Prosecutors Ask for 3 Year Prison Sentence for K-actor Kang Ji Hwan on Sexual Assault

It’s been a quiet few months on the news front with arrested actor Kang Ji Hwan. He ruined his entire life and a nearly 20-year long acting career by committing the crime of attempted rape and sexual assault on two women during the summer who were working on his drama Joseon Survival Tale after a night of drinking. He was cancelled immediately, fired from the drama and replaced, as well as arrested and charged with the crimes. He admitted and plead guilty to the key charges though his lawyers have been contesting others. Regardless he’s done in the industry and this week prosecutors announced that they are seeking a 3 year prison sentence for him. During trial he tearfully told the judge that he dreamed of being a good husband and father one day, and to achieve more successes as a lawyer, but that is all ruin by what he did. No shit dude. I don’t care if he gets more or less time, having ruined his own life and serving time as applicable under South Korean law for his acts is probably the most justice meted out this year for the slew of SK celeb criminal behavior.


Prosecutors Ask for 3 Year Prison Sentence for K-actor Kang Ji Hwan on Sexual Assault — 7 Comments

  1. Anyway way off topic as I don’t care an ounce for this actor but the news of the South Korean student in Boston who sent over 40 000 texts to her bf over 2 months and is being charged with involuntary manslaughter for causing his suicide on the day of his graduation on May 26th this year; upset me to the core. She urged him to ‘kill himself’ and ‘go die’. I actually cried for parents of the deceased. A proud moment to attend your child’s graduation only to be told he has passed away then the realisation he committed suicide. You In young needs to own this and take responsibility; plead guilty and admit wrong doing. It seems a favourite saying for Koreans to taunt others with Go kill yourself.

  2. France, 2019, already 137 women were beaten to death by their husband, boyfriend,… They left behind family, children… no need to tell about sexual assaults…there was a manifestation in Paris leaded by some celebrities voicing their opinion . I’m not korean but i never read about celebrities speaking about it .

  3. Another narcissistic actor who has thrown away his incredible career due to his inability to recognize that women aren’t his too abuse.

  4. Seeing the seungri (and company) case handled had me feeling sick. Seungri was an doer and enabler of such deeds and more, much amuch much more illegal and dirty deeds. But somehow the last time I read something on it, he would probabaly be just tried for gambling. Gawd where is the justice in that?
    I wish more culprits gets sentenced like KJH

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