Cheeky Smiles and Coordinating Outfits at the Press Conference for Crash Landing on You with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

This weekend is the landing of Crash Landing on You, and we’ll see then if it reaches an audience thirsty for gorgeously filmed romance or lands like a thud for the farfetched set up. I think it’s the former, so many sillier drama pairings (alien and actress, con artist and mermaid) have succeeded because K-drama romance peddles extreme fantasy. Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Kim Jung Hyun, and Seo Ji Hye attended the press conference this week and of course the leads had to deny once again that they are or ever dated per the scandal last year. If they didn’t then kudos on generating so much free publicity for themselves and their projects together. I love Son Ye Jin’s super comfortable dress and cardigan combo but Binnie looks so stiff (I think he’s pretending he’s really a NK soldier) with his entire outfit looking one size too small for him.


Cheeky Smiles and Coordinating Outfits at the Press Conference for Crash Landing on You with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin — 36 Comments

  1. It’s so nice to see Kim Jung Hyun smiling during this press conference. He looks happy. Perhaps a reflection of his character in this drama. A stark contrast compared to his previous press conference, and his character in that drama.

  2. Glad Kim Jung Hyun’s back. I’ve been really worried about him since he took time off for his mental health. I hope more celebrities are like him, and take time off when they need to, instead of pushing forward and trying to deal with everything on their own.

    The boy’s back and ready to move on with a new drama. His taking time off had no reflection on his career, and is a good example to other celebrities in his condition. Looking forward to his performance in this drama.

  3. Kim Jung Hyun’s fashion stylist picked the right ensemble for him. He actually ended up looking more stylish than Binnie. HB’s white pants looked too short. With four gorgeous looking leads, this is going to be a visual feast. The dating denial topic is getting tiresome by this stage. Talk about milking a hype within an inch of its’ life. Even if the story-line crashes and burns, I think I will continue watching because of Kim Jung Hyun, the scenery and fashion parade by the female leads. I have never seen such a beautiful looking cast before in a K-drama. Can’t wait for tonight!

  4. Uh, why are they constantly bringing up the dating stuff and mediaplaying it to promote the drama? As Kimchi Ahjumma mentioned above, it’s getting tiresome and annoying. Who cares at this point except shippers? The media, the production company for this drama and these two already milked it enough. Ppl keep acting like they got casted accidentally, as a “vehicle to announce their marriage” LOL the delusion. Puh-lease nothing is accidental in k-ent. They probably were already cast/approached during their 2017 movie filming or sometime last year – hence both of their “we want to work tog, maybe on a romcom in the near future” talk they did in interviews and presscons. Some production company person for this drama probably thought ah – 2 big stars, didn’t get as much recognition for their movie (it was boring and bombed at the box office), but seem to have a lot of support from the knetz wanting them to get together in real life. And boom an idea for a romcom with a famous writer and overseas shooting locations with big movie budget was born.

    I’m pretty positive them “meeting up” in USA was for this drama and wouldn’t be too surprised, though I would be disgusted that it was a planned mediaplay thing to “accidentally get caught” then start dropping news about their casting and what not. Nothing is accidental here. It’s all planned. I’m just shocked at the extent that some stars will go to mediaplay. Imagine travelling somewhere, getting someone to take your pictures, posing for said pics, getting someone to write the articles/get a journalist to write them, deciding on the time to publish them, posting them on IG or social media. And then acting all surprised about it when it comes out and issuing denial statements pre-written months ago. LOL. How exhausting! But hey anything for fame and free publicity eh?

    And I don’t see any of the romantic chemistry that ppl are talking about. Ever since they were dg promos for their boring movie last year, all I saw was just 2 ppl quite comfortable with one another and who don’t seem super close. That impression hasn’t changed for me. Like, these shippers all sound like they have never dated/been in love their entire lives and their only idea of love is from kdramas. Lol pathetic. Also, ALL, repeat, ALL stars put on an act for all of their promos. ALL. They aren’t gonna go to press cons, interviews, roadtours and act stiff to one another. They are gonna play up the chemistry, be touchy, romancey whatever. It’s just basic common sense.

    As for them individually. SYJ I’m not sure of, but she seems to be okay having are they/aren’t they rumours with her costars. This was exactly what happened with Jung hae in during Noona. Then there was that thing with Kim Nam Gil years ago but that’s different. Either way she doesn’t seem to be that interested in marriage or romance so..

    As with Hyun Bin, Ah HB. Why does he need to do this?? He comes across pleasant in interviews, well-spoken, introspective, funny, carries himself well (though he has had a big makeover in image since the 2000s), actually has talent and a range for acting, is not bad looking – why always mediaplaying to promote himself/his work? His past two “relationships” – “” for me cos I never believed they were real but let’s assume they were – were also conveniently announced right before he promoted a movie/landed big roles. Why? Why would someone so extremely private be announcing his relationships all the time? Just think about it. Is he that hard-up for free publicity? Cos these things can seriously backfire. We are living in different times now and people/audience want stars who are down to earth and AUTHENTIC. People (if they aren’t delusional) can smell mediaplay from a mile away. Right now, people already brand him a playboy and none of his “relationships” seem to last more than 1.5 years. Keep dropping news/mediaplay about relationships and it will tarnish his image. Have you seen any other Korean A-listers do the same as him? There are some in Hollywood who do and that’s because they don’t want you finding out something abt them – guess what that thing is? Furthermore, people will see through the inauthenticity and mediaplaying and get seriously turned off over time. So why, HB?

    Crap, my 2 cents became an essay lol! Anyway watching this for the two second leads. Seo Ji Hye has a very intriguing aura and I loved her in Black Knight. I like Kim Jung Hyun and am glad to see him back But ehhh I’m a bit turned off by the hype of this drama so not sure if I will be tuning in often, shall see.

    • Thank you for speaking my mind about how this drama is so media play. I don’t mind the dating if the rumors is true but i would much prefer a more quiet production and less hype. I use to be a die heart fan of Hyun Bin but all those dating scandal keep dropping every time he has a productions is making me lost my respect for him. Still will turn in to this drama to see all the hype but if its not worth it, then it’s disappointing. I used to love him for being professional but not anymore. I love reading proud shippers admiration about how professional Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are.

      • It’s most likely not true, hence the constant coy are they/aren’t they and entertaining of all these crap. I used to be a dieheart of his also but I’ve completely lost interest in him after the constant mediaplaying all these years. I still like his movies and feel he should stick in movieland. Am actually looking forward to his movie next year with Hwang Jung Min! Action is where he really shines imo.

    • You know all of your rant will turn to dust when they actually end up announcing their relationship next year. The rumors of their dating started even before HB finished filming MOA and flared up the day after the drama ended. Most people here didn’t thing Song Song had any chemistry while the shippers kept screaming they were dating and people kept calling them delusional even when they were spotted together in USA until they suddenly announced their wedding. In this case the shippers are going to be proven correct yet again because nobody goes grocery shopping with their colleagues or even close friends unless they’re living together. They have media played this drama because as we can all see clearly there is zero plot and the script is rumoured to have been written to cover up the dating news and not the other way round. Just wait for 6 months and then you’ll be the one eating your words because they’ve been spotted together not just once but several times since before this drama was even written. The drama will be a hallyu hit just like DOTS and people will be shipping the hell out of them if they aren’t already and suddenly Dispatch will announce they’re dating and they’ll deny it until they announce their marriage in 2021. This scenario is very likely to happen just like it did with Song Song.

      • Dear Minnie, this aunty is very curious why they need a drama to cover up their dating news until 2021? I thought stars of their stature no need to go thru so much trouble to cover up. I mean Jang Dong Gun just announced his marriage, no need merry-go round. Rain and Kim Tae Ri also didn’t plan to do drama together first then announce marriage. If stars want to get married, just get married lah, if caught dating, just admit lah, why deny? So unnecessary. Anyhow, I am standing on the fence about this. I have to say it’s very entertaining to read different opinions and I respect your stand to support HB and SYJ’s way of doing things. Whatever rock their boat. This aunty here just rambling, forgive me if I offend you.

      • Oh Minnie, Dear Minnie haha, I’m on a break today so I shall answer your comments by breaking it down!

        1. Nobody is ranting here haha. The only person doing so is probably you.

        2. There were no rumours of them before MOA finished. I read Korean and follow HB’s news. Don’t twist facts. It was during that time they were promoting their boring movie and ppl were like omg so cute tog! they should date!!! See my comment for actors acting chummy for promos.

        3. Their rumours were timed just in time for MOA ending cos people everywhere were complaining abt the rubbish ending. Hyun Bin also had a rookie actor from his agency embroiled in a sex assault scandal. You think someone as image conscious as him ain’t gonna cover it up? Perfect timing for them to start the mediaplay. Then you get a random post on a forum abt them hanging out – no evidence of it whatsoever. And you get a weird IG acct with no b4/after postings or followers suddenly pics of their grocery shopping. Fishy and weird but the delusionals lapped it up without applying any logic or fact-checking – as usual lol. And mediaplay always banks on the delulus not applying any logic to be successful.

        4. You really really need to get out of your house/parents basement and get a life. Some friends, a bf/gf whatever you are into, a social life, some hobbies, maybe a job. “Nobody goes grocery shopping with their colls or close friends” HAHAHAH. Where do you live?? In the 14th Century? I’m from an Asian country and I grocery shop all the time with colleagues, people I’m not close to, friends, lovers, whatever. I meet up with colleagues all the time when I’m travelling overseas, and even live with those I’m closer to. Entertainment industry people are way more open with each other and meeting up for random hangouts for them is nothing. Newsflash.

        5. SS couple – why do ppl keep bringing them up as the pinnacle of celeb romances? LOL they were never matched from the start and it ended in a divorce. They are only but one couple but ppl think everyone is gonna start following in their footsteps – are you cursing ppl now? But at least they had EVIDENCE for their rumours. There were pics of them in Japan, Bali etc. They posted openly about each other on IG, their body language was that of a couple who had been together for awhile, their speech abt each other was specific and personal. HB/SYj have literally no evidence beside their staged pics. And both always have no evidence for any of their past rumours/”relationships”. LOL. Stop making it out like every mediaplay is gonna go the SS couple way.

        Haha. Either way happy shipping and obsessing abt celebs lives instead of living your own 😀

    • Wow, Eve I admire your raw honesty in your detailed comment. You are the bravest commenter so far that dare to question the usual narrative put out by media and shippers. You cut the crap right out. The most realistic, intelligent, put together and mature comment I have ever seen in this blog. Bravo. It was an illuminating read. We need more commenters like you to shake things up a bit. Get ready for the attacks from haters/shippers/Binjin die-hard which may come (hope not). Anyhow, I respect your opinion and stand ready to support you. I don’t really care about their personal lives, thought it very childish to use this tactic in 2019 when we are grappling with mental health and celeb marriages crumbling faster than you say a,b,c. Cheerio.

      • Lol, thanks KA. But it’s probably cos I work in the industry – on the comms/pr side of things – that is why I don’t buy into things like that at all. Every piece of comms is very strategically planned and announced to the public, but people usually have no clue and only see what is in the news. Sadly, they believe all of it too. So these fake news, mediaplay, narratives don’t faze me. And I’m not worried about shippers. Every single one of their illogical comments can be rebutted lol. It’s just mostly down to whether you have the time/energy and wanna bother replying to them LOL

    • The best raw comment I have read in a long while. It’s not a crime for actors and actresses to fall in love but to media play is a big no no. If true, best wishes for them to last forever and not like SS couple. Hyun Bins fan always saying if your a true Hyun Bin fan, you know he don’t media play. He is as real as it can get. People who attack are fake fans. I’m also a fan who follow him since nonestop 4 and I don’t believe he never media play before. So that make me a fake fan. Sometime I do think Hyun Bin has some of the rudest fan base and shippers ever.

      • YES. HB sadly has some of the rudest, most delusional fanbase ever. The international fans in particular, not sure about the ones in Korea. “He is as real as it can get” puh lease LMAO. He’s one of the only Korean A-listers who are so obsessed abt his image. And his rude fanbase will never fail to drag in other poor actresses to prop their guy up lol. So pathetic.

    • Kang Sora – the dating news came out on 15 Dec 2016 one day before the presscon of Confidential Assignment and break off also immediately after he finished promoting The Swindlers.

      • Kang Sora – the dating news came out on 15 Dec 2016, one day before the presscon of Confidential Assignment and break off news on 8 Dec 2017, almost immediately after he finished promoting The Swindlers. Coincidence?

        P.S. ignore the above

      • Yes the timing of both news was always sus. They probably “broke off” wayyyyy before swindlers. If they were ever together (which I doubt). Wish there was a PM function here so I can spill my thoughts on all his mediaplayed “relationships” haha

  5. @Minnie – you do know what’s the ending for Song Song, right? Shame on you who brought their names here. Good luck in your delulu shipping. You are very entertaining. LOL.

  6. The actors in this drama have been encouraging the media play about their dating since day 1 so why should the production not gain from it? I’m sure everyone will walk away with a gigantic pay check at the end of the day. Media play is normal and all celebrities do it. I don’t know why people are salty about it. If it offends you then don’t read their articles just watch the drama. They’ll continue to do the media play because it generates a lot of buzz and is getting the kind of attention they want for the drama.

    • Of course, the production gains from it – in fact the production company was probably behind the casting and the mediaplay – and everyone will walk away with a huge fat paycheck. Yeah sure, media play is normal and everyone does it, it gets the attention they want blahblah. Yes they know it.

      Nobody is salty about the mediaplay. People (the non delulus and non shippers lol) will get salty when the mediaplay is used as the ONLY way of promoting the drama. It shows that the drama has no depth and nothing else to it worth talking about. Also, non-delusional people don’t like being lied to – and mediaplay is what it is, a big fat lie – and constantly having that lie rubbed into their faces and forced down their throats when all they wanna do is just watch/anticipate a drama. Most normal people don’t care about celebs’ personal lives, it’s only shippers/simpletons, like @Minnie above, with nothing better to do in their lives that are obsessed with other celebs private lives.

      Also, I will read whatever article I want, comment whenever I want and do whatever I want with my life. It’s not up to you to dictate what I should or should not do.

      • Eve, did you get the inside joke of the first 15 minutes of Crash Landing? It is art imitating life, eh? I feel like I have been trolled by the writer and director. Eureka moment.

      • @KA oh what happened? I actually don’t plan to check out this drama until like ep 10 or sth. The premise is really lame to me and I personally dont like SYJs acting esp her comedic stuff. She’s not funny like say, Jun Ji Hyun imo

      • The writer threw in the dating scandal trope in the first 5 minutes of the show. It was very cleverly done to highlight the hype that we had been fed since Jan this year and how to milk the dating scandal to the maximum to benefit her character’s image and company.

  7. I love all these commenters about Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin couple. They are such a will match couple so why are people complaining. When you no the story has no plot so off course the whole showbiz will have to media play. They are A-lister so we know they won’t do such stunts to gain fame. Though I agree I have not seen any other A-listers got this much buzz before. Still love Hyun Bin and will watch it for his great performance. About the rudeness from Hyun Bin fans is 100% visible.

  8. Dear Eve and all these crybabies who commented here. Stop being mean and hypocrisy. Why spitting so much trash when you claim to be a fan of him but was probably heart broken by him. He didn’t date your favorite actress that’s why you whine so much. Son Ye Jin hater. My guess is heart broken Han Ji Min and desperate Park Shin Hye shippers.

    So rude to comment Son Ye Jim like to have these kind of mediaplay with her co-stars. Stop being itchy. Can’t help it when we all know she is so gorgeous to have captured those men’s hearts. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such gorgeous goddess. Hyun Bin fans are not rude but you are that’s why they don’t like you…lmfao!

  9. The best commentator here goes to Eve. ? As real as it can get. Only hater don’t agree. It’s okay to ship a couple and praise your favorite celebs but at least do it with respectful manners.

    I agree Hyun Bin has the most annoying fan base of all. The saying of because of this and that horrible actresses ruined everything for oppa success is never old. Lol I’m also a fan of Hyun Bin too but sadly I’m not a true fan as well because he had mediaplay several times. Still support his drama and movies since I like his acting.

    I felt bad for Han Ji Min who still get slander by Hyun Bin scary fans.

  10. there are many ways to look at this situation, like the two faces of a coin. HB mediaplays too much with his relationships, he never settles with one girl and he will always be playing the field. Why can’t he just focus on promoting his work and not drag his playboy life into it? SYJ may look gorgeous to some people, but she looks very homey to me and now with even more very obvious crow’s feet as she is approaching 40. I am always puzzled at why delulu shippers are interested in ahjussi & ahjumma dating stories while the majority at their age are raising cute kids (e.g JJH, KTH, HGI). I don’t care about uncles and aunties personal lives. Getting married or not will not affect strangers like us, we won’t win a prize or be invited to a nice banquet. Just spare me the details and put out a good drama.

    • Yes, I’m waiting too. I also wonder why ms koala has not written anything about Chocolate as HJW is one of her favourite actresses. I have just finished watching episode 1 of Crash Landing and episodes 5 & 6 of Chocolate. I won’t give any detailed spoilers but just to say I will carry on watching both dramas with much glee and satisfaction. Thew first 10 minutes of Crash Landing addressed exactly the topic that is being discussed here so heatedly here. It is as if the cast and director is trolling us fans. Enjoy!

      • Lol @Kimchi Ajumma Yes I’m watching Chocolate finished ep 6 loving it to bits and I’ll start Crash Landing after first 2 eps drop. I’m apprehensive though with CL but at the same time excited to know that it’s of to a good start.

        To HB/SYJ shippers:
        A kind word of advice: shipping is seriously detrimental to your health trust me; stop how and save yourself a headache and heartache. It’s not worth it as you’ll get a severe case of depression when your ship doesn’t eventuate. I know I’ve gone through it 20 times already. I’m still in recovery mode 90 days clear.

      • Ginger Crunch, CL ep. 1 is seriously good. I love it. It is so freaky hilarious. Son Ye Jin is comedy gold. Her dresses are to die for. Just have to suspend all reality though as some scenes are strictly fantasy. Reminded me of Sharknado Part 2 and Wizard Of Oz “Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore” vibes. Lol.

      • @Kimchi Ajumma Yes I’ll block out 2 hours this evening for CL plus looking forward to seeing KJH. Good times!

  11. Oh dam in stupid haters face 1st episode is doing so well at 6% for both international and Seoul. Everyone that hate the cast and bad mouth the drama will have to suck it up because it’s doing well. Top search on Naver. When you have outstanding and talented actors together, you get outstanding ratings unlike pairing a bland mediocre actress with a fantastic actor. Son Ye Jin killing it why Hyun Bin slay.

    EVe and Candycane with all the haters can cry now. Hahaha…

  12. 6% is considered good? You sure have very low standard. Hahaha…. Anyhow, why do I need to cry? I just like to comment whenever I want. Everyone can express our opinions here. Calling me a hater does not put you in a nicer chair than anyone else!! You do not own this blog, delulu. LOL.

    • @Binnie – HDL with a much younger cast premiered at over 7% on tvN at exactly the same time slot. CL is fair as compared, so don’t exaggerate. We can agree to disagree, but calling other commenters out telling us to cry now is very lame and shame on you. Just to irritate you more, I want to tell you in particular that I am actually thrilled that HDL got a higher rating at premiere than CL with 2 A-listers & so much media playing.

      • Act, 6 is high considering korean didn’t like the premise of romanticised North Korea. They have been criticised this drama since announced. You should give it a try candy, its fun imo

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