Park Bo Gum Offered K-drama Record of Youth with Park So Dam After Jang Ki Young Declines Due to Scheduling Conflict

Leave it to K-drama casting agents to still manage to surprise me. There’s a one-two news break with 2020 K-drama Record of Youth – originally confirmed male lead Jang Ki Young has declined due to scheduling conflicts and the production is courting Park Bo Gum and he’s seriously considering it. That makes sense as Park So Dam as been this year It Actress thanks to the record and award breaking movie Parasite which is like winning a casting lottery for any young actress. The two Parks conceivably would be so adorable together in a romance drama and Record of Youth is billed as a dream achieving life drama with of course romantic underpinnings. I’m fine either way if Park Bo Gum accepts or declines but if he does sign on this drama is sure to get way more buzz.


Park Bo Gum Offered K-drama Record of Youth with Park So Dam After Jang Ki Young Declines Due to Scheduling Conflict — 83 Comments

  1. I’m glad jang ki young passed on this drama and I hope park bo gum as well because I did research and the writer does not have a good record of writing good dramas. In doctors, the first 4 or 5 episodes were good and then the story went into an unknown tunnel and it never returned.

  2. It puzzled me why PBG was popular when there’s no drama of his that I managed to finish, but his pairing with PSD sound interesting that I am looking forward for this drama.

    • lol, another OCN’s fan. OCN need to be more Korea than America so you can move on it. They’re trying too hard to think like Americans, you know, and it’s not good from my perspective.

    • @ hangyul

      I love OCN dramas and I would love for these two Park-Park Collaboration to have a thriller /detective drama. Sodam was very good in Priest while Bogum was great in Hello Monster. They’ll be a great pair for thriller – related drama.

    • Same here. So Dam fits with thriller drama. I think she fits as somewhat like a female version of Will Graham in Hannibal. Someone who pushes through the line of sanity and insanity.

      It’s sad to see So Dam doing rom-com or idol rom-com dramas when thriller/mystery/action/social commentary genres are so much better.

  3. What a waste of PSD if she has to act with PBG. She’ll be hard carrying the whole drama. JKY was the right choice for this drama about models. What a waste of what could have been a perfect pair.

    • Curious about this as Park Bo Gum is now clearly carrying the drama because of PSD’s lackluster acting. All articles I see and read are all about how PBG is acting really good in this drama and his name is always number 1 in trending topics since tje drama aired on September 7

  4. hope PBG will reject this drama. the writer’s past work are all boring. i have no interest in PSD anyway.. but the PD is good.

  5. Ehh, not a fan of PBG at all so won’t watch if he accepts. Just hoping PSD doesn’t accept this. I don’t know why she picks such weird drama projects. Just stay in movies, girl. More money, freedom and recognition. And this writer’s projects? Ugh. Doctors, Temperature of Love – all boring snoozefests after 2 episodes. Why go from Parasite to this??

  6. Park Bo Gum should be thanking his lucky stars to get a Cannes worthy actress like Park So Dam when he himself is nothing but a fading CF star. She deserves better.

    • It’s not her movie. Its an ensemble cast that made Parasite. She held her own and that’s about it. Her track record in movies are decent but its true her drama record is dismal. That’s why chungmuro actors and actresses don’t always succeed in crossing over to dramas and vice versa. In korea theres a stark difference in the 2 industries. P.s – movies don’t pay well. Its dramas that do. The highest paid actor in films is Song Kang Ho who gets around 800k USD per movie. Thats what Lee Byung Hun gets in 4 episodes of Mr. Sunshine. Also dramas lead to CF opportunities, fanmeetings etc. Films dont.

      • Why does she need a drama track record? Movie stars are superior to drama actors even if their films don’t do well. PSD didn’t just hold her own she was the stand out performance in the ensemble cast.

      • @Ari – its all about track record. Whether you like it or not. That’s why advertisers bank on ratings and ratings determine if actress/ actors in a or b or c class. Tragic really but its the reality of showbusiness. To you her performance is standout. To me she and the actress playing her mum were the weakest links.
        @Tiani – Gong Yoo IS a rarity. Even the ultra talented choi woo shik is not considered a sought after male drama lead. Just as Lee Joon Ki and Ji Chang Wook either can’t cross over to movies or has poorly attended movie offerings.

      • Right! GY has many blockbuster movies. Its just a pity he rejected Along with the gods, thats movie was a big hit. but he still have seobok in his pocket so its ok.

      • Movie stars don’t care about advertisers. How many endorsements does top movie star HJW have or CMS during his oldboy and peak days. Almost none because top movie stars don’t need endorsements in fact they reject them. KGE said she turned down a lot of endorsements because it’ll prevent her from being cast in serious movies. They make so much money from movies and the critical acclaim is worth more to them than a few bucks from a coffee ad.

      • @ari. Please.. dignity doesn’t put food on the table. If they are so glorified tell them not to do dramas at all that pay 10x better. Logic is flawed.

      • I live in korea and work in a related industry. Movies pay crap here. Do your homework. Stars actually take a huge pay cut to get involved with movies. Unless of course its a movie studio funded movie like Gong Yoo’s Age of Shadows or Okja by Netflix. Rest are dependent heavily on private investors and institutional funds.

      • Dignity is everything in the film industry. Where are the endorsements for all the top movie stars? They hardly have any but they’re richer than TV actors like SJK. All those people working in blockbuster movies and critically acclaimed Cannes films must be taking pay cuts by your shitty logic. Movie stars are superior to drama actors. PSD doesn’t need the drama nor does she need to act with some flower boy like PBG. She literally just came off a Cannes movie and her Jessica Jingle is viral.

      • @Lydia – does SK movie pay Royalties to the artists? Hollywood does and my friend up until now still receiving a cheque annually on royalty collected on the movie she was participated in as a child. I think there is more money in the movie business than dramas in North America and Europe. Not sure about in Asia.

      • @candycane. No backend in Korea. Theres isn’t a SAG to protect them. Salaries are pittance. Just imagine Song Kang Ho being the highest paid at USD800k. Imagine what the rest gets. Park Bo Gum draws ard USD100K an ep. PSD should be in the 20k per ep region. If you notice dramas these days with a huge A list actor or actress, co-stars are usually B/C list due to cost. Cue Park Seo Joons new drama, Ji Chang Wook’s melting etc. Run out of money – 70% goes to cast salaries these daya. Hyun Bin + Son Ye Jin vehicle was cofunded by Netflix. This is going to be the future of dramas going forward.

    • @dramastory


    • @ Poh

      Can’t agree more yo you. This site has many haters and salty people. Same with you, whoever female lead I will support all d way since it is PBG. Whatever script or drama in d future I will support it and watch it bc we know him as his fans, he is a credible actor and HIS CO-CELEBRITIES ALREADY GAVE SO MANY TESTIMONIALS ABOUT THAT. As for haters, nothing can be done for them but to snob and may God bless them. ???

  7. Lol at the people hating PBG… As much as you hate him, he has way more star power than PSD. PSD is a great actress but sometimes talent is not enough especially for kdrama. All of her drama—my first time, beautiful minds, cinderella and four knights—have abysmal rating. And it’s not like she has big fanbase in SK either. I personally like PSD that’s why I hope both of them accept this drama. PBG get a decent actress who’s age appropriate, PSD get rating boose from her costar. It’s win-win.

    • why does PSD need any rating boost? She is a movie actress, Parasite is going for an Oscar. PSD should stay in movies and go international. It’s a waste of time on kdramas imho. PBG star power is only limited in Asia. It will take a long time to be like Ma Dong Seok or even Lee Santa…

      • @candycane. Pbg draws about 100 mil an ep. PSD around 20k at max. Movie clout does not translate into anything in the dramas arena unfortunately. Given her past ratings record on dramas, producers won’t pay top dollars for her. That’s the reality of k-entertainment. Honestly movies and all its “superior clout” is kinda a pretentious notion. Respect is definitely there but movie actors never become very rich and that’s the truth of it. The money is really in endorsements which comes mostly after a successfully ratings drama. The fee structure in that field is so complicated on how its calculated that it is in itself a study subject. I had a chance to preview some numbers and while the gong yoos sit prettily on top. You will be surprised that the 93 liners are competitively pegged despite some fans claiming someone is much bigger than another. Korea is a different ballgame and international fans should realise by now they have a big enough home base to cater to without taking feedback from outside

      • @lydia looks like you know many things about salary. So if they get paid that much from drama alone, how much money they can makes from cfs?
        I know they dont get much from fanmeeting.
        Did you mean 90 liners? I see young actors these days working pretty hard. And I think no one care about hallyu stars anymore. Actors not the same like idols, they just depends to the rating.

      • @candycane

        Don’t you think. Use your brain sulky fan. PBG is only 26 yrs old and you are comparing him to Ma Dong Seok. Great that you are accepting that he has star power in Asia but with that star power and good acting credibility it will not be a surprise he’ll be in Hollywood in no time.

        Park Sodam is a great actress and I believe in her acting prowess. Period.

      • @Hey – “he’ll be in Hollywood in no time”? Hahaha. Look who’s not using the brain, hey!?!? What a delulu. I read from @Jaya that he is focused on studying so I guess there will be no time for Hollywood. You delulus really need to come up with better excuses… LOL.

      • @candycane stop acting like you know everything about PBG, you sound so salty. If you don’t like his acting, its ok thats your problem, you can ignore him, but why you kept coming to his article.

      • @Poh. I am not salty. PBG fans are so delulu. You can detest to their comments here. This is NOT only HIS article, it is about PSD too. Don’t you think everything is owned by him, and this is your main problem!!

      • @Poh – one word of advice. everyone can comment here. IF you think you own PBG, START YOUR OWN DAMN BLOG!!!!

      • @Poh – are you @Hey in disguise? You two sounded like a no-brainer which are so obvious!!! hahaha. You are trying too hard… Ciao.

    • Plz his star power is fake and hollow. It’ll be gone in a few years when actors like Lee Jae Wook rise to superstardom. He has no acting skills to speak of but his company promotes him as if he’s at Won Bin level. He should stick to being an MC and making light sticks for his mediocre attempt at a singing career.

    • @candycane lmao you need to stop comparing him with MDS. Of course it will take a long time to be like MDS, maybe twenty years from now when he reached MDS’s age. ?
      @nonsense aigoo LJW, yes I’m waiting for that time.

      • hahaha… I am only saying this because @daria said PBG has more star power like going beyond international. His fans are always boasting things out of proportions. PSD is the one going internationally, not PBG, and yes as you have said it may take 20 years for PBG to get to MDS or even PSD level (ie in an international or hollywood movie). So it is obvious who is the bigger star here, right? PSD! PBG popularity is only very restricted in Asia now.

      • You are the who boasting non sense in here. PBG indeed has star power than PSD. @daria talking about drama not movie,and its the truth. All PSD drama was weak, not just the story, actually her acting was weak too. And no PBG didnt need 20 years to reach PSD in movieland. The guy have 1 big movie in his pocket, with great PD and great co-star. And if he take Wonderland he has 1 acclaimed movie. The only thing he need to do is showing everyone his great acting, because all eyes will focus to his movies. PSD aint crystal liu, even not KGE or KTR level yet. She is not the one who sold her movie ticket. Or her movie reached Cannes because of her name alone. She is more like supporting role in parasite.

      • Yeah yeah yeah…. showing his acting…. how? His expressions can be counted by one hand. Anyways we are at the opposite ends of the tape, it is fruitless trying to measure one’s success with you.

    • Yea… money is important but fans comparing their Stars based on income is sick to watch. I would prefer to be acknowledge as Artist than a famous guy in entertainment industry.

  8. Some actors are better in films than dramas. To me PSD is one of them. While she is good in films, like Kim Tae Ri and Chun Woo Hee. I find these actresses languishing in the area of dramas. Not easy to carry 16 hours. Some just dont make the cut. The last 2 dramas Park So Dam was in, by the first 3rd, I already felt that watching her for a movie is exciting but dramas she just doesn’t quite do it for me. Consistency is her issue. Park Bo Gum was good in Reply and I remember you. Brilliant for his short showing in Cantabile. Though I am not impressed by his last two dramas and his constant aw shucks expression, to me hes more bankable than PSD for dramas. But the biggest turn off is the storyline. Its about aspiring models. Good luck to the stretch these two will need to pull off. Due to the storyline, its a given their first choice would be Jang Ki Young wouldnt it. Rather than PSD, Lee Sung Kyung will probably fit storyline better as well. Anyways its a pass for me.

    • I liked her performance in The Silenced. She was so so for me in Parasite. Felt her acting was a bit forced. People can have differing opinions so please don’t make it like its “award winning” my way or the highway please.

      • @Lydria

        Hollywood and everyone else in K-film industry don’t think Park So Dam is “so so” in Parasite.

        As long as her film industry colleagues think she’s good, like from Natasha Lyonne, Charlize Theron, Zendaya, Antonio Bandera, and Bong Joon Ho who said multiple times about how “good” Park So Dam is in acting, I don’t think anyone cares.

      • @Lydia Honestly, I think you are just mad that people are spewing truth tea about how PBG sucks at acting, wheras PSD getting praises from Hollywood and everywhere else about her acting.

        I mean, you do you, stay mad.

  9. I never seen park so dam works including parasite so I can’t comment on her acting abilities.

    But for park bo gum, I’m really surprised by some of the comments but it’s subjective. I really love him. I think he’s charming, good looking, and a good actor after seeing him in one project, love in the moonlight 🙂

  10. Let’s be honest Park Sodam is the real star of this drama if this goes through. It doesn’t matter who the male lead is she’ll shine just like Kim Taeri is Mr Sunshine.

  11. Didn’t know PBG had so many haters on this site. Not a fan of the guy, but you can”t deny he brings in star power and ratings in Korea (internationally, not so much).

    • Yep PBG has his anti’s on this site but it’s all good it their opinion no harm in that but for those of us that follow him it’s always reassuring to read any news of him. No qualms about their casting on this drama as well.

      • @Ginger Crunch

        Yup, true…these haters are mainstay here. Every PBG news here are flooded with hateful remarks. What can I say just God bless all of you.

        As fan of PBG I always trust him in every project he is doing. He has the wisdom in choosing projects. If the character reaches out to him he’ll do it no matter what bc what he wants the most is the lesson the drama will convey. Haters always gonna hate. We cant do anything about that but BOGUM MAGIC is real.

    • Does he bring in ratings? Even with the star power of 2 actors Encounter only peaked at 10% for the 2nd episode. The average ratings were below par for a big budget drama with star actors, writers and director. He is a media play star I don’t see any real star power from him.

      • @CC Umm ah hello what about Reply and Moonlight? They definitely brought in the ratings that’s for sure. Star power? I don’t want to copy and paste his resume here. I’m not that insecure to feel like I have to justify his star status. Gosh if you don’t like him fair enough but to deny that he’s not a star is so far fetched.

      • Mediaplay Star is the exact term to describe PBG. Fake star power and fake rating hype by his blind fans.

      • @Clio Yeah Yeah his fans are not responsible for his clout. Advertisers and Producers who clamour around to have him endorse their products are. Fake is what his anti’s coin when they can’t accept the truth that he is indeed a star in every sense of the word.

      • @ CC
        Your opinion is always your opinion. In your eyes it doesn’t but check facts first. Same to me I won’t explain things here bc I’m not ignorant like you. Research is the main key.

  12. To be honest, I also want Park So Dam to reject this drama too. I really don’t want her resume to be further tainted by shit dramas. It can be shit script and flop ratings.

    Can you imagine Park So Dam going from Palme d’Or winning/Golden Globe nominated film Parasite to this potential shitfest? I can’t.

    • to add to reasons why PSD should reject this drama – PBG shipper fans are very toxic. No need to get into unnecessary headaches.

      • To be fair, if the writer isn’t so shitty and the actor is Yang Se Jong, I would want So Dam to take this project.

        Since I’m So Dam fan, I really don’t want her resume to be tainted by shit dramas with bad writing, and I really don’t trust this writer because she writes female characters badly.

        PBG aside.

    • She just needs to stay away from shit stars like PBG. Everyone wants her to reject the drama because they know she is the bigger star. Nobody cares about PBG doing yet another shit script with bad acting.

  13. I’ve read all the comments, and I believe a lot of the “hate” that PBG seems to get stems from his drama choices. I think he did well choosing his dramas until Reply 1888. And after that the huge success he had turned him into a LMH, SJK type where he became overly selective with his drama choices, instead of continually working and building his resume he turned into a more or less CF star. Encounter for him was a misstep, for many obvious reasons, and the subsequent Song Song split, didn’t help him any, even though he had nothing to do with it. My advice to him would be to keep continually working. Sooner or later, with the right drama, people will forget the past and start liking him again. Good examples of this is Seo Kang Joon(few people remember the fiasco that is Cheese in the Trap, nor associate his name with it). Another example is Jung Hae In, still has antis but they are noticeably less since he keeps on accepting project after project.

    • @adal

      That’s your opinion and yours only. He is not choosy. He just focused on studying and wanted to graduate. He never fears on fading his popularity as he said always
      “Popularity is not forever and Im not afraid of my popularity falling bc it is inevitable.”

      Encounter drama as of this days are still airing in different parts of the world. He didnt got in the wrong way for choosing that. Many loves the drama. Ofc those haters hate the drama bc of SKJ. Haters always gonna hate. That’s the fact of this world.

      • Who is SKJ? Delulu fans are always trying so hard to explain its disappointing ratings, blaming “SKJ” now? Lame excuse. LOL.

    • Encounter was definitely a misstep but if I recall correctly, Bogum doesn’t get much good offers in dramas. He was offered dramas like Temperature of Love, Where Stars Land and Hwayugi… all are not very good choices. Youth Record is like another TOL in making imo, since its by the same writer again.

      • Back then people have a big expectation for hwayugi because its from popular writer and big budget.
        But I admit Park Bogum get more good offers in movie then drama, great battle, seobok, and now Wonderland.

  14. love in the Moonlight is still my favorite drama of Park Bo Gum. the chemistry he has with Kim Yoo Jung is off the charts. I used to not like historical dramas cause I find them boring but when I watched this drama I fell in love with it and I watched it over and over.

  15. I can’t believe the horrible, hateful comments. Who are these people who spread vicious, hurtful remarks about someone? You don’t like an actor, in this case, Park Bo-gum, and rant and rave about just how bad he is in your opinion.

    While it is true that everyone is entitled to an opinion, with the privilege of being able to voice that opinion freely, comes responsibility. Mouthing off spewing hatred and vileness to lambast a man whose acting you didn’t like is not free speech, it is just an excuse for

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