Song Joong Ki to Leave Blossom Entertainment After Contract Expires End of December

Well this is quite big news due to the actor in question. Song Joong Ki will reportedly not renew his expiring contract with Blossom Entertainment at month end and will be leaving his long time agency. No word on whether he’s joining another agency or setting up his own agency, I’d give it a toss up on which avenue he picks. I think he owes his meteoric rise to Blossom as it got him an increasing scale of successful roles starting with guest starring in Tree With Deep Roots, then Nice Guy, then A Werewolf Boy, and his last most successful role ever in Descendants of the Sun after he came back from military service. He’s since hit two minor speed bumps with Battleship Island and now Arthdal Chronicles, not total flops but both less successful than anticipated with high budgets. I’m curious where his career goes starting with next year if Spaceship Victory takes flight or remains grounded.


Song Joong Ki to Leave Blossom Entertainment After Contract Expires End of December — 55 Comments

  1. Tree With Deep Roots is when he still in Sidus in 2011. I think Werewolf Boy filming also when he still on Sidus. His name already skyrocket when he joining Blossom. I remember how sad I feel when he leave Sidus coz it’s the same agency with Jang Hyuk and I love both actor. lol

    • Only Jang Hyuk never leaves Sidus. He started his career with them and it’s been 23 years. After 23 years he will be a grandpa and still under Sidus. ?

  2. He joined blossom in 2013. Sidus was the one who was managing him for 5 years till his military enlishment. He is going for one man agency with brother.

  3. I am really not surprised. There has been rumours going on since early this year about his fall out with his agency due to park Bo gum and song hye kyo rumors. There was a blind item about it. Its good he is going free agent now considering that company is going downhill anyway. Even cha tae hyun sold his share and doesn’t own blossom anymore.

    • You sure that was the reason? According to some Knetz, he already thought of setting up his own agency prior to the wedding. He bought a house and used it as collateral. His brother founded the company in March last year.

      • He might have plan already,lot of actor go solo once they are rich enough. He can still stay in blossom and pay his mortgage loan. But his fall out with his agency is quite obvious. They didn’t even confirm his new movie Bogota. They don’t even update about him on sns,didnt even wished him on his birthday neither he announced his divorce through his agency. The blind item about blossom came around in January when they both had marital problems. It all can’t be a coincidence. And as for founding that company, Some say his brother founded the company in 2011 ,some say it was march 2016 So many conflicting rumors.

      • @Mein Albeli Why would he stay in Blossom if he’s already been planning to set up his own agency since last year? And I don’t think anyone should be surprised abt the fallout. Didn’t he bypass his agency and SHK when he told his lawyer to spread the divorce news to as many media outlets as possible? Didn’t Blossom have to issue a statement regarding those rumors abt PBG and SHK..threatening to sue the hate commenters? I’m not sure if they’ve already proceeded with legal action but SHK’s agency, UAA did and two of them have been forwarded to prosecution.

        But what’s funny is netizens were blaming SHK for not willing to move into the house he bought prior to the wedding. If what they said is true, that means it was never meant to be THEIR house.

      • But what if those rumors are true? Like I said there was blind item about them since Jan of this year and he announced divorce in June. There was zero update about him since Jan. Maybe he was not happy that their were trying to cover a major scandal. Pbg is bigger moneymaker for them at the moment. They could never afford to lose them. And shk own fan said shk didn’t wanted to move out of her house because mansion he bought was registered under his name and she wanted him to register his home under both of their name. I use to follow her fans on twitter but not anymore.

      • @Mein Albeli Lol just so you know, SHK isn’t the only one having blind items. Do you know that SHK wanted to get a divorce first? She even moved out of her own house early this year. If those rumors were true, why would he wait for months before filing for divorce? Don’t tell me he waited coz he didn’t wanna tarnish his wife’s image and he wanted Blossom and UAA to release a joint statement. Lol

    • @mein albeli those rumors about sjk itaewon house is spread by shk fans during initial day of their divorce. Don’t be surprised if those comments are from her own fans?.

      • His fans have no prob believing anything Knetz said abt SHK. Why can’t her fans do the same? 🙂 Btw you can check his Naver article today. The comment about his house got a lot of’ll have no prob finding it.

    • @sunshine it you who need to be updated about his articles. Most of the comments are positive. Other shared about him going solo with his brother. The comments you are talking has 50-50 up votes and downvotes. There is another top comments than the one you are talking about, it says are bad comments from shk fans? ? So the joke is on you.

      • Because the comments about his house are exactly the same what you and her fans are spreading about him on twitter. So no surprise there it most probably from your toxic fandom.

      • When did I say those comments were negative? I asked you to check his you think I have no idea what was written there?

        Well if that’s your logic, then the ones spreading rumors abt SHK must have come from your toxic fandom since they all said the same thing. 🙂

        I spread rumors about him? Where?

      • He’s been getting positive comments since the day he filed for the divorce. Should we be surprised?

  4. This is no surprise actually. His agency was on the side of Bogum when the controversy with Hyekyo was revealed and Joonki had no choice but to side with the official company statement. What is surprising is that the biggest actor management agency Kakao M turned him down and at the same time terminated their contract with Jiwon. Smells very fishy.

    • I don’t think they turned him down. Kakao M is not a management company. They are just acquiring management companies as part of their entertainment network expansion that facilitates the other areas of their businesses. Kim Ji Won’s split from king kong ent to me reads of another whole rumour which I hope is not true. I am not surprised if SJK works with his brother and later enters into LOEN Entertainments Umbrella (which is funded by Kakao M) like Kim So Hyuns arrangement. It gives artists the freedom of independence yet supports with a network that allows fanmeetings and overseas stints to be managed like a per project based thing which is very helpful.

      • Kakao M is a management label. I don’t think you’re familiar with their structure. They run a multi label structure but they own all the actors under those labels. They recently set up a division called Kakao M actors where everyone from Byunghyun, Jimin, Hyojin, Seojoon and even Sohyun are included. LOEN doesn’t exist anymore it was 100% bought out by Kakao M which industry insiders have labelled as the biggest management agency in Korea. It has more than 200 actors under it. They did originally acquire labels but they’ve since all been merged into the umbrella of Kakao M actors. They issued a statement that they have no intention of signing an exclusive contract with Joonki. That sounds like they turned him down.

      • No they won’t buy his new agency they already bought blossom. @Ali you’re right it is weird they kicked out both sjk and kjw at the same time.

      • @Ali – I wouldn’t treat Jiwon’s leaving Kingkong as suspicious, surely it’s normal for actors to leave or change agencies after their contracts expire? And she was there for 5 years, most actors leave agencies after that much time.

      • Most actors don’t leave their agency after just 5 years especially when the agency made their image for them. Without King Kong do you think she’ll get the same exposure and offers that she had? She might even lose her Mediheal cf because hyun bin is signed under vast which is also now owned by Kakao M. They said it was a mutual agreement but the statement sounds like a unilateral termination. Too much of a coincidence that they both announced their termination on the same day even though her contract ended in the beginning of the month and was terminated immediately.

      • @Ali – if you look at the list of past artists of any of these acting agencies, you’ll find plenty who left after 5 years or even less.

        She joined Kingkong in 2014 but they weren’t the ones who made her a star, that was Kim Eun Sook who had already cast her as second lead in Heirs the previous year, then repeat cast her with her own love line in Descendabnts of the Sun which was her true breakout, and has enough personal goodwill to even cast her as a cameo in Mr Sunshine. KJW still had to audition for her lead role in Fight My Way and that was an unexpected sleeper hit, her successes and breakout so far have been more down to her own connections than anything Kingkong did (they slept on her for two years and kept her in supporting and cameo roles until Descendants happened). Yes, she was in Kingkong when her breakout happened but it didn’t happen because of the agency, if she managed to impress one of the most powerful scriptwriters in Korea into repeat casting her based on prior work.

    • They didn’t turned him down they only denied the rumors about signing him for exclusive contract. Most probably he is following the same route as other hallyu star setting up his own agency with his sibling.

    • @ali Do you think they have or had an affair? There’s another actress who announced her departure from yg. Seriously she has been with them for 5 years that’s long time. Maybe they didn’t agree on few terms and conditions. They even said they will support her future activities. You are reading too much in this tiny stuff. Also kakao never rejected him. They only deny those rumors about him signing with exclusive contract. They never said they have no plans. Most of the insiders gets to know detail first. Most probably agencies know he is going solo. No way agency would let go him considering he brings millions from drama.

      • yeah like….Song Joong Ki himself was with Sidus for 4-5 years before leaving for Blossom. Actors changing agencies after a few years is a common thing, this shouldn’t be cause for ‘scandal’.

    • Kakao and CJ own almost everything these days. Very soon they’ll control the entire entertainment industry and I won’t be surprised if they decided who stays and who goes. They’re even about to buy out LMH the biggest hallyu star and they already own HB, LBH, GY, KGE, GHJ, PBG and KTR. Where does KJW plan to go after leaving this massive agency? She won’t survive.

      • eh, it’s a contract expiry and you guys are acting like her leaving her agency = blacklisting from the industry. Kim Eun Sook likes her, she’ll be just fine.

    • @Ali Royal We is absolutely correct-they didn’t do anything for Jiwon. After she joined in 2014, they got her a cameo in a drama special (opposite an unknown indie actress) and a supporting role in a drama headlined by B-listers that aired on a relatively unpopular channel. Heck they even got Chae Soobin, who despite being beautiful and talented isn’t as popular as her, better work. CSB’s nexts are with it-boys and seem to have good storylines. The one movie KKBYSS got Jiwon was stupid beyond belief.

  5. Blossom was actually started by Song Joong Ki, Cha Tae Hyun and their manager from Sidus days. But in the last 7 years, it is rumoured that SJK had differences with the CEO (his ex manager) since a few years back and I am guessing instead of reconciling, the differences increased instead. I am not a fan of Blossom and the choices that were made for PBG as well. I hope he leaves too. Their whole strategy of only going for clout productions and CFs has seriously stunted their credibility as actors and skills as well. Not sure if its the actors themselves that made these crap decisions but its kinda sad from revered abd anticipated, PBG draws only criticism and hate laced comments these days. Same with SJK. To me his heyday remains at Nice Guy. Don’t like like everything else thing else he did post military.

    • Both SJK and PBG have promoted themselves as CF stars and tanked their careers and acting reputation. Their best performance came from non hyped dramas like Nice Guy and Hello Monster. Everything they’ve done since then has been over hyped flops. DOTS and LITM are terrible dramas but got lucky with their ratings just like Doctors and LOBTS but 3 years later nobody cares about either drama. The fake clout gained from over hyped dramas never lasts.

      • Are you drunk? Their earlier works aren’t going anywhere, there’s still plenty to show as evidence that they are good actors. And anyway the problem with Arthdal Chronicles was never the acting, if anything SJK got more praise for playing a double role successfully.

        LITM and DOTS might have been dumb dramas, but they succeeded because of their casts – that includes SJK and PBG, and that is common consensus on k-sites now.

    • I think it’s park bo gum who self-inflicted damage to his career because he has the tendency to turn down roles and taking long breaks in acting. For example in public he turned down hwayugi(good decision)
      and where stars land, who knows what else he turned down in private. But hey he’s still a major talented popular guy and if he accepts youth record, 2020 will be a major comeback for him with two films and a drama.

      I hope he continues to build his legacy because he gotten famous so fast but his resume of works is smaller than a puddle.

    • I agree about Blossoms. They have probably the most cringey promo strategy in K-Ent. They love to drop names in their promotions. Since when did leeching from someone’s name a good promo tactic?

  6. He wasn’t with blossom prior to his enlistment. He was still with Sidus during his Nice Guy’s days. Koala should check cross this fact

  7. Like idol like fans, both is ‘drama queen’. it will be so much better if his fans use their time for positive things. Not spreading a weird rumour. Even tvN asked his fans to give arthdal a big support so they can make the next season but looks what his fans doing right now…

    • Lol weird rumors? Like what like spreading rumors about sjk on daily basis calling him gold digger,impotent,abusive. Latest one from her fans he requested yoo ahin to join his agency when the fact is he was invited by yooahin in September to show his new studio concrete collection to his close friend. And you should worry about your idols shk. What happens to her media play movie Anna? Is that movie even happening??.

      • I thought SJK was there for an exhibition by SC’s photographer, KJH. Then a visitor spotted him and YAI talking so some of his fans were very certain SHK was guilty after reading her post. YAI had chosen to be on his side they said. Unfortunately they spoke too soon. Lol

      • If you know he was there for exhibition then why don’t you clarify that rumor to your co-fan who lives to spread fake rumors about him . Every body know how disgusting her fans are. Her fans even said no one supports sjk but guess what? he got tons of support on his birthday from many insider and arthdal writer,pd, staff and even former CEO of kbs. Sjk fans were happy that yoo ahin was supporting him not choosing him. Unfortunately her fans spoke too early about him.

      • No wonder shk has so many shady rumors because her owns fans love to spread rumours about other.

      • @Mulan How do you know I didn’t? What about you? Some of his fans are still spreading rumors about SHK..did you do anything about it?

  8. Well, best of luck to him, and to his family setting up their own agency. No offense meant, I’m glad SHK is out of that picture. She can just continue to be her own queen and leave the negativity behind … including hateful fans of SJK. There is no doubt in my mind though who gets to stay as A-Lister. Sometimes, many times, all the time, the graceful gets the glory and respect. SHK’s star power will remain. No doubt about that.

  9. Oh well good on him for soldiering on and if he sets up his own agency even better. I’ve got a soft spot for Mr SJK and wish him only the best ❤️

    • My sentiments exactly.

      Also koala, he was with Sidus c. TWDR/Nice Guy/Werewolf Boy (which is how Lee Yubi was cast as his sister in NG, she was with Sidus too), not Blossom. Please check your facts!

      • Yeah. So that’s make he only have DOTS as a success project in Blossom. Others a little bit miss. I love his day in Sidus when he have lots of great project that show his talent even as a supporting role.

      • Triple is one of my favourite dramas when he was so goofy as an ice skater and Money pinchers too. SJK has a healthy selection of works even AC imo should be noted. Either way a new agency will still see him being sought out so it’s a win win overall.

      • Sidus is basically the shittiest agency. They tanked Jang Hyuk and his career and even got him involved in a major controversy.

  10. Everyone has the right to choose their own path after years of staying in one place. Should I stay or not? If he did not, surely he has still his own greater place in the industry. I just hope things between those people he has connection in the past will be still good bc the showbiz circle is not that small; celebrities know each other.

    Goodluck on his future journey and God bless with all the next projects either having a one – man agency or his brother manages him. Surely, he’ll do great bc he has done well in the past.

  11. Wish him the best for his next projects. He has great potentials, and I hope he pick more challenging roles next time, like multi layered anti hero. His role in Nice Guy and Saya in AC proved that he can go dark very well.

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