Kim Soo Hyun Officially Leaves Key East After 10 Years and Forms New Agency Gold Medalist Signing Seo Ye Ji and Kim Sae Ron

There’s a lovely symmetry to this but goodness am I a tad bit concerned. K-actor Kim Soo Hyun has officially left Key East, the agency that found him in 2010 and launched his incredibly successful acting career. He signed a 10 year exclusive contract and followed through it with so his departure is simply not renewing another contract with Key East. There were rumors he’s starting a one-man agency, which is not uncommon, and it turns out to be true though not the best idea as the guy was the one behind the terrible movie Real. The new agency is called Gold Medalist and has signed on actresses Seo Ye Ji and Kim Sae Ron. Kim Soo Hyun has proven himself a fantastic versatile actor but that doesn’t automatically mean he knows how to negotiate contracts, select his acting projects, and generally also take on the role of managing his own career. I hope he does as well if not better in the second decade of his career!


Kim Soo Hyun Officially Leaves Key East After 10 Years and Forms New Agency Gold Medalist Signing Seo Ye Ji and Kim Sae Ron — 16 Comments

  1. The cousin’s family actually the one provide shelter to kim soo hyun and his mom when his father leaving him and his mom. And the cousin still living together with him. Maybe he feel the need to pay their kindness back after he becomes successful. If you read back kim soo hyun interview during his starting day, he did mention he sleep in the college theatre room during his high school time and he also did part time job at fastfood restaurant but getting fired since he always comes late to work because of the school time. We can assume he must be very poor before he become an actor.

  2. I actually don’t like his acting career choice after Dream High. It’s just a project after project that keep for increasing his popularity. He less and less passionate in acting as times goes.

    • I actually disagree with you there as it was Dream High that help launched his career. It showed that he was a versatile actor who cannot not only act but sing and dance.

      HAPPY 2020, may it bring you blessings and joy.

  3. Who cares if his first movie production venture wasn’t successful? Bill Gates failed many ventures before he became the richest man in the world. Edison made 1000 tries before inventing the light bulb. Great successes are built on failure.

    Ockoala’s New Year post is a big dud. Just keep trying, you’ll be a decent writer someday.

  4. Well it’s official now and I’ve copied and pasted from the Soompi article to add more background to the newly formed agency:

    ‘Gold Medalist’ was founded by producer Kim Mi Hye of the film “Extreme Job” and Lee Ro Bae, who has worked with Kim Soo Hyun since the 2009 drama “Will It Snow For Christmas?” Kim Mi Hye is the CEO of Gold Medalist, and will oversee planning and production of video content. Lee Ro Bae aka Lee Sa Rang the CCO, will work with actors as their producer and is in charge of bringing strong talent to the agency.

    All I can say is good luck to them all and their future endeavours. It’s an exciting time with a solid group of talent on board.

    Now can KSH and SYJ just say yay or nay to that Psycho tvn drama and just put me out of my misery. What are they waiting for?

  5. You cant blame him. Sm wouldve given best offers to non actors like idols. Where as him n good actors wouldve got the scraps. Better to leave this
    I still give him benefit of doubts. I hope he signs some good project. He is my fave along with lmh and much better actor but his script sense.leaved lot to be desired if i compare it to lmh. I hope he gets grand project like lmh got wih the king. He deserves it

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