Im Soo Hyang and Lee Jang Woo’s MBN Drama Graceful Family Continues to Break Records for the Small Cable Channel

I will admit that I had zero interest in the MBN drama Graceful Family, it looked makjang and I am not fans of leads Im Soo Hyang and Lee Jang Woo. But the drama has become the can-do drama of summer 2019, with ratings starting at 2% which is already good for MBN and passing 7% last week to it 7.1%, with each week prior setting new ratings records for the network. The cast and crew is already confirmed to get a reward vacation to Vietnam from the network so kudos for being the little unheralded drama that could, like a smaller scale Sky Castle last year which shattered cable ratings in general. Those watching should share what makes this drama so addicting to watch and I’m inclined to check it out over the weekend to see what all the interest is about.


Im Soo Hyang and Lee Jang Woo’s MBN Drama Graceful Family Continues to Break Records for the Small Cable Channel — 19 Comments

  1. Watching. Nothing else to watch a few weeks ago so this was a blind roll of the dice. I’m not sure why it appeals to people — it’s all familiar material, except the sinister family security apparatus, which is pretty weird. I do like Bae Jong-ok, the senior actress playing cold-blooded Ms. Han. Glad they got rid of the hammy actress character — she was too much even for makjang.

  2. I tried to watch it mainly because of Lee Jang Woo and Im Soo Hyang. And then I love their characters in this drama. In the early episodes, the story telling felt kinda slow, but I love it anyway. I hope writer-nim will reward the viewers with satisfying ending.

  3. Honestly, I didn’t want to pick up this drama because of the leads. I’m not fond of Im Soo Hyang because of her plastic look and wasn’t impressed by her other previous character that she played. However, having nothing to watch or do, I gave it try out of curiosity and boredom. Yes, it is makjang, but the villian character Ms. Han is written soooo good; I hate her to the core. You just want the main girl to win. I sort of brushed away all my dislikes and prejudice against Im Soo Hyang simply because I’m seeing her as her character.

    • I liked ISH in Tales of a Gisaeng with Sung Hoon and from the lil snippets Dramabeans play of GF it looks kinda okay but you’re right ISH face is like 24/7 plastic frozen no emotion and yeah it’s distracting and because I’m shallow like that. I’ll just go by the lil snippets for now.

      • Her face changed a lot, she doesn’t look like that in her old drama. I think it’s because of her ps require upkeep but unfortunately the result makes her looks so plastic esp her nose. And cheeks. And chin. Idk her face is barely moving.

  4. Like some of you here, I am also not a fan of Im Soo Hyuang. However, she has just been awesome here. It is good, for a change, to have have a bada** female character. The genre is typical, but this drama is well executed, most of the characters are well-acted. This is the one drama I look forward to each week!

  5. I’m watching this. It’s good, very, very good. I’m a huge fan of Im Soo Hwan. And the way her character is written makes me like her even more. What’s not to like about a resourceful, tough, strong yet compassionate heroine who bails herself out of trouble and mostly doesn’t need a man to rescue her? Respect.

  6. The acting is very very good. The senior actress BJO is excellent and so are the two leads. The story is makjang but it is surprisingly very entertaining and addicting. This drama is way way better than that big-budgeted VB with an empty plot. I have no other k-drama to watch these days except the fusion saguek.

  7. Save yourself from this trash. Don’t watch, I tried and gave it a chance up to ep 4 but no I hated Im Soo Hyang even more. I used to dislike her so much because of her expressionless face. But oh gosh, she is overacting so much here. Nothing looks natural. Her character is nice, if played by a better actress like Shin Hye Sun it would be awesome.

    And the plot… please don’t waste your time. Watch other makjangs that is well done. Ditched this drama and watched Kim Sun Ah’s drama which is a loooot better imo.

    So yeah,this drama made me dislike Im Soo Hyang as an actress more. Not really digging her acting. Sincerely hoping she learns how to express emotions naturally.

  8. I can’t believe I am writing this. ISH isn’t a fantastic actress and is wooden. However and I say this with some surprise she picks dramas which I ended up watching.

    She picks characters which are warm and likable. So somehow I ended up watching her in about 4 dramas. I don’t think her looks even changed- her face is literally the same because of the surgery- and her acting has improved somewhat. But somehow have gotten used to her. Enough that I can watch her.

    It’s actually the male lead I can’t stand. Anyway different people have different tastes. And compared to some really terrible actresses she does ok. Her project choices though are pretty good since the series I have watched her in have pulled in decent ratings and good reviews.

    And in this day and age of fickle drama ratings an actress who can’t act well but can choose well- I say good on her.

    • Ooh, her playing warm characters is something that you would never type in relation to her roles if you watch Blow Breeze. Then again, that show was a bit of a misfit. Woulda done better as a daily. Seriously, never ever ever watch it.

      • Oh that drama. I didn’t like the leads and ISH wasn’t a main character was she? I avoided that drama. Boring as all heck.

    • Im Soohyang mostly played villains/female bosses or characters who are very expressive, Kang Mirae was her attempt at branching out from her usual roles. In “Inspiring Generation”, she portrayed a woman who finds herself leading a yakuza organization in Korea under Japanese Occupation. In “Iris 2”, her character was a North Korean woman who willingly becomes a government assassin to learn what happened to her former spy/defector sister from “Iris”. And in “Family of Five”, she played a sheltered but enthusiastic young woman who decided to become independent to be with her boyfriend.

  9. Imo the ratings are super impressive because MBN is not even on par with OCN when it comes to coverage. 7+% is incredible. I’m probably going to give the drama a try even though I’m not a fan of Lee Jang-woo.

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