumping into the next chase. In real life Lee Seung Gi is fully healthy, adorable, and looking great in white attending a CF event in Seoul, so cute!


Cutie Lee Seung Gi is Not a Vagabond Attending CF Event — 20 Comments

  1. Congrats. He is working hard to carry the show. Its all about him and he brought whatever ratings so far as he is the one to carry it all alone
    Though ratings r terrible for a mega budget show. Averaging 8% considering it is on free channel and opening less than encounter and mr sunshine which were on paid cable channels. I hope for him, ratings increase as he deserves a hit. I guess after army he has lost some of his star power but i hope in the end it does better and become hit for him. And he gets his old star power back.

    • Big budget drama does not automatically mean ratings success. Just look at Arthdal Chronicles. Vagabond is doing well despite lackluster ratings in the 2nd of the year. Keep on barking your hate for Queen Suzy because in the end, she’s still winning and the best 90s female idol actress who will keep getting huge offers. It must hurt you that your fave Park Bogum about to act with her lol.

      • It’s the weekend and VB episodes 3 and 4 drop! Story continues…

        Gosh @Marie we were waiting for you back in the last PBG/Suzy post where there are replies back to you but you’re here. Okay new day new post I guess. I feel inclined to copy and paste the relevant posts just to carry on the dialogue to refute your claim so sorry but Suzy is not the best 90’s female idol actress by a country mile. You’re embarrassing her by claiming that title. I’ve never really defended idol actresses but I’m gonna drop for the first tier of idol actresses IU , Jung Eun Ji From Apink, Uee and Nana who for me are stepped up in the acting game to date. If you didn’t know K pop you wouldn’t know their roots are from there. Maybe the drama roles that they score never disappoint and they show their range and talent.

        Yoona, Seolhyun, Hyeri are working on their craft, solid players doing well and this is the 2nd tier of idol actresses that Suzy has in common and shares with them. Hugely popular,definitely loved, supreme CF queens but still a long way to go in terms of acting credibility department.

        PBG and Suzy will make a great looking on screen couple in the movie so I hope their character interactions/dialogue are exceptional. If not what a waste of 2 pretty faces.

      • @ Ginger Crunch I thought we’ve decided to agree to disagree on Suzy/PBG pairing, so I’m not going continue talking about that. I don’t really care anymore about who her partner is because she will do amazing and bring in hype regardless, so I’m whatever about PBG. As for your claims of IU, Eunji, Nana being better than Suzy, that’s YOUR opinion. I don’t find them better than Suzy and pretty mediocre/lack versatility. Plus, they don’t get offered consistently huge productions with A-list actors that Suzy does, which shows her demand and power in the industry. Whether you like it or not, Suzy will remain the biggest idol actress and many directors and A-list actors will continue to flock to work with her.

      • @Marie Please go back to the PBG/Suzy posting before because Adal and Royal We both responded but you were no where to be found except you’re here. I know Suzy is in hot demand and that’s fantastic my point is your constant reference to her being the biggest idol actress. So IU and Yoona are not big? Ah they are and guess what they’re on the same streak so I guess they’re all even.

        And for the record I’m enjoying VB immensely and Suzy is doing well so I guess we are in agreement on that.

      • You’re delusional if you think Suzy is better than Nana, IU, Eunji, and UEE lol I have to laugh. She’s not even better than Yoona or the Park Shin Hye you seem to despise. Don’t be too delusional.

  2. OMG the Korean drama awards nominees are out but I dunno about the selection. SMH so much it’s rotating. Far out what the hell is the selection criteria.Sky castle definitely in the mix.

    Read and weep when you see the list of nominees and who isn’t there but is. I’m so frickin confused. This is shocking and a joke.


    • Korean drama award isn’t credible at all lol remember Ahn Jaehyun got a Top Excellence Award when his acting always get bashed. If you want prestigious award for drama the only credible one is Baeksang.

  3. Lee seunggi acting in vagabond its not that good tho. The story is the one who carried them. But Im not into criminal/action drama and all the characters still not ‘click’ to me. So I will comeback watching it if the rating hit 15%.

    • LSG acting is never great and his range is quite narrow. He is well liked because of his personality, talented as a MC, and he is good in Variety shows (still remember him in Strong Heart?). In VB, his action wins more than his acting, the plot is weak imo. Bet the ratings will drop after all the action scenes are burnt out.

      • LSG was good in king 2 hearts tho, but thats his only drama I ever watch. For me the plot is fresh, but both actors make it less interisting. I cant felt LSG’s emotion and suzy acting is meh. Imagined if they cast actors like hyunbin and junjihyun. It will work better imo.

      • K2H is a good drama because of HJW (and LSG is ok in it). I think Suzy is by far the weakest female lead (in terms of acting) he has and unfortunately, the second time does not make anything better. LOL.

    • HJW always stole anyshow ? suzy just pretty, her acting is average to below average. She is really the weakest, but many writers cast her because she is the prettiest actress with big fanbase (tho she cant bring rating) she wont make it if she was 80liner. LSG is good in some parts but then he is bad in other parts. He cant carried that drama alone.

  4. For me Vagabond is amazing and Seunggi’s acting is far beyond my expectation esp the action scenes. He even do his own stunts without using double to make it more realistic which i think paid off.

    I have watched all his drama and i can say that this action scenes surpassed my expectation. Even the non-Seunggi fans acknowledge it but i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i respect that. For the rating i guess airing 3 parts made a huge impact why small numbers in K Tv is showing and i heard there were a lot of commercials in between these part. I guess people also are turning on to Netflix just like me who can watch it continuously without commercials and with subtitle.

  5. To my surprise, Lee Seung Gi is doing a good job IMO. Don’t get what’s viewers complain about. Same about IU.

    All in all, I think the theme is solid, but it’s just abit fall short compare to my high expectation. But anyways I still like it anyways, and will continue.

  6. “Fashionably” tucked in sweater and flooded pants (I will never get this fashion trend on men) with visible WHITE SOCKS…I like his hairstyle though, I’m glad longer hair on men is coming back in K-ent.

    I hope to start Vagabond this weekend, I’m trying to manage expectations because unless it’s a very short drama, there will be considerable lull and that’s ok if it picks back up and finishes strong *crosses fingers*

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