Pre-produced K-drama So I Married an Anti-fan with Choi Tae Joon and Sooyoung Still Not Picked Up for Airing After 2 Years

K-ent is reporting that the fully filmed K-drama adaptation of the manhwa So I Married an Anti-Fan is still without a pick up for airing, this two years after it’s done and ready to air anytime. Male lead Choi Tae Joon filmed this drama right before he enlisted in the military and he’s scheduled to be out next year, and right now there is no interest in the drama still. Female lead Sooyoung was a great casting pick since she’s able to infuse a rather shrewish written character with warmth. Sadly this drama is unlikely to see the light of day on television airing, the reports are that if it airs at all it will be solely on streaming.


Pre-produced K-drama So I Married an Anti-fan with Choi Tae Joon and Sooyoung Still Not Picked Up for Airing After 2 Years — 17 Comments

  1. In other words, if this drama sold to streaming, there will be Sooyoung contents in various sites early next year – cinema (New Year’s Eve), cable TV (OCN Call it like to you see it)~ Nice!

  2. Choi Tae joon is friends with Jung Joon Young and other guys of the sex scandal.. that’s why it’s not gonna be picked by anyone.
    P.S – Has PSH broken up with him or not?

    • They’re still dating. Some fans have spotted them on dates on numerous occasions but PSH fans are in denial about her poor taste in men.

      • His agency shipped him off to military as soon as the molka scandal gained momentum. He is very close friends with all.the accused. Even if he wasn’t directly involved he knew what was happening and supported it.

      • I am completely against Jung Joon Young and what he did. His actions were unthinkable and he deserve to rot in jail for that. However, I don’t think Choi Taejoon knew about it. Just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean you know everything about them. From what I know, he was kept in the dark about it…

  3. Sooyoung is already filming a new OCN original drama with Jang Hyuk and Jin Seo Yeon which will air next year.
    Don’t think SIMAF will ever air.

  4. It’s not like Sooyoung was a good actress anyway…

    She was the weakest in 38 Task Force, her character pretty disapeared from the story… Except her, all the female casting was so great as badasses women!

  5. Let’s be real here, Sooyoung isn’t bankable nor is her male co-star (who’s linked to Jung Joonyoung anyway). It’s not a surprise that since Sooyoung left SM Entertainment she’s struggling to get lead roles. Her last drama lead role before she left SM was Man Who Sets The Table but funny enough the minute she declined to resign with SM, she was downgraded to a secondary role in the drama’s storyline. Since then, the only lead role she managed to be casted in is OCN’s Say What You Saw which will air next year but then again she’s co-lead with Jang Hyuk and Jin Seoyeon sooo. I mean she went from being cast as a lead actress on public channel+tvN every year to struggle for 2 years to be a co-lead in a smallish cable channel.

    The takeaway from this is that without SM and her SNSD tag, Choi Sooyoung wouldn’t even get a lead role. She doesn’t have the talents nor the looks for it anyway.

    • I once stan her because of her witty personality. So sad to hear that she’s struggling. It just shows that “status” is everything in dramaland. Which could be a good and bad thing.

  6. How bad is it that it couldn’t get on air on MBN-Dramax, Channel A or TV Chosun? I thought the first station would be logical, since the director already did a few corny rom-coms there?

  7. Well I wanted to see this drama as I like both leads. It’s unfortunate that CTJ was tainted by association with JJY and co. Unfair being judged trial by media though. Also What a waste of funding,time and talent to work on a drama that wasn’t going anywhere but to be shelved. Geez! Anyhow I like Sooyoung but I think it is a miscast for the OCN drama along side Jang Hyuk so I’m slightly apprehensive about it. I feel there are other actresses who have a stronger acting resume that are worth that role instead.

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