Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon Stir Up Anticipation for The Tale of Nokdu at Press Conference

If there is a any fictional reason for a man to go live in a widows village in the Joseon era, the more unbelievable part is that he would pass for a woman simply by disguise. But seeing Jang Dong Yoon in upcoming KBS sageuk The Tale of Nokdu go from warrior to woman had made me believe the impossible, he’s prettier than most of the ladies in that village. But not as pretty as Kim So Hyun who glows despite her tomboyish look in the drama retains her strong sageuk charisma. She’s so comfortable with the cadence and rhythm of such a role it’s a treat to see the character shine through rather than effort. I’m stoked this drama is here and can’t wait to check out episode 1!

Long preview for The Tale of Nokdu:


Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon Stir Up Anticipation for The Tale of Nokdu at Press Conference — 15 Comments

  1. Episode 1 is a lottery winner for all viewers! Everyone shines! JDY did so well, he was so charismatic! So Hyun! I don’t have enough superlatives to praise her! She was sassy but endearing but vulnerable but strong! The female villagers surrounding the leads are like extra icing on top!

    Mulan KIM was in full force in episode 1! I hope this show remains consistently good! I was so doubtful but it was all unfounded.

    This show may filled up my hotel del luna void. This show and secret boutique.

  2. Very beautiful visuals. Looking at this long preview, good acting is guaranteed! This is great to continue my saguek appetite after the very satisfying Rookie Historian 🙂

  3. First episode was soooooo good! The hour totally zipped by and what a strong premiere it was! No dawdling or slow buildup and you feel like you know the characters already! Also acting is so strong from everyone, I am particularly loving the leads performances which were amazing right from the start. I love Kim So Hyun but I think her acting performance has been a bit lackluster in her latest works, but now she’s more than making up for it! Can’t wait for more, it’s my new drama crack!

  4. I haven’t seen the 1st episode yet but they look incredibly good together. Everyone is shining at this presscon and Sohyun looks stunning!

  5. KSH has been on a role since her brilliant performance in LA but she stuns as the feisty lead in this drama! JDY is slaying both sides of his character and their chemistry is off the charts! The first episode was perfect in so many ways and the plot is so unique unlike anything seen in kdrama before! Can’t wait for the next episodes!

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