IU is a Modern Girl in a Wonderland Garden for Dazed Korea

The doors have closed for Hotel Del Luna and running a lodging for spirits for the past thousand years must’ve been tiring for IU. She has totally earned her break but I hope she takes her Jang Man Wol fashion sense back into the real world because her wardrobe was the most creative and gorgeous in recent memory. She’s in the cover and pages of Dazed Korea going for the elevated preppy look complete with structured coats, an oversized suit, and great mix-and-match synergy. She really has elevated her acting time and again, I honestly find her so easy to watch onscreen now with none of that idol girl turned actress baggage trailing behind her.


IU is a Modern Girl in a Wonderland Garden for Dazed Korea — 5 Comments

  1. 2nd pic is gorgeous.
    Her singing is better to than acting.
    Mr.Ajusshi is still her best role. I couldn’t make it through Hotel De Luna.

  2. Acting and and singing aside which I have no complaints with; it’s the clothes I can’t stand they’re oversized clunky and the yellow canary tights nope the
    look is dowdy on lil petite IU. If she was taller and lean then yeah different look she would carry it better. Glad it was just for a photo shoot can’t imagine her in this in real life. Far out apparently Koreans according to my Asian friends are fashion leaders; Ah okay if you say so. Sorry I don’t think that’s true imo.

    • I don’t think the Koreans are “fashion leaders”. One can totally tell from the boring white dresses at Award Shows. Been to Seoul three times, their fashion is mostly copied and sold at a much cheaper price and in cheap materials. I cannot see any creativity in Korean fashion. Yes, IU clothes here look very clunky (except the 2nd pic).

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