Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young Win Awards Together at the 2019 StarHub Event in Singapore

I’m going to hazard a guess that K-drama Her Private Life was really popular in Singapore and it makes sense as the drama really as the classic Hallyu rom-com vibe down pat. Leads Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook delivered a 10-out-of-10 in terms of chemistry and sweetness so they deserve the popularity surge this year. The two reunited this week in Singapore for the 2019 StarHub Night of Stars Awards where each took home a top prize. Kim Jae Wook won best Male Asia Star and Park Min Young best Female Asia Star award. It makes me so happy to see Lion and Dok Mi together again, sigh.


Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young Win Awards Together at the 2019 StarHub Event in Singapore — 21 Comments

    • I agree totally
      Ryan gold was hot, sexy
      Who thought taking a watch would ooze sex. Would love more of this couple❤️❤️

      • Totally agree! KJW is the only actor who makes my knees quiver without taking off his shirt completely. Less is more. That scene of taking off his watch and unbuttoning his one shirt button is a master class of acting. KJW did more in stirring up steam in that one scene than all the combined Wookie, SJS, Seo In Guk, PSJ taking off their shirt scenes. Hehe.

  1. ryan bring moo taegu vibe today.i think i watched the beautiful groom and bride.hope to see them together again in future ❤️

    • I agree. I actually prefer PMY with KJW rather than PMY-Park Seo Joon pairing. No offence to PSJ fans, he’s also handsome but young handsome is different than sex appeal of older handsome. There’s something incredibly sexy with actors over 35 that comes with age and experience. KJW complements PMY very well.

      • Can’t agree with u more. He oozes sexuality fr every pore not to mention that husky voice and fashion sense that makes him a real hunk and a alpha male.I fervently hope he and PMY would be a true coupling!!

      • Very true PMY and KJW are best suited in real life than PSJ. They are best as a pair. I hope they make another movie together. KJW is ozzing with a sexy vibe, very attractice guy.

  2. Congratulations for both of them! Especially PMY, I love watching the drama, I had to pay for Viki to stream Her Private Life, now it’s on Netflix, I started rewatching it again and unsubscribe Viki,lol!!!

  3. Reminds me of the old Hollywood glamour couple vibe. Sizzling volcanic of a pair. KJW ages like fine wine. Ever since I saw him in Coffee Prince, I knew he would make it big like Jang Hyuk in Successful Story of a Bright Girl opposite Jang Na Ra. I admire how KJW doesn’t do media play, keep a low profile and even turn down male lead roles just because he feels he’s not up to it. I predict that my Lion King’s star will shine even brighter as he can speak Japanese too so he can star in those big budget joint production international movies like Manhunt. Just need to brush up his English. Meanwhile I am blown away by PMY who spoke in English in her acceptance speech just shows that this is a smart lady who is building a gigantic fanbase internationally. Love them both so much!

    • Can’t agree with u more! KJW was a revelation in ‘Voice’ as a psychopath. He was totally immersed in his alter ego. PMY speaks English eloquently and she has a very large following thanks to her incredible persona and excellent acting skills. Her craft is further accentuated by her beauty and charisma. I do agree with u KJW could further his profile further if he’s bilingual. I really love both of them and I will be thrilled to pieces ( I would be the happiest person on Earth )if they are a real coupling !!

    • yes i am an older american lady and they were amazing the scene where he was blindfolded was very sexy. I subscribe to Viki and Net Flix
      they make an amazing couple with their humor and ease of interacting together. I am
      also blown away by the versatility as I have watched KJW in almost all his roles that I can find on those two channels and from a gay chef to a serial killer in Voice and then this sexy man in He Private Life wow he is a Korean Johnny Depp only better.

  4. The drama was painfully bland and unimaginative though. Maybe because other dramas did everything and better. I liked PMY in 7 days Queen and WWWSK, but not in HPL. 4 episodes and I’m done.
    Also KJW fans again with their comparison with other actors lmfao

      • It’s only heresy and speculation and rumour BUT quickly denied by both parties. Lee El from Artist Company is the actress as they keep getting media coverage. Don’t worry though he looks gorgeous as ever. Him and PMY are cute and adorable on HPL so don’t let this trivial piece of news dampen your spirits.

  5. We can agree to disagree but calling HPL bland/unimaginative is totally uncharacteristic. You may prefer ‘WWESK’/Queen’. To each his own but I think the real reason is your dislike for the leading man it’s hard to watch if you’re not in sync with her reel lover and I hope real coupling eventually if u follow their posts with all the subtle and overt hints. Btw KJE is one fine actor unanymously!!

    • I don’t dislike leading man. I just don’t care about him. Which can make you either love drama or see all it flaws, because you totally unbiased. I saw all it flaws. The end. Happy with shipping them, I don’t participate in such useless things. It’s their life. Drama ended.

      • It’s really funny when people compare HPL and WWWSK. Technical wise both drama have same production quality and flaws.The only difference is which pair selling do you buy it.

  6. Both actors are amazing. I am a fan of Park Min Young as she makes things realistic. She does not dodge a real kissing scenes and over all acting. Very realistic performance making you feel the entire story is true.

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