Choi Soo Jong and Sky Castle Take Home Top Prizes at 2019 Korean Drama Awards

I found the nominees released last week for the 2019 Korean Drama Awards already super meh and now the winners mostly meh as well. The only worthwhile wins went to veteran leading man Choi Soo Jong for SBS hit weekend drama My One and Only taking home the Daesang Award and to ratings smashing cable drama Sky Castle in winning Best Drama. The rest were a smattering of random nominees and wins, almost like whomever agreed to attend in person took home a trophy. For exampled, Kim Dong Wook won for Special Labor Inspector Jo but totally should have been nominated and won for horror drama The Guest. Anyhoo, if this is the start of awards season consider me vastly disappointed and will now dial down my expectations on both deserving winners and the fashion parade because this red carpet was also extremely boring other than Kim Min Jung cross-dressing. Continue reading