Mr. Sunshine and My Ahjusshi Win Awards at the Inaugural 2019 Asia Content Awards in Busan

In conjunction with the Busan International Film Festival, a new awards show was launched call the Asia Content Awards. It’s not terribly long but does put a lot of television shows across Asia and small screen acting performances as the centerpiece rather than films across the greater festival. Winning the inaugural 2019 ACA for Best Drama was 2018 hit cable period drama Mr. Sunshine, taking home the Most Creative Award which was the equivalent. My Ahjusshi took home best script so yay for having this critically acclaimed drama get some love. For The Fiery Priestit was Kim Nam Gil winning Best Actor which he shared with two other Asian male actors and Jaejoong got an Excellence Award which was rather random if you ask me.


Mr. Sunshine and My Ahjusshi Win Awards at the Inaugural 2019 Asia Content Awards in Busan — 5 Comments

  1. Ah that’s nice for Kim Nam-gil. (Are you sure it’s not a mistake? Maybe they meant to give it to his co-star.) In his last two dramas they finally cast him right. Hope the days of Shark and Bad Guy are behind him. Silliness and sexiness is the key.

  2. Mr. Sunshine for the Most Creative Award? Well…when they mean creative in the most common way since the story was nothing special. But proably they mean it how to create a hype. My Mister was well deserved. Even though is isn’t a favorite of mine the script was quite different and very grown up.

  3. Jaejoong??? For what drama??? I mean, there are many other actors who deserved this award. YYS from Mr. Sunshine, then Jang Ki Young etc.. and they randomly picked JJ??? Lols.

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