Choi Soo Jong and Sky Castle Take Home Top Prizes at 2019 Korean Drama Awards

I found the nominees released last week for the 2019 Korean Drama Awards already super meh and now the winners mostly meh as well. The only worthwhile wins went to veteran leading man Choi Soo Jong for SBS hit weekend drama My One and Only taking home the Daesang Award and to ratings smashing cable drama Sky Castle in winning Best Drama. The rest were a smattering of random nominees and wins, almost like whomever agreed to attend in person took home a trophy. For exampled, Kim Dong Wook won for Special Labor Inspector Jo but totally should have been nominated and won for horror drama The Guest. Anyhoo, if this is the start of awards season consider me vastly disappointed and will now dial down my expectations on both deserving winners and the fashion parade because this red carpet was also extremely boring other than Kim Min Jung cross-dressing.


  • Yum Jung Ah (“SKY Castle”)
  • Choi Soo Jong (“My One and Only“)
  • Kim Hae Sook (“Mother of Mine”)
  • Jo Jung Suk (“Nokdu Flower”)

Best Drama Award: 

  • “Mother of Mine” (KBS)
  • “Sky Castle” (jTBC)
  • “The Fiery Priest” (SBS)
  • “Doctor Prisoner” (KBS)

Best Script Award:

  • Jo Jung Sun (“Mother of Mine”)
  • Yoo Hyun Mi (“SKY Castle”)
  • Park Jae Bum (“The Fiery Priest”)
  • Park Gye Ok (“Doctor Prisoner”)

Male Top Excellence Award:

  • Jung Kyung Ho (“When the Devil Calls Your Name“)
  • Park Shin Yang (“My Lawyer, Mr. Joe 2: Crime and Punishment“)
  • Lee Jung Jae (“Advisor”)
  • Kim Dong Wook (“Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo“)

Female Top Excellence Award:

  • Kim Ha Neul (“The Wind Blows“)
  • Im Soo Jung (“Search: WWW”)
  • Kim Min Jung (“My Fellow Citizens”)
  • Park Shin Hye (“Memories of the Alhambra”)

Male Excellence Award:

  • Lee Kyu Hyung (“Doctor John“)
  • Shin Sung Rok (“Perfume“)
  • Kang Ki Young (“Moments of 18”)
  • Lee Joon Hyuk (“Designated Survivor: 60 Days”)

Female Excellence Award:

  • Kim Ji Won (“Arthdal Chronicles”)
  • Lee Yoo Young (“My Fellow Citizens”)
  • Lee Se Young (“The Crowned Clown“)
  • Yoo In Na (“Touch Your Heart“)

Best New Actor Award:

  • Ahn Hyo Seop (“Abyss”)
  • Ong Seong Wu (“Moments of 18”)
  • Choi Sung Jae (“Liver or Die“)
  • L (“Angel’s Last Mission: Love”)

Best New Actress Award:

  • Na Hye Mi (“Home for Summer”)
  • Kim Ha Kyung (“Mother of Mine”)
  • Kwon Nara (“Doctor Prisoner”)
  • Shin Hyun Bin (“Confession”)


Choi Soo Jong and Sky Castle Take Home Top Prizes at 2019 Korean Drama Awards — 10 Comments

    • Yes. Excellent. KKY is always top notch! I am glad he wins an award. OSW is talented and I hope he will have a good future. Lee Se Young is great also, glad she wins.

    • Really doubt the authenticity of this award show. While OSW & KKY were deserving wins for their credible performances in Mo18, it’s incredible that KN won Best Newcomer when she had been frequently seen onscreen for many years!?!? Seems the attendees were sure-wins – when LSY appeared, knew she will win. They only attend if they win something ?‍♀️

      • But isn’t that the usual practice of Korean award shows, though? To only show up if they win something? At least in this instance, you can see that some of the winners really did put in the hard work and deserve their awards. As for KN, even if she isn’t a relative newcomer, I’m sure she’s grateful to win some kind of award, rather than be totally snubbed. I like to think that it’s an added bonus for her resume, and she’ll move forward from this to win other awards.

      • Am new to K-dramas so unaware of this prevalent arrangement that awards are accorded to whoever decides to grace the event.

      • ? so no need to watch the entire show, just look at the red carpet for the expected winner of the category ?

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