Diary of a Prosecutor Premieres with Highest jTBC First Episode Rating Ever with 5.042%

Wow, well everyone was watching how tvN weekend drama Crash Landing With You would get in ratings due to its high profile leads, the week just started off with a true unicorn that is primed to fly higher. jTBC Mon-Tues new arrival Diary of a Prosecutor premiered on Monday to 5.042% ratings, the highest ever first episode ratings for the network. Even more impressive is that the drama was low key in promos, had a great cast but no buzzy names, and deals with the dry-ish topic of the every day working lives of South Korean prosecutors. Starring Lee Seon Kyun and Jung Ryeo Won, these two sure know how to pick dramas and basically if they give it a stamp of approval it’s clearly worthy of watching. Congrats to the cast and crew!


Diary of a Prosecutor Premieres with Highest jTBC First Episode Rating Ever with 5.042% — 16 Comments

  1. Koala is right! There are no buzzy names or big promotion efforts. Parasite is making a lot of noise internationally, but it’s done playing in South Korea a long time ago. Besides, LSK was the least recognized cast member as far as awards go for that movie. Glad this drama started well. Now, please finish strong!

    • LSK is a big star. He was the ahjusshi in My Ahjusshi. He was in Coffee Prince and still remembered for that role. LSK’s name alone is buzzworthy even before Parasite. Add Jung Rye Won and it’s double buzzworthy. I also believe this drama is promoted well in Korea based on JTBC’s instagram posts.

  2. I think what Ms Koala implies as “buzzy” are those media playing celebs with dating rumors. This drama has solid artists who always give good performances without any personal scandals. I need to check this out coz I have no kdrama to watch currently. ?

      • who should care if an ahjussi is dating or not… good drama does not need any media play, can’t believe such low class promotion still exists.

  3. It’s Leo Seo Kyun and more recently his role in Parasite. It’s still picking up a lot of awards locally and getting a ton of buzz internationally which Koreans will always be proud of. Personally I’ll watch him in ANYTHING just to hear that voice. He looked and sounded unbelievably in Parasite, yes I’m thirsty for this man.

  4. It is lee seo kyun..enough said. He always delivers on his acting and is one of my favorite Korean actors.
    I watched 15 min as I was in a hurry, but this drama already have me hooked. It is funny!

  5. It’s really funny, slice of life with very relatable characters who works as prosecutors. I really liked the first episode and very happy that I found a drama that could make me laugh. I thought I had to wait till January for a drama to watch.

    JTBC is in a roll.

  6. I watched the first two episodes & didn’t see anything that would explain the high rating. Disappointed to see Jung Ryeo-won doing the same thing she’s done before. Cocky, hard-boiled. And please get her out of those mannish pant suits. Does she have the same clothes designer in every drama?

  7. The first two episodes are really good! Love it!
    With two solid leads and a wonderful supporting cast I would watch this regardless of the ratings.
    But nice that the ratings are great too!

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