Park Shin Hye in Talks for jTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Opposite Jo Seung Woo

Okay, this sounds like a promising project for Park Shin Hye, if the rumored male lead accepts she should totally do it. K-ent is reporting that Park Shin Hye has been offered the female lead in the cool sounding jTBC sci-fi suspense drama Sisyphus: The Myth. Also in talks is veteran leading man Jo Seung Woo who is heading into production for the second season of the critically acclaimed K-drama Secret Forest (Stranger) so if he accepts it will be after. Park Shin Hye’s last drama Memories of Alhambra was such a dud for her, performance and character-wise, so I hope she picks a drama with a very well-written and meaningful female lead role and if Jo Seung Woo accepts Sisyphus she needs to sign on because he rarely does dramas and always picks good ones.


Park Shin Hye in Talks for jTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Opposite Jo Seung Woo — 74 Comments

  1. the first photo is totally PS. Looks like someone used a ruler to draw over her tummy. this is a bit too much… LOL. Sci-fi suspense will be good, at least no romance no crying I hope…

  2. JSW out acted BDN in Stranger PSH doesn’t stand a chance against him. She needs to stop picking dramas with male leads who can act because it just makes her poor acting stand out more. Her best performance is still Pinocchio and FBND because both LJS and YSY are weaker at acting than her so she steals the show from them. JSW never picks dramas that don’t focus on his character so even though the plot isn’t out yet I’m sure he’ll have the better written character if he accepts.

    • poor acting? lmaooooo even respected Baeksang award already nominated her as best actress for 2 times, never korean netizen even complain or making her nomination as controversy..go check the fact…

  3. She literally picks the worst dramas and he always picks the best ones. How on earth did they end up being offered the same script? I never saw this coming.

    • Can you list some of those considered much better actress? I only watch a few dramas per year and it is really frustrating to see that the female lead casting choices nowadays are very limited.

      • if we’re talking talent alone then, Jang nara, nam ji hyun, han ji min, park min young, gong hyo jin etc

    • Exactly him and this drama if it’s actually good will be completely wasted on her. Even after 16 years she still can’t act. They had so many options like Seo Ye Jin, Shin Hye Sun, Seo Hyun Jin, I’m Soo Huang, Kang So Ra, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Ji Won, Kim Da Mi, Han Hyo Joo, Shin Min Ah, Nana, Lee Su Bin literally the list of good and popular actresses is endless.

      • seems u didnt check the fact… Han hyo joo has controversy for her acting in W. And for Kim jiwon, kang so ra, lee su bin peww they even not yet entry baeksang drama best actress. Only best of the best by national viewers can entry there, but how shinhye can and they NOT YET. IM LAUGHING W/ YOUR LIAR. JUST HONESTLY YOU MAD THAT THOSE LIST OF UR FAVORITE ISNT GET THIS

  4. Yet another actress who relies on her male leads for ratings. She’s a career candy and not even a good one like GHJ or JNR. Why would they waste his acting on her? If they needed a younger actress they should have picked KTR she has both star power and talent.

    • Well she’s popular and brings in buzz so of course she’s getting these good offers. At least she can emote unlike those idols IU, Yoona, Suzy, etc. who are emotionless and rely on popular male leads to carry the drama to success.

      • Excuse me IU can emote a 100x better then this wooden doll with her deer in the headlights expression! Did you not watch HDL? IU was the star of the show and didn’t need to rely on anyone to carry the show! Her character and it’s fashion is iconic and she has 100x more popularity and buzz!

      • It’s always you PSH fans coming for Queen Suzy hahaha. Face it, she’s much more popular now than your washed out fave who plays the same candy characters over and over again.

      • It’s always PSH fans coming after other people because their own bias can’t act. The galls of people on Soompi telling Cho Seung Woo to back out because he’s too old for her. Nobody wants your unnie to act with him you can keep her.

    • Oh oh seriously the dogs keep barking really doctors proved that that she didn’t rely on anyone especially in 1st 4 episodes when the concentration on her story behave honey .

      • Yeah till she got completely overshadowed by KRW. She can’t hold her own against real actors because she has no actual acting skills apart from crying prettily. She’s going to be completely devoured even in this drama.

      • Really are you in your mind look at naver sweet heart before commenting the dramas 1st 4 episodes mostly about her character honey check your info beside the rating won’t go up if the actress or the actor or the story work up if she doesn’t act as wrote she won’t have 2movies and one drama this year chill out

    • GHJ ? Who always literally ALWAYS do the same role and same genre also same acting in every drama but change a bit in movies ? Yeah keep blabbing lol

  5. LOL she’s going to look so mediocre acting next to him just like she did acting with Hyun Bin. It’s better if she sticks with male leads her level of acting like Lee Min Ho.

  6. I’m giving her a chance. Maybe she still has the talent that she showed in her younger years.
    It’s good she is working with older and talented actors instead of It-boys. But if her role is not significant then she should pass this drama and do that ‘mental-illness’ drama.
    She has enough money so it won’t harm if she actually start appearing in female centric dramas and get some respect as an actress.

    • Bring down are you ok !!!!
      Her reputation is known there so don’t act like those who barking for non sense and for your info she accepted the role either you like it or hated it .

  7. I like her 🙂 For me she’s a good actress. During a long time, she sucked in the skinship/kiss scenes but she started a career when she was young and doesn’t have the experience. But for the rest, she always was pretty good. For MoA, the character was bad like all the female charaters in this drama (except the little sister, she was great). She always has a good chemistry with her costars.

  8. Wow! The vitriol of people here for PSH is above and beyond, I smell bitterness in behalf of theur bias. No matter what ypu say, Shin Hye is well loved by many people and they enjoy her performance and her projects’s ratings speaks for itself. So stay pressed.

    • She only gets ratings because of her male leads it doesn’t speak anything about her non existent acting abilities. The vitriol is in your head because all people stated were facts. She is at the same level as idol actresses just a cf princess who was lucky to debut as a child actor.

      • Well, your actors doesn’t sustain the high rstings in their other dramas. So it means that half the ratings is due her. And CF brings a lot of money so what’s wrong if PSH will take offers for one? It cements the fact that in K-ent world, she is relevant.

  9. Sisyphus? Is that even a word? I read it as Syphilis. I’m as blind as a bat sorry and I can’t spell.

    Anyway I think this move to accept this sci fi drama is a step in the right direction. After the thriller Call and the soon to film movie #Alone with Yoo Ah In it’s reassuring to see PSH picking works that appeal imo and are not the same old tried and predictable rom coms. Story and script writing would be key though to sustain my interest because I’m not overly fussed as to who is cast.

    However PSH did get nominated for Female Top Excellence award for MOA at this years Korea Awards. Hyun Bin wasn’t on the nomination list.

    Don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger.

    • That nomination list is trash and KDA is the worst award show after AAA. These awards are all paid for her agency must be desperate. There wasn’t even a nomination Kim Seo Hyung or Shin Hye Sun who delivered top notch performances. Even knetz call this award show trash.

      • Kim Nam Gil, Ji Sung were not considered. Jang Nara and Ha Ji Min not listed. I don’t know what to think anymore. Soompi comments are blazing and wth where’s this person’s name..why wasn’t so and so nominated….


    • Sisyphus is in greek mythology, a mortal who cheated Hades twice o he was punished. I’m very much interested how they will they relate it to the drama though

  10. I love this girl and she can act and just watch Tree of Heaven and say something. Who acted like that when they were 16? Plus she always has amazing chemistry with her male actor which a lot actresses dont have and they keep ruining dramas for their co-stars.

  11. I dont care what people say about her acting i just love her drams without her in kdrama its so boring so im super happy that finally PSH is doing a drama yayyy.

  12. I feel bad for JCW maybe he can still turn it down. Going from Bae Doona to Shin Hye is the biggest downgrade in acting abilities. He’ll have to cover for her the entire time.

  13. Full of anti psh fans here. But most of her drama has good rating and that’s the reality. Give her a chance. When she accepted the movie Call and Alone, it shows she wants to evolve and improve. Act with veteran actor is a start so let see.

    • Yep I wasn’t a fan of her before MOA but considering her character there wasn’t really fleshed out and she played 2nd fiddle to HB I did say that she needed to branch out and then she was cast in Call and now #Alone so that’s leaps and bounds forward. Her new drama that she has accepted I’m keen to know more about the story but it does sound promising. I haven’t watched her a lot of her dramas and films so I can’t comment on her acting.

      • Watch tree of heaven , doctors and Pinocchio but for movies she always picked small roles only now started to take leads in female centeric and disaster movie

      • Yep I reckon it’s a good career move and choices made for film and dramas. Definitely will work in her favour.

  14. Life and won jin ah says hello. Yes,black knight’s rating sure did better than doctors and that proves the rating is all due to KRW. How dare you questioning the fact that her dramas are high-rated because of her male leads?! *cries*
    Excuse me, I have to laugh at some of the name-drops of better actresses

    • Don’t know where the idea of Black Night having better ratings than Doctors ….I just checked out BN ratings since I actually didn’t watch the show. It didn’t come near Doctors average of 18 to 21% overall, its numbers were half 8/10 %. Just go google it! Just stating facts here.
      As a fan of PSH, I’m looking forward to her coming movies and hopefully a good drama.One thing about her even if she did have a limited part in MOA, every time her story line gets a spotlight , the ratings go up! Also a fact 😉 google it! I won’t be bitter by some comments here about blah,blah blah….the FACT that the power that be are choosing her to star in their projects is enough for me. And the FACT that a lot of actors and actresses love working with her is enough as a fan. There must be a reason why they choose her! I think they know what they are doing, and that’s a fact .

      • probably similar reason as choosing Suzy (nice vase). Wish PSH can choose a female centric drama (like SSK in Rookie Historian, SSK really shines in saguek unlike her boring character in Black Knight) instead of always being labelled as the weaker link to the male lead. Ratings go up with her storyline in MOA because her character holds the “key” to the Game. All my male friends who were watching MOA in Netflix didn’t really care who PSH is, they just wanted to find the “answer” to the Game. How many people really watching MOA because of PSH? Just saying…

      • Sooshin is a Park Shinhye fan. Re-read her words again and you will notice she is being sarcastic lol. Not saying that Black Knight did better than Doctors.

      • the fact is the way so many knetz complain about the mess the story in MOA is and not only slow pace and keep reply old scene on many times that unnecessery wasted the times, lack female lead scene, unnecessery some supporting character and lack explain their background BUT the rating still can around 7-8-9-10% for just cable tv when this writer never serve the public want for the story. WHY? MOST national viewers comment SAID BECAUSE IT BOTH LEAD CAST, Hyunbin and Shinhye that atrack viewers and no complain about their acting. U all can see how end up bad rating for drama that story isnt reach their favor or even start w/ poor rating MEAN the lead cast doesnt have star power to bring high premier rating. And Shinhye sure ONE of a STAR that can bring high premier rating because her female centric Doctor that mostly 90% in 1-3 epsd is all about her already prove that

      • @Sarah Apparently CTJ is in Quantum Leap with Park Hae Soo and Seo Ye Ji. This dropped on September 25thI stand to be corrected if it isn’t him. Min-Ho is also in the movie as they both did cameos. However I was waiting for the drama I married an anti fan with Sooyoung but nothing has eventuated. Any idea where this is at? I hope him and PSH are happily plodding along in their relationship though.

      • Probably no station is willing to buy it after he was liked to Jung Joonyoung last year. Same as Park Haejin’s drama.

      • @Lilac That’s pretty unfair he wasn’t charged for anything in relation to that whole sorry saga but yet trail by speculation and assumption a whole drama is shelved. Not fair at all.

        Which Park Hae Jin is that? I thought he was filming ‘Secret’ with Jo Boa.

      • Secret already finished filming and had its wrap-up party but still no station has bought the drama. Probably because Park Haejin offended CJ.

      • Oh well surely before the actual drama production wouldn’t it be wise and the company responsible for the drama to actually secure the station first? What a shame because I like PHJ ever since My love from the stars and Choi Tae Joon from Padam Padam.

  15. Why can’t people just get along, if you don’t like someone; move to another person for example, someone you like.
    Why spend time writing comments of dislike.

    • how nice you are but let me tell you people who dislike shinhye here even put a lie to downgrade her so people who read can go hate her more. Its not just simply dislike

  16. Im soooo excited about this drama Sisyphus: The Myth and I really can’t wait to hear more info about it. Actually I’m more excited to see Park Shin Hye and Jo Seung Woo as a lead cast in this drama. Both of them are truly extraordinary talented actors.

    • Totally agree. So happy my favorite actress and girl Park Shin Hye will be back to bright the K drama world( if she accept. I am waiting on her agency to confirm, the only reliable source of information about her)she is missed worldwide. Love and miss you Park Shin Hye! Your die hard fan! Fighting!


    Look what she does with all her roles? She works hard on each scene. Just watch all the interviews with her co-lead stars.

    Did you guys watch CALL? Which Korean actress can be as convincing as that? Are you blind?

    If you can’t take it, then why read everything about her here? Go somewhere.

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