Kim Dong Wook, Gong Hyo Jin, and Kim Nam Gil Win 2019 Daesang For Respective Network Dramas

Okay, the netizen pundits got two out of three right so that’s not bad. The Big Three network year end Drama Awards took place last night for MBC and tonight on the 31st for both SBS and KBS. I’ll do a separate post on the fashion and attendees which were pretty packed this year but on the top award winning front last night was a surprise with Kim Dong Wook taking the Daesang for Special Labor Inspector Jo. He’s an incredible actor’s actor but I thought the Daesang was really Han Ji Min‘s other than One Spring Night had such comparatively low ratings. SBS and KBS both handed the Daesang to their biggest name headlining stars – Kim Nam Gil for The Fiery Priest and Gong Hyo Jin in When the Camellia Blooms. It’s the first time any of these three have won a Drama Award Daesang so I’ll count this as long time coming even if not quite the performances I would have picked for them to get the top honor.


Kim Dong Wook, Gong Hyo Jin, and Kim Nam Gil Win 2019 Daesang For Respective Network Dramas — 21 Comments

  1. Kim Nam-gil finally got up there, and he didn’t have to share it with anybody. How nice. It’s been 10 years since Queen Seon-deok. It’s a shame it took K-ent so long to figure out how to use the guy. I gave him my daesang 2 years ago for “Live Up to Your Name.”

    • @kellie – Yep good on KNG for his Daesang. Well deserved. Netflix secured ‘LUTYN’ so 2 years later better late then never that’s on the rewatch list along with ‘Save me’. Also KDW for SLIJ which I watched and thoroughly enjoyed overall congratulations to all the winners for the big 3- KBS, SBS and MBC.

  2. Deserved winners. I remember him kim dong w
    in coffee prince. How far he came! Biggest f*ked up moment by sbs was avoiding jang nara who has bigger show in vip as well as acting whereas woozie got top excellence for vagaflop over jang nara and kim sunah. Even crowd went silent and cold lol. Netizens are having field day anf this time they are right. Even they dont take her serious. Just to make sure she attends. Jang nara deserved it . Vip averaged more ratings so that excuse wont work. . This show how much unworthy that win was! But sbs had to give something to overcome the vagaflop lol with cancelled sequel!!!
    I am happy for kam nam gill and gong hye jin. Hanji min and shin se kyung sharing it was gine. Shin se kyung was good too and hanji min has really reached the next level in last 2 years. Eunwoo and eoozie were terrible wins. Even seung gi didnt deserve this

  3. Kim dong Wook is a great actor, now I will say he deserved it more than HJM. But except him all the winner from MBC such a joke for me. GHJ character in Camelia actually not Daesang worthy but I still think She deserved it for her role in his prev drama. And finally Kim namgil! You deserved it, baby! He always take a difficult role and nailed it. He is one of the best actor in his generation.
    Between all award ceremonies, I think I like KBS the most because of kang haeneul, he’s so precious ?

  4. Congrats to the Winners. But I am curious of one thing. Why Suzy won over Jang Nara? Did Jang Nara acted so badly? If you look at the rating, VIP performed better than Vagabond.

  5. Funny JNR only got producer award.. VIP got high rating and i bet, people watched it for her and yuri (but the actress got an award, which is very good).

    No Jisung and i thought his drama also got high rating, dr john. No nam gong min, didnt dr prisoner also get high rating?
    They gave the awards to those who attended.

    I agree, ghj’s character wasnt a daesang worthy but hey, remember song song couple got daesang bcuz of dots lols… but yeah, i still love song song.

    Well, chukae every winner. I just remember kim gura’s speech in mbc or sbs entertainment award. For the first time, he said something good. Lols.

  6. Woozie got cold reception by actora n audience loved it. Sbs n woozie getting bashed everywhere. Jang nara n kim sun ah lost to woozie? What she did in vagaflop? Sbs had to save face as their biggest show of 2019 vagaflop flopped hard and they have to do something lol but rewarding woozie over jang nara? Lol hilarious. Best moment was cold reception towards woozie by her seniors. Everyone knows she didnt deserv it lol. Noe vagaflop flopping and sequel bejn cancelled it is joke on sbs

  7. Everyone… the PD award is the runner-up award for Daesang. Isn’t it more insulting to put JNR in the same ranks as the other award winners for Top Excellence? Without Fiery Priest she’d be the clear front runner for Daesang.

  8. Congrats to Kim Dong Wook ! More than 10 years ago he was a supporting cast and now “this” . Impressive. GHJ and KNG are already “Big names” with impressive Cv. But Suzy winning over Jang Na Ra !!! And what about Nam Gong Min !!! He deserved to win a Daesang . Hardworking and always delivers good performances. I highly recommend his new drama. I don’t like sports but this one is really good.

    • Stove League is still airing, so hopefully NGM will be in next year end’s award list. Jang Nara got the Producer Award which maybe a higher award than all the actress awards. VIP has higher ratings than VB, and Jang Nara can definitely act, all her previous dramas get high ratings. What I find unbelievable is the Couples Award won by LSG and Suzy with their next-to-zero chemistry, SBS is really this weak in rom-com in 2019 or what?

  9. Kim Dong Wook deserved it. But for KBS Drama Awards, it look like a joke for me. Too many 2 or more winners for each categories. And I think Namgoong Min deserved it more than Gong Hyo Jin. Even if I must pick someone from Camellia, I’d pick Kang Ha Neul for sure, not Gong Hyo Jin. Gu Ae Jeong, Tae Gong Shil, Dong Baek are the same character with just name tweak.

    • Completely agree with your post. So happy KDW and KNG got the Daesangs but I would have picked Kang Ha Neul over Gong Hyo Jin in that drama and I fan of hers!

  10. I now agree with the comments above and I am still scratching my head on some of the wins across the board from all 3 networks. I mean Son Dam Bi as Best New Actress? She’s been around for years how do they decide on making her ‘new’? That goes for Kwan Nara too. Suzy for Top Excellence? I know I said she held her own in VB but hey seriously’Top Excellence’? Over JN and KSA? Come on there’s a whole elephant enclosure in the room if we are to deny how the winners were selected because without a doubt there must have been some behind the scenes hustling going on. Produce X 101 anyone? Actually I’m gonna stop this as it’s starting to make my blood boil and oh no Ji Sung and Namgoong Min mentioned. I give up some of the awards categories are rigged…there you go I’ve said it.

  11. but last year producer award was mentioned before top excellence and the top excellence winners were equally good and had better rating wise. and I think in korea they anticipated the top excellence more than the producer award

    • I remember Lee Boyoung winning this award for I Hear Your Voice and Kim Raewon won it for Punch. I think it’s clearly an award meant for stars who barely miss out on the Daesang. Obviously, it depends on how the station presents it as well. Putting it right before Daesang shows how much they value this award. Of course, if Jang Nara has a stronger company or network she might have been co-awarded the Daesang.

      • yes and it saddens me more, how sbs treated the producer award carelessly. they even didn’t include it in 2016 and 2017 if I’m not mistaken. at least lee bo young also won daesang on that year and scandal aside jo jae hyun winning over kim rae won was still reasonable since he is the senior. besides, the fact that kim rae won didn’t attend the event speaks for itself

    • If Producer Award is just a step below Daesang then it’s fine since JNR did great in VIP. But Top Excellence should at least be awarded to Kim Sun Ha. Suzy winning the award was an anomaly. Was it because Vagabond had higher ratings compared to SB? If it’s solely about the ratings then JNR or the actress from DP should have bagged the award.

      I think Suzy’s star is already fading and the award isn’t doing her any good.

  12. Suzys star is fsding. She lost her top 10 cf ranking and 30s wont be kind to her ag all. New idols have more cfs, movie industry where top movie actresses from her gen are kim tae ri , kim go eun who r acclaimed , now even yoona and others having better projects and even in dramaland her next drama is with C list actor. Shr cant bring ratings , cant sell tickets unlrss costars r lee byung hun or ha jung woo and cf industry has new models. Her days r over

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